Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Home (for a while)

LOL- OY, seems I’ve been missing for years! And it feels like it this side too! I’m home for a week now to sort out Nathan with some food and pay some end of the month bills, as my boy doesn’t like to spend the money we leave him on FOOD- NOPE, he prefers to save it for fishing bait! BWHAHAHA. but he was kind enough to have only 1 litre of milk in the fridge when we arrived back on Friday night- lol. He remembered the last time I came home and there was nothing to make coffee with and I just about died! HAHAHA- so yeah we could make coffee but have nothing to eat with it!

His comment was- but mom I just buy something when I need it- which I suppose is how we all were when we were teens- HAHAHA. My little bit of money was always saved for weekend party’s! Who needed food when you had to have money for some wine for the weekend- BWAHAHAHAH ;-P

Life this side is still upside down, I had to put my poor old PC back together here this weekend to get online as Nathan had already used some of it to make his *work area* a little faster and better-lol. He now has a NEAT setup that will work for me too when I am home.

I’ll be living up in Pretoria for a few weeks and back home for a week or two all the time until such time as we know what and how the company is going to be moving and in what direction. At the moment it’s where the work is and I’m helping my man and best friend in the offices too.

That was a bit of a shocker- OY, I haven’t had to get up at 5am to get to work for many a year so my poor old body had to take a little adjusting! BWHWHWHWHW. We are still waiting for our internet connection to be put in the house up there ( can you say SLOW!!!) –SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’s.

But enough yakking and moaning- I know I’ll have to get my feet and head back on the ground eventually and I’m sure I will find a routine eventually. Just a huge thank you for your messages and for your patience while my life is *in the air*- literally- HAHAHA

OMG- and of course today is the first and there are a TON of things to show you- you got that coffee already?? lol

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And of course I just made it today with the JUNE COLOUR CHALLENGE! Phew-lol.


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As you know my dear little niece Caden was here with my sister Gaye ( GS Creations) a little while ago and Gaye had put up some photo’s on her blog to show you- well I have a few I want to share of Cadens FIRST beach visit- I don’t know who had more fun that day- Mom, Aunty or Caden- lol


mmmmmm- I think Caden might take after me a little with her laughing- we were making mud pies to try and splash mom taking the photo- hahaha


Mom having a go at throwing *mud pies* in the water to splash ;-)


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- so much fun making wet splashes. lol

at this stage we were trying to get her to see that the water was fun as she was a little weary of the *BIG WATER*


Well it didn’t take long to move into the big waves – and uhum- sorry Mom- we sort of got drenched through everything as Aunty Kimmy saw little fishes deeper and went to show Caden and we were hit by a wave- BWAHAHAHA. We looked like drowned rats walking into the shops later- lol


And these I just loved so had to share ;-)


mommy’s girl for sure- she has Mom’s little one eyed frown- lol



These top two I just loved for the shadows and the way the gulls are in *progression* almost in the bottom one with Caden chasing them- two photo’s that have got me wanting to *take some time* with my camera again-lol

SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- I’ve kept you a while today and hoping that I can post a few more times before I have to leave again.

Sending huge hugs and loves to all


makeyesup said...

Wonderful to hear from you, sounds like those men of yours are really keeping you busy. Great pics of your sister and niece too, love the look on the close up of Caden. Have a good week.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kim:)
Still no internet?? Say it isn't so!!LOL
Thanks so much for checking in to let us know how things are going with you.
LOVE the pics of you,Gaye and Caden.What a FUN time.:)
COOL pic of the gulls in "progression" What are the chances of that happening again? I would say..that is a keeper.:)Make copies.LOL
Enjoy your week at home...cause....




LouCeeCreations said...

Aaah, this blog has been so lonely not having you here, it must be exhausting for you, all this to and fro-ing!
love love love the pics of little Cayden, WELCOME BACK ( for a little while anyway!)
hugs x

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Kim, have missed you big time!

So glad you are settling down and getting organized. What an exciting time for you. What an inspiration that you are working with your man - it will drawn you closer Inpray even though I know you already enjoy a special friendshipnwith him.

Loved all your pictures - have to agree with ou about the shadows ones, they make for an interesting composition.

I will keep coming to "visit" you no matter where you are! Does your blog feel like "home" because it's a place all of us can always find you?


Bonnie said...

Wow Kim, life sounds hectic for you! Shame man! I hope you are coping , it can't be easy all that traveling and disruption in your routine and family life! I hope you get settled soon! It was good to come on line and see you are okay and posting! Missed you! Big hugs!

Ruth said...

COOL pictures! Wheee.... I'm glad to hear from you again!!! Whahaa LOL Yay, Miss ya! :)

Snowsmoon said...

Nice hearing all your news. I think so many of us are going through some life changes and our lives are up in the air, but it is always a joy to read your blog. Love your photos on the beach and sharing with us is always appreciated.

Hugs and Enjoy
Dawn aka Snowsmoon