Monday, 30 March 2009

Nearly on holiday

Wheeeeeee- only two more sleeps and we leave on our annual family holiday. I can't wait! We never go away over December as it's usually so crazy and the places are so full. This time of the year is always quieter and the weather is usually awesome! There's also no connectivity where we are going except in one *hot spot* as they call it- so it makes me have a complete holiday break which is actually a good thing-lol.( as much as I get the rittle tits not getting my PC fix- hahahahahaha)

And YUP- I landed up having my *rubber arm* twisted by the boys on Friday night to go and join some friends at a Bday party!  Nathan had to be at a fishing competition  at 4am Sat morning too- so Wayne was the good father and didn't have much to drink- but the funniest was when we got home- Nathan was up eating breakfast when we waltzed in the door, with a wobbly Deon in tow! Nathan then *kindly* reminded us of one of our TV ads- the son is the one that comes home in the morning after being out all night-while the parents have just got up and are having breakfast and eats his Kentucky meal and say's *goodnight* while the parents say *good morning*- BWAHAHAHAHA. Yeah- we are the KIDS in this house still and made poor Nathan choke on his cereal while we told him how his dad's *backside* was squeezed by someone NOT in female form- ROTF.

Don't forget my MISH MASH GRAB bag is on SALE for only $6 for a limited time ONLY!


ALL Unique quality elements- no re-coloured/hued elements- all individuals- no strays or Jaggys!

You can see the full REVEAL HERE

And look what my girls have been up too! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Hutchie has really spoilt us here- she has made THREE ( yup- THREE) cluster frames for us from goodies out the Mish Mash bag!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these !!!! You can pick them up HERE

And don't forget it's nearly the end of the month so get your challenges in at DSO- and YOU HAVE to pop into my Colour Challenge- theres a HUGE surprise in there- sheeeeee's I nearly fell flat on the floor! lol

Linda, Dawn- thanks so much for giving me a AWESOME start to this week! lol- Now just to find something for the bump on my head- BWAHAHAHAHA.

Until tomorrow-


Friday, 27 March 2009

wheeeeeee- it's Friday

My favourite day of the week-lol, Wayne gets home early, friends on the phone planning the weekend, Nathan telling me all he has to do and where he wants to go- lol. I love the weekends- but Friday always holds the *surprise* factor for me- I never know how this day is going to pan out- be it quiet or loud, it usually only gets planned from about lunch time today and the plans always seem to change and lead to *other things*- hahaha. And then Saturday is always based on what happened on Friday- lol.

So what's happening tonight or this weekend?- Hell if I know at this stage- but the mail is already coming in from friends (uhum Deon for one!) and we will see when Wayne arrives home in two hours- wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. lol

Ok - a dear designer friend and I had decided to get together to release a SURPRISE today- but due to a lot of things including illness- we have put it off until next month- (you'll have to keep watching this space- it's BIG!lol)

And because I haven't got much up new this month due to my own *uhum -complicated busy month* - lol

I decided to add all my bits and bobs that I haven't made a *set* for in one BIG MISH MASH BAG!


I decided to OPEN this one for you this time due to the nature of it ;-)


22 different elements extracted and made by me-( some simple, some complicated) ,for you to add to your designer or scrapping stash!

There are NO recoloured items in here- every one is unique.

All are in their original form as well as separated PSD's and PNG's for ease of use!

flowers, frames, strings, plants and sticks, lace and some little page holders and misc elements.


100% close up


100% Close up


100% close up


PLUS_ I added 6 different bead spills in their original form and de-saturated versions!

And what's a bag without some overlays right?- well for me anyway- hahaha


3 textured prints and 3 paper textures-


100% detail


And some Gold paper stock- Great for making elements ;-)

Grab all this now for only $6! (the overlays cost that when up normal price!) For a limited time only.

YAY- now I got my *stash folder* sorted and cleaned again! lol, Hope they can be of use to you too.

And goodness my CT are on the BALL!!

I had just given them the links and I think it couldn't have been more than two hours later LOUCEE sends me this for you all!

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEee ( don't you love Fridays now too- hahaha)

mishmash quick page

You can pick it up HERE-

Thanks girls- and they are ALL playing and I know there will be some more little gifty's from my talented team for you- keep a look out on their blogs over the weekend ( links in the right sidebar)- but I will put them here on Monday too ;-)

OOOOH and I had this one done for the bag too- but decided to give it out as a FREEBIE today as it's Easter just around the corner and I know it will come in handy .

It's CU OK- and will only be up for TWO DAYS!- Gone on Sunday night my time ! NO EXCEPTIONS. ;-P


you can grab her HERE- *sorry this link has EXPIRED*

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Until Monday- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe ;-P


Thursday, 26 March 2009

what happened to this week?

oooh, I have been SLEG as they would say here this week! Lazy or just slack in English-lol. Besides recovering from lack of sleep - which I must admit took me a little longer than normal to do- HAHAHA ( yeah Deon I hear you dammit! -lol), I had my Hospital duty yesterday. It usually leaves me feeling a little *flat*- not so much physically/energy tired- but more spiritually/psyche flat if you know what I mean? It saddens me to see so many sitting for hours in the hopes of seeing a doctor. Most are old and have nothing more than the clothes on their backs. I love to at least leave a smile on their faces and it takes a little more *energy* from me- so I usually spend the rest of the day *recharging*. 

And now it's Thursday!! ARRRRK- lol. Deon's already mailing me with *where we going Friday?*- UHUM - NO WHERE- HAHAHAHAHA. I loose half my week when I go out with you these days-lol\

Which brings me to something that happened on Friday night that I haven't had a chance to tell you-  * ducking my head so Deon misses*- lol

We had all decided to go out on the town as you know after Roche's farewell thingy- right? All in seperate cars at this stage as it was after work for some etc etc.

Charmaine needs to go home to make sure her kids have food etc and to get a key for the house she is staying in for the weekend ( her eldest daughters lol),and tells us all to meet there for a drink or two before we head for town. So we are in our car, Deon in his and Ant in hers ;-)

WE arrive and I rush straight to the guest loo which is just next to the front door - when I hear a *peep peeeep peeeeeep*, and Charmaine running back to the door-shouting

Someone's car alarm is going off, Wayne I think it's yours!!

So Wayne's footstep come rushing to the door - saying it doesn't sound like his.

Next minute I hear this shriek of laughter from Charmaine who comes rushing in to the bathroom (yeah, while I'm still sitting trying to have my pee- lol) and tells me to hurry up- I HAVE to come SEE THIS!

Still laughing her ass off! So now being ME- I'm so intrigued to see what's going on- I mean, she's laughing without me, I'm trying to hurry up a pee that's been held in for over and hour ( you know how those go don't you!!)! lol

When WAYNE bangs the door open and tears rolling says the SAME THING!- Hurry up- got to come LOOK!

What's wrong with these people! Don't they know you can only pee as fast as you can pee! hahahaha-

I'm COMING!!! - lol, I rushed out the bathroom still trying to do my jean zip up, and look outside and CRACK UP!

Deons brand new Audi is sitting in the middle of the road at the bottom of the steep driveway with all it's *flashers going* and it's alarm going off! WTH? lol There was just enough space in front of it to let a car get past!

Deon standing next to it shaking his head BLUSHING saying - I checked the handbrake, I did, I swear!  ( YEAH DEON!!!! lol)

He forgot to put the car in gear though- and it's STEEP! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA>

So yeah- we all went out in Waynes TANK that night! And Deon decided parking his car on the grass verge was maybe a little safer than on the driveway that night! lol

( love you Deon- hee hee, ducking again)


OOOOH- and I got a Stunning surprise in my mailbox last night-


this LO made by Nighty using little bits from all my kits in it! HOW STUNNING is this?- I love it!! Thanks so much for sharing it with me!

And my Sis (GS Creations) has something new in the store too!

She has made her stunning Arty Mushrooms into a Designers Resource!


These come in the usual separated Black and White PNG and PSD template format-

BUT, she has included the ART worked templates too! AWESOME!

They are 25% off for one week only and you can see them HERE.

I think I've yakked enough again today- hahahaha ( see what happens when this girl catches up on sleep- she talks the hind *end* off a donkey! BWAHAHAHAHA) Until tomorrow-


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I'm alive- I think-lol

OOOOOIU! Yesterday was one of those LONG days for me- I nearly had the keyboard imprinted on my forehead BEFORE 10am! hahahaha. So took a *page* out of a good friend Bunny Wunnys book - and went back to bed! lol.

Lets just say that this weekend sure made up for all the quiet ones this year! I am sooo not used to drinking anymore ( which is a good thing- but uhum not when you are in public-bwahahaha).

Friday morning I had a phone call from Roche too- she was having her * works farewell* drinks party too, and wanted us all to join her. So that is where we all landed up in the afternoon ( Charmaine straight from the hairdresser- hee hee)


AHHH- It was like a HUGE group reunion again ( only one missing was dear Loryn- who did manage to stay on the phone for most of the night- lol)


Still going good here at 7pm! lol


Loryn was on that phone and Yup- here we go! lol


I want to laugh every time I see this one! hahahahaha


* We spethial* - We are! lol


OOOOOIU! lol, this was tooooo funny- just before we took the photo he slipped his shirt over Maritza's head! lol

you can see how the afternoon progressed into the night!- KIDS- I tell you- KIDS!! hahahahaha.

We still landed up going out on the town after this! Got home at 3am feeling rather worse for wear with legs that just weren't going in the direction I wanted them too! HAHAHAHA.

Then Saturday was Rugby and a housewarming -

so YUP-  Monday was a  LONG day for me. ;-P

Wayne and I were both in bed before 9pm last night, moaning and groaning that we are WAY tooo OLD for this sh(one)t! ( yeah until the next time that is- hee hee)

OOOOOOH, and my sis(GS Creations) has something for you today too!


I love this frame with it's little rose buds- sort of Vintage rustic! You can pick it up HERE.

And I've been playing with brushes again ( WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-) and made the photo mask for my show and tell pics this morning- ( hiding the others!!!l lol)


You can grab it Here if you would like to use it too ;-).

Well now that everything is sort of back to normal it's time to get this *old ass* in gear and get some work done- hahahahaha. Hoping you all have a stunning day and will chat tomorrow ;-)


Friday, 20 March 2009

Wild weekend and winners are....

OMG!!! WWWOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Thanks soo sooo much for all your wonderful comments and congrats- and you all broke the record on this one! lol- 102 comments on yesterdays post is I think the most I've ever had on my blog! lol THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

My  Friend Charmaine is down for the weekend ( arrives in an hour) and I have had Deon bugging me on e-mail and phone most of the week about going out tonight - hahahahaha, We have a house warming party tomorrow night and I told Deon that I think that's enough for the weekend!- OH NO- Charmaine phones and say's- HEY, we going out tonight tooo aren't we??_ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA- Ok, I give up, as I can't say NO now as I don't see her very often anymore! So yeah- it's going to be a fun and OUCH weekend I think! lol Asprin already bought!  And yeah Deon, I am an OLD FART dammit! hahahahaha.

And now to the EXCITING part today!!


I shouted to Nathan this morning as he was on his way to school- numbers quick between 1 and 102.

and here are the ones he gave me-

19 ( this one is ALWAYS a number he chooses as it's his Bday ;-), 28 and 87!


Number 19 is..........................................TAMMY

Number 28 is.........................................  KRISG

Number 87 is......................................... DADDOO

( lol, but as Daddoo wouldn't want to buy stuff out my store- I made it number 88) which is...............................................  RACHAEL!

CONGRATS girls (watch your mailbox's) and man, I can't thank you all enough for your wonderful encouragement and trust me I'm going to be here to BUG ya all for as long as I can- lol


That's it for today- short and sweet- hahahaha

I'll be back on Monday with a few story's I'm sure!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend- be it a fun or quiet one!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Gas problem and 2 year bloggerversary FUN!

(Grab Coffee and keep reading today- we having some THANK YOU FUN STUFF today!)


Well not the type of GAS we all complain our men have to much off- but the kind you need to cook with! Last night I tried to get my soup- I really did, I could TASTE it-lol, But Wayne's reply was- I want FOOD not a starter! AHHHHH- well then YOU cook it then- hee hee,

Which he did actually- and took out pork chops and even crumbed them from scratch- and was making mash potatoes, veg and gravy! Yeah my man can cook- lol.

So I'm chatting to Bunny on msn and Renee via mail when I get this KIIIMMMM, we have a problem- HELP!!! Oh gosh- I think he's burnt something- NO, he's run out of GAS and is staring at his NON boiling pots! lol

So we have half cooked everything on the stove- and he gets Nathan to fetch the gas bottle from the heater ( which hasn't been touched since winter last year!)- connects it up and OOOOOPS- that ones empty too. Now I'm laughing as the original bottle has been standing at the backdoor since last week for him to drop off to be filled and the *spare* was what was being used! So I take the chops to put in the oven under the grill on low heat and sit looking at the HALF COOKED potatoes and veggies and trying to work out how to pop them in the microwave ( YUK- lol).

When Nathan comes running through with his BRIGHT IDEA- His TINY hiking gas cooker! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH.

And you guessed it! They wouldn't let me TOUCH the rest of the food and cooked the rest of it on this thing!


You can see that's the size next to a SMALL coffee cup!


We had fits of laughter here last night.

And our *INDOOR camping cook out* was actually GREAT even if we had to wait for each individual item to be cooked!

Thanks for my fun supper boys!- hahahaha


It's my TWO YEAR BLOGGERVERSARY today!! OMG, can you believe it??-

I can't ,and it seems like YESTERDAY that I felt soooo nervous I could have pooped in my pants to write up my first blog post! lol It took me over two weeks to work out how to put my header up at the time - hahahaha, Ok I still battle with all that CODE stuff ( allergic I tell you). But I think I've learnt quite a bit about the net and my computer over the last two years.

I couldn't have done it with out you guys!

WOW- the encouragement when I started, the friendships that have grown from that first week of blogging , the new ones that have developed over the last two years and the ones that are happening now - all from this little blog in the middle of *nowhere* on the net! How cool is that!

I treasure each and every one of you and can't thank you all enough for *making my little dream* come true! To be able to create, share, talk , love and laugh - goodness, what more could a girl ask for!

THANK YOU my dear friends!


To Celebrate today-

I'm Giving away

3x $10 Gift Certificates to my store

( please note these are only valid for MY store and can't be used to purchase other goodies at DSO)

will end FRIDAY MORNING MY TIME!) so that gives everyone two days to get here.

How can you win one???-

hee hee, I couldn't resist this as I went and looked last night myself!

All you have to do is tell me


Leave the name of the freebie PLUS your NAME and E-MAIL addy( for those that don't like to leave mail addys, you can insert the . as (dot) and the @ as (at) ) in my comments section of TODAY's Post,

so I can get hold of you promptly on Friday!

That easy! lol You just got to go look in my Archives and I will get Nathan to do a RANDOM number pull on Friday morning before school ;-)

And I made something today for you too!


Just for you- a little freebie kit to say THANK YOU for all those days that all your encouragements and comments have really kept me going .

It has 8 papers, 9 elements, 1 grungy photo mask ( or background graphic) and one word art to do as you will with ;-)

Here's to another TWO YEARS??- HAHAHAHAHAHA


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Soup day

Oh my gosh I feel like some SOUP! You know that thick chunky homemade kind that I'm tooo lazy to make right now- HAHAHAHAH. Well I wouldn't say lazy as such- more like ARRGH- I have to cook it??- lol. I'm sitting here in a jersey for the first time this year- it's CHILLY and now I want soup! - funny how the weather can affect what you want or feel like eating. Yesterday I was munching watermelon- HAHAHA- it can stay in the fridge today! We went from 28C yesterday to 16C today! OUCH that's a big drop in one day- and just like a JOKE mail I got the other day- You know you are a South African when - you say it's FREEZING and it's 18C outside- BWHAHAHAHA- yup that is soooo true for me ( and I'm sure a few Australians out there too!)

Well I'm 99% up and running again- did most of my copying over from DVD's and my 2nd HD too- and now just looking for links that I had on my notepads for this month! Still no news on the recovery of this months goodies- so I've been re-doing stuff while waiting for my copying to finish ;-) Must admit I went to bed rather worn out last night. Grumpy as Wayne so politely put it! HAHAHAHAHA.

OOOOOH and Loucee has been making cards again! - WOOHOOOO,

It's Mothers day in England on Sunday ( ours is usually in May) and she made this for her Mom-

mothers day

WOW WOW WOW- girl you have a touch you know that?- Doesn't this look AWESOME!

She used my Friends series- Loryn kit to make it up.

This is how Loucee described what she did-

I printed the whole picture onto matt photo paper, then cut out and stuck to a piece of card, then cut out again. I used the craft knife and made a slit along the sides big enough for the ribbon to go through, thus giving it the illusion of being layered! then stuck to the actual folded card and finishing off with a bow and a few gem flowers.

And as promised- I have a little freebie for ya- I got to play with Bunny's new Templates this weekend ( hee hee Glad I could get em back yesterday)

- these are soooo easy to use and really fun too-


this is the Butterfly one and they a LARGE size too- so it's great for resizing.

You can check out, Hot air Balloon, Mr Snailerbye, Setting sail, Umbrella and Mrs Butterby HERE> all 20% off at the moment. All CU, personal use and AU OK!

I made the one Bunny Wunny used in her preview and she gave me permission to give it out as a sampler freebie! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- so I added two pale pastel papers to match it this morning-


You can Grab them HERE- . Wayne will be home early today- MMMMMMMMMMMMMM, think I'm going to nag to be taken out for that soup! lol Until tomorrow


Monday, 16 March 2009

Call me Mrs Murphy!

Ok- I've decided my middle name is actually CHAOS and my last name should have been Murphy! hahahaha. I had a wonderful quiet weekend at home- boys going fishing so I had a chance to get some solid creating and playing done in Photo shop- did a blog train freebie (completed) - played with some awesome Bunny *toys* that she has created, and started on a Mega contribution too ( which was nearly done!)- PLUS did a few extractions that would take my time as I knew I wouldn't be interrupted- lol

Where are they NOW??- GONE -lol, Yup - nowhere- in a cyber graveyard somewhere- hahahaha.

I got up this morning to quickly finish a paper that had me *gritting my teeth* yesterday and I wanted to finish it while I was still FRESH- go straight to my External drive- which is where I keep all my digi workings- UHUM- YUP- you guessed it- NADA - bugger all- nothing!

It can see the drive there- but it can't seem to read it!  So I turn it all off- re-boot and try again- hear it start and get the little *searching through* icon up- get all excited and even say a YAY out loud to myself- hahaha- then BAM disappears! hahaha- I phone Wayne actually laughing and asking if this thing has a guarantee as it's not even 6 months old yet- that's when I had my last Crash! YUP_ AGAIN! hahahaha and yeah- it's guaranteed for 5 years so I can get another one no hassle.

Then want to quickly send a mail and my keyboard isn't working!! WTH??- I'm hitting keys and nothings happening!- HAHAHAHAHAHAH- the battery's are FLAT!!- All THIS in ONE day???- well not even a day- within an HOUR! can you say LAUGH HYSTERICALLY?-

Long story short- it's been sent for recovery at the moment ( they say it might be ok due to it being read etc and not DEAD- lol) but I'm not really holding many thumbs for that at this stage- LUCKELY I have back ups of all my tools and important work bits since the end of FEB ( hey, once bitten twice shy-KWIM?) but I've still lost all this months work ( and new kit!)- and some other odds and sods that I hadn't copied over - which does amount to quite a bit.

So I think the once a month back up is a little tooo LITTLE_ BWAHAHAHA- I'll be doing it weekly from now on!

Are you still reading??- what ya doing???- RUN, go back up all your files- lol.

OOOOOh- I got to play this weekend ( and at least this LO is up in the gallery's that I could go and fetch again-lol)

I used Bonnie Van Esch's new kit A breath of fresh air-


Available here at ESS. And there is a give away too- check out Bonnie's blog to read more about it.



My gorgeous little niece Caden.

I loved the whimsy styled watercolour papers and had great fun creating this story book page. (Thanks for my stunning niece sis! lol)

And you know the worst part- lol, I had a freebie for you today made from some STUNNING new templates by Bunny! But uhum- they are 6 foot under somewhere and I will have to beg Bunny now for my files I sent her so I can re-download- BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Keep a look out- it's coming!

Ok- I'm off to go and *sort myself* out and do some transferring and copying ( which should keep me busy for a day or two- lol). Hope your day starts off a lot better than mine ;-)


From Mrs Murphy today- hee hee.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Story Friday

Renee and I were chatting early this week about our TO DO lists and how I had made her feel guilty with my post saying that I was doing my *catch up*-lol. She said she had some sewing to do that staples weren't going too work anymore- lol,and it reminded me of something that happened two weeks ago -and I forgot to tell it as it was a Friday and well by Monday it was chaos again- hahaha- So I said I would tell it here for everyone to read ;-)

Remember I had gone shopping for watercolour and art supplies due my net not working etc. Well it wasn't the ONLY shop I went too- hell, I get there so rarely these days that I did the *full tour*- hee hee. Clothes bags in BOTH hands and making my way through the restaurant/eating area which is ALWAYS buys- ( yeah Mr Murphy at play here again-lol) I feel this POP on my shoulder- UHUH.... BOth hands FULL, handbag over the other shoulder and WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the right hand thin strap goes PING on my favourite pink strappy summer top! lol. Before I realise it's MY STRAP- ,my top falls DOWN on the right hand side exposing my bra! BWAHAHAHA

I've now got to drop my parcels in the middle of all the eating areas and grab my top to hold it up so I'm not breaking any *indecent exposure* laws- hahahaha, But how the hell do I keep it up as I don't have ANYTHING on me - I've got the strap now and wondering HOW I can keep it from hanging at the back looking like a *piece of lost fabric*- hahaha,

I eventually grab the parcels in my right hand while holding the little *sweetheart shaped piece* of the top with my left- and then swung ALL of the parcels over my shoulder like *Father Christmas style*- keeping the top up under my arm- BWAHAHAHA- strappy now hooked under my bra!

I wasn't going to miss my ART Shopping for anything- and walked into the shop with a mission to find the first woman sales person- and blurted out I NEED A PIN- lol. She went HUH?- So I dropped my arm holding my bags and down dropped my top and out popped my boob!- she packed out laughing- told her I was here to spend some money but I couldn't do that half undressed - hee hee. She was laughing so much the other sales lady came over to hold my bags ( giggling now too) and then found a TINY straight pin in their ribbon stash-( OMG, this thing was soooo small I couldn't even put it in)- So I had the two of them holding straps and top together while we tried to get it through all the fabric- lol, three try's later- it held and I was able to get my goodies with out getting arrested! lol

OOOH and Mrs Miles- you asked if any of us do our own hair-

I'm due for a good hairdressers appointment but trying to let my hair get a little longer before I go- or I get BRAVE at Andrews and I usually get him to cut it off- lol. So this morning I decided to put some *home* highlights in it- it hasn't had any since November last year-( SIS KIM!!!-lol) so this morning was the day- but I'm thrilled with how it came out and wanted to show you ;-)


SEEE- I am blonde!! LOL

OOOOH And I have been saving something REALLY SPECIAL for you -

Loucee our wonderful HYBRID GURU has gone to TOWN (or should I say Camping-lol) with my new kit Camping OUt!

OMG- just look at all this- It's a FULL PARTY PACK FREEBIE!!


Its EVERYTHING you will need to have a *OUTDOOR* theme party!

party pack

Hee hee- when Louise sent me the picks- I SO wanted some of those worms- so bad I sent Wayne to the shop to buys some- HAHAHAHAHA.

You can get the FULL instructions with the printable's on Loucee's blog!

SHOOOOOO- ok, I think I've yakked enough today- lol.

OOOH and my MARCH CU GRAB BAG GOODIES are all up now separately at 30% off too- you can see them all HERE. Have a super weekend, and Jen and Bon- sending you HUGE hugs girls!


Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sad news today

It's with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that Jenni Rousseau(Chaos Lounge) and Bonnie Van Esch's brother passed away early this morning.(South African time) You all know the beloved South African Designing sisters, and I love them both dearly. It saddened me greatly this morning when I heard and I'm sending you both all my prayers and love. Know that I am thinking of you and your families.

Also a big Thank you for all the Welcomes and the nice comments and encouragement you have sent my sister. It's so funny that when a tragedy hit's(especially to those you are close to or know), how it just makes you think how lucky you are and makes you appreciate your family MORE? I mean, Gaye and I used to fight like cat and dog when we were teens! Oh the story's I could tell you-lol, and yet once we got older and settled down, we grew closer and closer and today I couldn't ask for a better sister or friend! Love you sis!

I'll keep it short today, as you can already read - I'm in one of my *melancholy* moods- but it's just that I feel everything so close to my heart ;-)

I wanted to show off two LO's today done with my CAmping OUt kit!

Man I'm in AWE at these girls creativity and work-


This fantastic *storybook* Lo was done by Livia- I LOVE how her little boy looks like he is blowing his sausages cool- lol.



Don't you just love the serene feeling this LO gives you?- this beauty was done by Caryn - LOVE IT


This fantastic LO was done by RUTH- LOVE the segmented photo on this background! Awesome LO!

Grab the kit while still 30% off (full price again on Sunday)

Signing off and going to get some coffee and sit and work quietly in photo shop ( hee hee- my therapy for the day). Until tomorrow-


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Congrats SIS!


- we made it- all toes intact! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Congratulations Gaye ( GSCreations) on becoming a DSO Exclusive designer!

AHHH- man I feel like a proud mother hen- hee hee, but maybe now I can get some sleep??- ;-P lol Kidding sis, you know I luvs ya- .

We've spent hours the last few days getting her a little *internet savi* and getting her stuff up for Quality Checking etc. She's still finding her feet and fingers at this stage- HAHAHAHAHA, but she's learning to swim FAST- and WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- she has her first kit up in her store!

OMG, remember I said she was the *fine artist* in the family- well check this beauty out

it's called EASTER GARDEN - EVERYTHING in here as been hand made and created by Gaye- no CU tools at all! ( ok, just one of my overlays but she changed it anyway- hahahaha)- but goodness- how amazing is that!


Its a MAGICAL dreamy Vintage styled fairytale kit- this preview REALLY doesn't do the detail in the art work Justice!

Just look at these 100% close ups,


How COOL are these original flowers!


The detail on the Easter eggs and drawings is just AMAZING and that little dragonfly with the gold feelers is one of my FAV's-lol


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Bunny- OMG, his jacket and the detail are just sublime!

and of course I played with it- lol


That's Nathan on his FIRST Birthday on the ground finding his First Easter egg hidden by the Easter Bunny. Yup Nathans first Bday fell on Easter Sunday- he started the day with eggs and presents and ended it with chocolate CAKE- lol. Talk about HYPER! hahahaha

This gorgeous kit is 25% off at the moment and you can see it in Gaye's STORE here.

And she has a matching QP freebie for you today- WOOHOOOO


You can pick it up on her BLOG HERE and check out all the AWESOME LO's my CT did with this kit- Girls you know I love you TONS, and I swear if I was close enough- I would be squeezing you till you pooped!lol

And don't forget my CAMPING OUT KIT is still 30% off at the moment ( not for long tho)


AHHH and look at this amazing LO done by Hutchie!


I love the QUOTE with this scene- it's sooo tranquil and perfect! LOVE IT!

And I of course had a few EXTRA's lying around- lol ( always do after a new kit) I put them together for you-


It's a stick cluster frame and I have included 4 JPG papers 12x12 in there too- WHEEEEEEEEEEEE.

You can grab it here.

Off to go get some FOOD and oh hell a POT of coffee today- hahahaha. Until tomorrow