Friday, 7 May 2010

A new Nephew and a little niece

OMG- it’s been a full few days this side, with my sister Gaye arriving just in time for our younger sister Kerry to give birth. Well to be honest we sat biting our nails a bit after we got Gaye settled in here, as Kerry really did have a long labour. I feel like a mother hen and sobbed when little Zachary was born. Yes, HE is a bouncing boy with a head full of hair!!


He has the cutest little *bow lips* and looks just like his dad! lol. Congrats sis, God blessed you with the most beautiful son and us with the most handsomest nephew!

And of course with Caden here she sure keeps us busy. She has grown into such a little treasure of a girl- but man is she active and takes after her mom in knowing EXACTLY what she wants- hahaha. LOVE IT!


Yesterday *Aunty Kimmy* and mommy had to play tea party outside with *baby*


Tea for *baby* –lol


And Mom got *tea* in her coffee if she liked it or not- BWHAHAHA. Yup, we drank our watered down coffee going MmMMMMMMM ;-)


This morning she shared her breakfast with Fudge- hahahaha. ( who in her words looks like piggy-lol)


Cleaning fingers and mess is really easy when you have your own automatic hand cleaner- hahaha


And yup- Aunty Kimmy is sitting here feeling like she’s done a huge work out –phew not used to playing rough and tumble anymore- I’ve pulled a muscle in my back too! BWHAHAHAHAHA. –OY, it’s nasty getting old huh?


mmmmmmmmmmmmmm- yeah OK! lol


MORE Aunty Kimmy- MORE! lol

Gaye’s taken her for a little walk now so I got a chance to jump on and share in my wonderful two days so far. ;-)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Hugs and Loves


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children...Caden is surely gonna be a heartbreaker, and Zachary looks like an angel sent straight from above. I love Caden's own personal hand cleaner LOL Congratulations to the whole family!!!
Is Nathan home to enjoy all this activity??? I hope you enjoy every single minute of this precious time you and your sisters are sharing, Kim.

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Awesome news Kim and Gaye. Looks like you are having fun. Be careful now - we don't want you out of action :)

Have a stunning weekend.

Love Di

Bunny Cates, said...

oh man, so much fun! I wanna come over!!!!!

Dinphy said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... What an absolute cutie!
Did you pinch those cheeks yet? ;)

And Caden looks so adorable, especially with her hand cleaner, and the personal climbing tool. ;) Too fun.

Huge CONGRATS to the whole family.

Amberpony Creates said...

Looks like Fun is the only thing going on at your house!!!!

happyscrapper said...

Congratulations on the new precious addition to your family. He is a doll and your niece looks like a joy to have around. Happy Mother's Day to you and your sisters!

Tina said...

Congrats on that cute little man! Love these photos!

MoosieD said...

Congraulations on the "heaven sent" addition to the family. He's adorable!

You and Gaye look like you are having an absolute blast (even though it can be tiring at times) so enjoy it. These moments pass so quickly. Have a stunning weekend.

Caryn said...

Oh my GOODNESS he's GORGEOUS! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating all the wonderfulness that's going on right now :)

Snowsmoon said...

He is SOOOO the hair and the lips...and your niece is adorable. Looks like auntie had a great time and Congrad to the new family member. Thank you for sharing with us. Happy Mothers Day to all!

Lainey said...

Awww.. how fantastic!!! Congrats Autie Kimmy!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

What a beautiful set of photographs. Cayden is going to have so much fun at her Auntie's!
and little Zachery just looks so yummy!
Happy mothers day to you, Gaye and Kerry.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kim:)
What a beautiful baby boy!! He's gorgeous!!Congratulations again to everyone involved.:)
Caden looks like she is really enjoying her Aunt Kim.:) How fun! Sorry your muscle pulled.:( Yeah..getting old is not all it's cracked up to be.LOL
Wishing you and Gaye a wonderful Mother's day tomorrow!:)


Jenni said...

Congrats on your gorgeous new nephew!!! Enjoy your time with your family- love the photos!!! And Happy Mothers day !!!