Wednesday, 10 February 2010


OH my word! We have been hit by a hell of a heat wave and it’s been uncomfortably HOT here. So bad that the DI (discomfort index) was above 100! All outside activities where cancelled the last two days and even tar has been soft and melting in areas. Let alone the bush fires popping up all the time too. I have been in the pool to cool off more times in the last two days than the whole of last year all put together! BWWWWAHAHA. .

To sit here in this office is torture, its the hottest room in the house ( yeah trust me to choose this one, great in winter but HELL in a heat wave! lol) and at 6am this morning was already 28C INSIDE it!

Some dark clouds appeared a little later and I could hear thunder in the distance. Got all excited for some good storm rain and heat relief that I ran outside in my bikini top (which I NEVER WEAR due to everything sagging, bulging and wobbling , EXCEPT when it’s hell on earth- bwhahaha)! I think the clouds took fright and ran for the hills! Haven’t seen or heard the thunder since. OOOOPS-lol.

But the wind has popped up and the weather office have said it should cool down this afternoon! Here’s me melting and praying it will ;-)

And some more fantastic eye candy with my brand new kit- A Sunshiney day-


A Sunshiney Day

$6.00 $4.20

Save: 30% off

Nancy_Reach-for-the-StarsBy Nancy using Jazzy’s  MATCHING WORD ART to go with A Sunshiney Day

lr-asunshineday-wordartCheck them out in Jazzy’s store HERE.

pjk-ohsoyoung3x3web-1 By Paula

happinessjpg600By Hutchie

kb_SunshineyDay-karen By Karen

sunshi10 By Vicki who also got GSO for her other LO (Fridays post). WOOT!


By Ruthy who Also got GSO at DST for this LO!

WOOOT WOOT Congrats Girls!

Ruthy also has this page as a QP up for you


You can pick it up HERE.

Off for another dip in the pool now! lol Hugs and Loves


Bonnie said...

Lol!!! I think you scared the clouds and rain to us, cos it has been raining on and off all day! so nice to have some cooler for a change! yesterday was boiling here too! Love your new kit...miss your stuff....ha ha!

cathy said...

It's only -7C here where I live in Canada...what I wouldn't give right now for 28C!!!!! Enjoy the heat for me please?!

Snowsmoon said...

Very nice kit and so love the layouts your CT team did. Thank you for can you send us some of that heat you are having. I am in FL and it is 34 degrees (which is very cold for this time of year.).

Hugs to you

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good morning Sweety!!!!!!!!
Wish I could send you the 2 feet of snow we had sincew Tues evening!!!!!! LOL

Kelley said...

You're killing me! I could use a sunshiney's snowing here in Texas. It's not supposed to snow here! Send us some of that heat, pleeeeeeeease!

Mrs. Miles said...

Oh, Dear Friend, if I really really could, I would crack off a Berg for you today. I'm sure you would camp on the thing.

It seems so odd to know you are cooking over there. Do you turn pink in the heat, with your fair features?

I'm your biggest FAN... oops, did I say FAN - *snort* bet you have them all maxed out around the place.

Catchya soon!