Thursday, 14 January 2010


Hang on to your hats and skirts here ladies. And no it's not the *smelly* kind! BWWWWWWAHAHAHA. OMG, it is HOWLING here today- the tree's are throwing their branches, the tiles are lifting and I'm just waiting to hear a CRASH - hey, well you do know this is MY house !! lol.

Difficult to show *wind* in a photo and didn't have my video camera charged- so this will have to do-


Poor plants are taking strain- hahahaha, and I got blown around a few times trying to stand still to get a shot- arrrrgh, I hate the wind- would far rather have the rain which we need due to drought and water restrictions at the moment;-)

And Sherry if you dreamed of anything flying through a window- better tell me NOW because I don't think I can take another disaster this week- HAHAHA ;-P

Don't forget my brand new OVERLAY GRAB BAG is up-


5 Brand New CU ok products. 
Textures, prints and edges, all Quality Checked for your peace of mind. 
This purchase contains:
5 Full Sized products in JPG and PNG @ 300ppi

That's $1 per FULL sized product

Grab it here at DSO or DSV

And I thought I would give you a REVEAL a DAY for the week ;-)


Grungy Florals 2

Yup that's in the bag with 4 more products.

OOOOH and Jazzy has been busy too - She used my overlays in these.vivtage-love-psdLOVE this Vintage feel,


And She used her BRAND NEW WORD ART for this one! Check them out as they are PERFECT for teens!

And you know I LOVE MY CT girls, well ,they are my friends as well as my creative team and Ruthy has entered the pen scrappers competition this month- OMG, I HAVE to ask you for a vote- as this LO is just toooo gorgeous!!


It's called Trust and Rejoice. 

Please Vote for RUTHY by clicking on the LO and just click on the vote tab- it's that easy. She so deserves it ;-)

Until tomorrow- I'm hanging on to my chair- HAHAHAHA. Hugs and Loves.


Muma said...

Oh my Kim ... those overlays are fabulous. The grab bag is worth $5 just for those. Can't wait for more reveals.

Ruth said...

Oh Thank you Kimmie!!! you will never know just how much I appreciate the vote you make and how you help to spread the word for my contest entry! You're a sweetheart!!! Love ya!


By Dezign said...

Going to vote for Ruthy now!!!

Haven't you learnt to walk at a 45 degree angle yet? Tee hee. Your trees grow that way. Like Chicago it's the windy city. We're boiling up here with not even a breeze to cool us down.

Jodiann, said...

Don't take flight Kim! Thanks for showing us where to vote for Ruthie! So exciting!! Beautiful Job Ruth Honey!!


Mrs. Miles said...

I dislike the wind, perhaps I should learn to fly a kite or take up windsurfing or something and learn to love it. There's a town not far away from here and its always windy there - you can tell because the trees growning SIDEWAYS lol!!!

Hay, if you grab a windsurf board... perhaps it could bring you over the ocean? I'll head for Vancouver now and meet you when you get there. Need my cell #? *snicker*

PS - LOVE Ruthie's layout!