Friday, 15 January 2010

FRIDAY- grab coffee- lol

Yay- I've made a whole week back in my chair-HAHAHAHA, I've had great fun getting back into the swing of things and am soooo engrossed in a new kit at the moment I didn't even notice the time today- NOW that is called FUN!- wheeeeeeeeeee.

I don't know if you remember me showing you a LO a while ago of my house keeper Cynthia in her Traditional Orange outfit ?

The Orange outfit was made for her by her future daughter in law for the family wedding. It can only be worn by an Older much respected lady who has earned the respect of her community and family?

Cynthia-africantradition1 copy

Well today, Cynthia was dressed up in a traditional White dress and asked me to take some photo's for her. She's sooo proud of her traditional outfits and I love learning about each one. So I thought I would share these of her ;-)

She LOVES having photo's taken but I battle to get her to give me a full smile as she has no teeth- lol. She had them removed a while ago and didn't like the false ones and won't wear them. She has a giggle like a little girl and laughs out loud with ease in my house and I LOVE it as both of us land up laughing at each other laughing ;-)


Wearing the traditional White outfit and Xhosa beads. Both of which are hand made and sewn.


Love the swirled pattern detail on her shawl too.


I had to wait for the sunglasses to be put on as she say's it makes her look wealthy ;-)


Even the handbag matches.

The white outfit is worn when a mother or grandmother celebrates her son becoming a man. ( in this case it's Cynthia's grandson). Traditionally all boys go into the *bush or isolation* for a circumcision ritual (umkhwetha). It is a very old tradition and every Xhosa boy has to go through the ceremony before he is regarded as a man. If he does not, his people will always refer to him as a boy and no woman with any self respect will want to marry him. You can read up more about it here if you would like ;-)

So this is her CELEBRATION outfit that she will wear to a ceremony for the *coming out* of her grandson- who is now a MAN ;-)

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My  CT team have been busy too and have a ton of FREEBIES up for you this week! Be sure to click their blog links on the right hand side of my blog ;-)


Bekah_E has this stunning freebie up for my Colour Challenge.

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Lots more- just keep blog hopping ;-)

PHEW- that was quite a post today again- I sure am making up for all the Christmas Holiday missing ones huh?- hahahahaha. Have a great weekend everyone and see you Monday.

Hugs and Loves


By Dezign said...

Whooohooo, Cynthia's dress is beautiful. She doesn't need sunglasses to look wealthy. That entire outfit makes her look like an African QUEEN.

Way to go MAMA.

Bonnie said...

Hey Kimmie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you girl!!!???? I am back in the land of the living! lol! Just catching up with everyone. Cynthia is one cool gal! Love the outfit! Love your new textures etc-Haven't done a scrap page in about two months!! Chat again soon!.

cynderellaj said...

Cynthia's outfit is beautiful! I really liked the orange one too. Thanks for sharing

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!
A very early one too!!!! 4am LOL
Please tell Cynthia not to be ambrassed as she isnt the only in the no teeth thing I had mine taken out many many years ago & my dentures are still sitting in my medicine cabinet!!!!!! LOL

canpeg said...

Hi Kim !!!The outfits are gorgeous, and the lady, too :) No sunnies needed ;) Love your Grab Bag - off to go shopping ;) You sure know how to fill a gal's HDD ! LOL

Jodiann said...

Cynthia is beautiful! ...and not everyone can pull of that much white or that much orange! I wasn't expecting to learn anything on a friday afternoon, but I am SO glad I did. Love Culture Studies with Kim and Cynthia!!



Mrs. Miles said...

Oh Kim, she is PRECIOUS! How I wish your blog had AUDIO... I really really really want to hear her laugh. She's soooo gorgeous. I love that you included her in your post - she's part of your family.

I'm sorry I'm playing catchup to get here - I'm SO bad! thank you for being faithful to me even when I am working for the "bad friend" award via neglect etc!

Love ya,

Meisie said...

Great post! Love Cynthia's dresses!