Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I'm not LOST.

HAHAHA- well ok, maybe a little as I'm sort of stuck in limbo.
And having to ask my dear friend Bunny Wunny to post this via a *notepad* e-mail. LOVE YA BUNNY ;-)

I travelled up with Gaye and Caden when they left after their visit on the same flight to come and settle myself
in at hubby and Deon's new house in Hartbeespoort Dam ( and yeah - it's just as it sounds-lol).

More of a vacation area which is very laid back and easy going and very much like home except they seem a LOT slower here
when it comes to getting things done. LIKE INTERNET CONNECTIONS!

I'm stuck on Deon's wireless connection that is so
unstable and slow at times it goes backwards I tell you,
so it makes even the simplest things like blogging hard for me at the moment.

Poor Bunny and the great girls in the back of the stores at DSO and DSV have been dumped with everything while I try and get myself
up and running again here and my trips all over the country to help out hubby!

Thanks so much to Di and Shannon for really being troopers!
And of course I'll have to send Bunny Wunny to a spa soon to de-stress, yeah yeah, I yeah ya loud and clear- PPPHTT ;-P

AHHHH- I had such a great time getting to know Caden while she was visiting and I MISS her terribly!  She is one of the kids that you never hear cry! She know's when she wants to go to bed and lets you know too!

Shee's maybe I should have left Nathan with Gaye for the first 4 years! BWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding boy- you know I LOVE YOU.

I'm hoping some of the photo's I'm sending to Bunny will arrive as these were taken with my little sister Kerry the day before
we left to come up to Johannesburg.

We have so few photo's of the three sisters together- let alone with our kids!!

I had to laugh though as this one is with all of us and our *Baby's*-


BWWWWWWAHAHAHA- Nathan asked if he should pick me up??
Funny boy, funny- lol

and me playing *dolly* with Caden making sure I'm doing it right.


OOOOOH geee's, and sooo much has happened since I've been MIA!!

( stealing info from Di’s Blog! -lol)

We have a fabulous NEW DESIGNER at DSONikki from Just Passin’ Thru has joined DSO and already has some stunning new products in store. She also has a brand new kit coming out, which you can take a sneak peek at on her blog. Take a look at her store here.

The DSO girls have put together a commercial use Grab Bag for you. The contributing designers were Di, Kim, Bunny, Lou, Gaye and Lynn.

That is $6.00 for 6 fabulous products. It will only be available until the end of May and then it gets broken up.

Don’t miss it.


And to make up for me being away and MISSING EVERYONE I'm going to give you all a little pressy if you want to use it.

It's a coupon to use in my store for the rest of the month.
I hate not being active and being able to see what you all are up too but I'm hoping Wayne and Deon will have me *revving with some speed* ASAP!! lol

Trust me, they KNOW just how antsy I am and I'm making the gray moaning- BWHAHAHAHAH.

The coupon is valid on ANY KIMB products @ DSO {grab bags NOT included,  .99 stuff wont be included either as it’s already discounted}  To take advantage this 35% off coupon, just fill your buggy and at checkout where it says COUPON (I think its step 2 of checkout) put kb-missingyouall

I hope you are all well and thanks for checking up on me guys!
I haven't gone, just finding it hard to get online ;-(

Love ya all


Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Ha! Nicking from me again huh? LOL. Anytime Kimmie.

You are being missed. Tell Wayne to get it sorted or I am on my way to Harties this weekend :P

Love Di

Amberpony Creates said...

Sounds Like You Are Having a Good Time Any How.

Welcome To My World Of Wireless can't live with out my Antenna LOL

So Glad Could Post this for you

pkdoll said...

OMG! I have been going into Kim withdrawals@! So glad to finally hear from you and see you are getting settled. Wish I knew what kind of business your hubby and Deon are getting started, maybe I could move to your part of the country and help!!! hahahaha! Hope you get connected soon!! I MISS you!

Dinphy said...

Aw girl, you'll get Internet withdrawls there! Bet they'll soon want to make your fast-Internet connection their number one priority... ;)

What a time to find a post from you. Definitely Bunny's time schedule and not yours. LOL.

And that photo of all of you together is so precious! The new mom is glowing, and just look at that proud look on you dad! :)

Heehee, Nathan is right you know, if there's picking up to do, he could have picked you up.
I mean... Think of the alternative...

Hope you enjoy your time, but also hope you'll be back soon in the land of bits n bites. ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture of you sisters and babies, congrats on the new addtion to your extended family. Glad you are having a great time, Elizabeth

Bonnie said...

We've missed you!! Hope you are having a good time though, slow internet sucks!

Carol said...

Come Back!
All Is Forgiven...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, precious photo to have!

Jenni said...

Just popping in to say have a great weekend, and enjoy the rugby, try out another of those weird hillbilly pubs hahaha. Do you have a view of the dam, Harties is one of my fav places in this area for a laid back weekend, in summer we camp there quite a bit, lots of fun memories of that place!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:) internet? Ours was slow too the other day and we were all complaining about it.LOL We sure can get spoiled in a hurry.hehe
Your pic of your family is precious! It's really hard to get all of the family together and when we do it means soo much to us.:)Thanks for sharing!!
Hope you have a wonderful visit at the new house.:) Enjoy the slow.... cause it won't last long.LOL


Dinphy said...

Still no Internet? You must be lacking some serious nagging abilities. ;) Just kidding.

Hope you have a great time! :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Darlin' girl, you have such an AMAZING family and I just have to tell you, once again, that you are beautiful from the inside out!

SO thrilled that you are with your man after a long time apart and wish you all a BIG congrats on the birth of Zachary. He is DIVINE! Caden is as sweet as they come and she will treasure those "workouts" with Auntie Kim photos when she gets older! ROFL! You are too funny!

Less than six weeks and I am off to spend three weeks visiting my daughters at opposite ends of Washington state as we prepare for the birth of Joan's first baby, who has been named Baby Girl until Mommy and Daddy agree on a name!

I just finished designing a baby shower invitation for April, Joan's older sister, who will be coordinating the mommy-to-be event! I'm still working on the reality that I shall soon be holding my first granddaughter in my arms VERY soon! :D

Here's hoping your Internet withdrawals disappear quickly sweetie!

Miss and love ya oodles girlie! XOXO

Lainey said...

Been checking in on you and see you are still MIA! Hope you are having a fabulous time! The photos are gorgeous!!