Tuesday, 30 June 2009

End of the month CHAOS

HAHAHA- ok, when is my life normal right? But today is one of those that just don't have enough HOURS in. I had my hospital duty this morning and have just got back. Have the NEW Colour Challenge to finish ( and is this one a WOPPER!! WOOHOOOO- we stirring it up this month-lol).

So going to get down to business today and run like mad for the coffee to keep me going today ( oooh and maybe a cookie or two as well-lol)

Next REVEAL from my bag-



Doodly Frames 2

$5.00 $3.75
Save: 25% off

6 Large hand drawn doodle frames.
Add colour fills or papers.
Use layer styles for endless looks.  
Kit includes: 6 PNG files @ 300ppi

And you can see I used one of them for the freebie yesterday ;-)



And Kristine did this stunner from my freebie kit *Colour me Happy*- WOW, stunning!


And this fantastic LO with Mezzaluna! WOW- LOVE the blocking!



Renee this LO from a Freebie kit she made for her little * gorgeous friend Danika*


YOu can pick it up here on Renee's blog.

Please leave her some love as she had a really really bad day yesterday that would have left most of us in a straight jacket. She was robbed/hijacked of her car and everything else in it at a robot(streetlights) and lost everything that was in her handbag too. HUGS to you GF!!



Silvia did this wonderful tropical setting with all the goodies from my past Mini Bags! WOOHOOO- stunning!



Jodiann has made us these FANTASTIC Patriotic FREEBIE cluster frames  ( Which you can pick up on her


using THESE



Red, White and Blue- Patterns

$5.80 $3.48
Save: 40% off

Celebrating American Independence Day, 
these 5 patterns are full of stars, stripes and American pride. 
This purchase contains:
5 12x12 patterns 
PSD ,JPG and separated PNG's @ 300ppi

AND have you seen THIS??????

My sister (GS CREATIONS) has brought out another of her fantastic templates! There are NONE out there like these! LOVE THEM!


OMG, he is just toooo DANG CUTE don't you think-



Normal Price: $2.50,

It's worth DOUBLE that if not more and it's CU OK too! WOOHOOOO


And you can pick the little *Finished Prince on her blog HERE-

HAHAHA- well what started off as a QUICK post landed up being a normal one as I remembered I have a TON of stuff to shout out and show you tomorrow! YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEE

So let me get that coffee and *I'm working Bunny, I'm working*- BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ;-PPPP PHHHTTTT. lol


Monday, 29 June 2009

School Holidays

ARGGGH- it's winter school holidays here at the moment ( only ONE day in) and already I'm going nuts with MOM, can you?...., MOM do you think WE?......- blah blah blah- hahahahahaha. Nathans hike has been cancelled due to the teachers father being very ill- now that leaves me with a bored teen who is still sort of sulking, as he so wanted to test his new sleeping bag out to the limits of it's *minus temp mark*- lol. I've got hospital duty tomorrow morning again and maybe I'll just take him with to keep him busy- also save me some walking- lol

What a weekend, Charmaine and Donald arrived on Friday ( arrgh Miss you already *sis*), and it was Donalds Bday- so of course we all got together for that one- landed up at a nightclub ( owned by one of the friends, as he couldn't get to the house due to having guest stars there) and invited us all to come there, all on the house in his private area- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe, so much fun. I couldn't take my camera inside but did manage to get some shots at the house before we left-


A quick group one- Ant is sooo tiny she looks like a little doll there-( ok with a glass of wine almost as big as she it-BWAHAHA)


Donald's poison, JAGERMEISTER- but bomb style with Red Bull - woohoo ( it's my fav *poison* too-lol)


But not every ones by the look on their faces- ;-)


And yup, boys will be boys of course- and that's after a few of the above


But girls have FAR more fun- lol

We landed up getting Donald to play all our favourite tunes and ended up doing some old dance moves and dances etc-


Yup- WAY more fun


HAHAHAHAHA- this one I fell over and grabbed my camera instead- was classic!



I'm hoarse again as usual- but thats from RUGBY on Sat too- arrrrgh, man - I'm NEVER going to get my voice back this winter as we have another game this weekend coming up ;-)


My BAG has been opened and I have my first product up in the store from the reveal-



$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

5 leaves and grasses in pink for something a little different.
Add to your clusters or kits, LO's and creations.
All Quality Checked
No strays or jaggy's
5 PNG @ 300ppi

As you can see this ONE product costs more than my WHOLE mini BAG, it's sooo worth grabbing them on the weekends.

And lots happening for next weekend too- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. So I'm working like a mad woman too. Keep your eyes and ears peeled-lol

I also kept the frame I made for my photos- Using another product from the bag ;-)


hee hee- I just noticed we keeping it all in the pink today- WOOHOOO!

You can pick it up here-

Until tomorrow


Friday, 26 June 2009

Storms, hail, and NO NET

ARRGH- talk about frustration! Today is FRIDAY and bag day- and I've had NO internet connection since 9pm last night. We had storms ( as in Thunder storms) the WHOLE day yesterday right into the early hours of this morning.- WTH??- Because I stay at the coast this is something we hardly have- let alone the whole day and into the night too. OMG, I've been without my net connection and have felt LOST again- hahaha. SO SAD Kim, So Sad! lol

We had a hail storm like no other here last night- it looked like it had snowed. We stood in AWE and watched it come down and it was still thick on the grass until 2am this morning even with it raining continuously - which only means it was FREEZING here- lol

I took a few photo's just as it started and then my battery went flat- but you can see just how thick it was as it started!


Taken out my window as I wasn't going outside in this- lol


CRAZY stuff- it just kept coming- usually we have a few stones then it lets up- NOOOOO- it was thick to the grass by the time the storm finished.


HAHAHAHA- my son in his waterproof hiking boots couldn't WAIT to get out there and be nailed with ice- OH what it is to be a kid huh?


He came in quick enough after this shot tho- said it was a little hard on the skin! hahahahaha.

It's still raining today and we have people stuck on roads due to SNOW! HELLO- this is South Africa for Pete's sake.

Bring on our sun! Bunny put away the *Vodoo doll*- BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks to my Sis (GSCreations) for trying to get all my goodies going this morning- She got panic sms's and phone calls this morning from me and had even made up a blog draft incase it was my modem that had blown-I made it back SIS- hahahahaha-  LOVE YA-MWAH

YOu waiting for it???-




4 FULL CU OK High Quality products in this bag- for ONLY $4! 
(that's only $1 per kit) 
Valid 3 days only.  
26th- 28th June 2009

And if you want to check if it's worth it- check last weeks posts for reveals of all the products from last week ;-)

Don't miss it!

And my team has been busy playing with it too- Woohooooooo!

African Fashion Week4

OMG- Renee LOVE the paper creation to match this dress! Stunning



Kristine used the bag and my Heartfelt kit. Got to love that sassy pose ;-)


Jodiann used the bag and Mezzaluna for this stunning LO of her Ruby Dane.



( please allow the girls time to post- time difference thing you know-lol)


Becca used my bag to make this stunning Add-on to her Colour Challenge kit!

You can pick it up on Becca's blog.



Loucee has made us a whole MINI KIT! Holey cow! Stunning -

You can pick it up here on Loucee's blog.



 Jenni made us this stunning hanging cluster and paper with Mask too!

You can pick this up here on Jenni's blog

Gosh we are really being spoilt today!- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-


RUTH-Cutie-doodly faces

Ruth and her little 5 year old daughter made these for us- Yup, Ruth's daughter did the faces! How cute are these!

you can pick it up here on Ruths Blog


And Hutchie has this AWESOME QP with Mezzaluna for you on her blog. ( hee hee, you right GF- better late than never as I'm grabbing this one too- hahahaha)

And I've made a little simple, but useful CU freebie sampler for you too-


It's a sampler of a kit that's in the bag- hee hee, so you already getting a reveal of one of the items in the bag- check the preview.lol

You can grab it here-


Ok, got mail to sort out and catch up to do from last night- I've got a HUGE party tonight too and need to go de-fluff. BWWWWAHAHAHA. Hope you all have a stunning weekend. If you can't be good at least be careful.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Granny here today

And the granny is ME- hahaha. I'm sitting her in a fleecy tracksuit, with a long sleeved jersey UNDER it, socks x2, slippers and under a blanket at the PC- BWWWWAHAHAHAH- I'm such a woes ;-P

OMG, it's FREEZING! And Caryn you got the nail on the head- it gets into your bones the cold here- it's a damp cold and when the wind blows like today- BBBBRRRRRRRR. It's only 6C outside here ( which trust me is really really COLD for my little City)- it's storming and I had to put all the lights on in the house at 9am! It got so dark my kitty thought it was bed time and kept meowing at me until I followed her- HAHAHAHAHA, all the way down the passage to my bed room and sat next to the bed. Laughing, I came back to the PC, but she persisted! Eventually getting on my *t-ts*, so I got up and put her on a blanket and had to cover her completely with it- lol

She's still there and hasn't budged. So you must know just how cold it is here today for the *animals* to even be a little rattled. Fudge ( the Shar pei - whom I'm not talking to at the moment) is walking up and down the passage not sure where to lie down- he's usually outside lying in the sun. I feel NO PAIN for him today- NOPE. He ate my SUPPER last night! Within the space of TWO minutes he had nabbed a homemade Venison pie off the kitchen counter which I had prepared for supper- HAHAHAHA. HE DID!! And I was looking around the kitchen saying to myself- I SWEAR I put the pie here- the oven was on and I was just waiting for Wayne to walk in from work. Wayne still looks in the microwave- *just incase*- HUH? lol

I blamed Nathan at first ( he HIDES things as a joke usually) and he came through and I could see he hadn't taken it or hidden it away- when we all realised the DOG had it- Nathan found him outside pushing the shiny, empty pie dish around the garden with his nose trying to get the last bit of meat out- ARRRRGHHHHH,and I was soo looking forward to that pie! lol. To top it off, he's been treating me to great big farts all day that could kill a mule! PHOOOOOOOOOIE! hahahah


Taken just on 9am. you can see the trees in the background are facing right with the wind- BLAH


Miserable, wet and cold! and YES this is how my garden looks in the middle of winter ;-P

It's starting to thunder again ( it's now 3pm) and it's been doing it all day on and off - WIERD for here as we hardly ever get thunder storms- let alone the WHOLE day - so I'm going to finish up quick before the lights go out again.

The last product from my bag is up-




$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

Twirled grass clusters, single grass blades and grasses bent to add to your designs, kits or LO's
Perfect finishes for clusters.
6 PNG @ 300ppi


Wheeeeeeeeeeee- and a new bag coming out tomorrow.

So keep a bookmark to check out what my girls have to show you too.

Off to get some more hot chocolate. YUM- at least that's ONE thing I like about the cold- good excuse to drink some fine hot choc;-)


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Windy and COLD!

OMG, we are having a huge wind storm today, high seas etc and it's NOT pleasant- lol. The Internet connection is also wonky and keeps coming and going . It's blowing so hard the roof tiles are moving- EEEK! I want to climb back into bed again or on the couch under the blanket, and take a hot water bottle and some nice solid home made food with me. You know the type- starchy, hot, sort of stew like food that mom used to make. The stuff that sticks to your insides?? lol YUM, now I'm making myself hungry at the same time- ;-P

Bunny's back from her holiday- WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, Welcome back GF- we missed ya.

and I've got two products up from my MINI GRAB BAG #4 (one left to go tomorrow ;-)

Mish Mash 3


$4.50 $3.38
Save: 25% off

9 quality GOLD mixed designer elements.
from large frames to charms.
All Quality checked for peace of mind- no strays or Jaggy's.
9 PNG @ 300ppi


Fully Framed 2


$5.50 $4.13
Save: 25% off

5 large 12x12 frames to fit your full LO's.
Great for completing your projects.
All @ 300ppi and can easily be re-sized without loosing clarity.
5 PNG @ 300ppi

As you can see- grabbing these products in my Mini Grab Bags is really worth it- they are only $1 each then. Friday is a new Grab Bag time - WOOHOOO, so don't miss it.

And I have a ton of LO's to show you today- a real Eye Candy Tuesday ;-)


AHH- Jazzy did this LO of the GS and GGD using goodies from the Grab Bag #4 , Jenni's kit Forever Young and her Fathers Day Word Art.

Using Mezzaluna-


Judy did these stunning LO's for her parents Anniversary.




Love them Judy and praying all goes well with your mom GF.



Coni43 did this fantastic LO for the Scraplift Challenge at DSO.



By Beth, Beautiful girls and LO ;-)



Renee did the second in a series of the African Fashion Week- stunning!


She also has this fantastic QP on her blog for you- You can grab it HERE.



Maryse did this stunner of her daughter and cousin! Gorgeous!



By Hutchie. Just wow! Love the subtle blend and the clustering!


With ANGELSTEARS collab with Jenni Rousseau ( Chaos Lounge)




By Martina ( who also got LOTW for this LO at DSO- wooohooo!)



By Marianne ( the gorgeous CAPE!)- love it.



by Kim - stunning remembrance LO GF. ( also used Jazzy's new Fathers Day word art)



By Becca- SO striking! The alpha is from Designs by Helly .



By Vicki- LOVE the framing!


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- now that's a way to have a good chilly Wednesday. Have a great day further.