Thursday, 1 July 2010


Youch, what the hell happened to JUNE??- lol. I hope most of you are enjoying your summer holidays up North? At the moment it’s a frosty winter morning where I am at the moment and MAN I would kill for some green stuff outside-lol. I’m used to having green grass at home, but here in this area everything goes dry and brown thanks to the frost in the morning- BLAH! lol But like Jenni says, there’s no wind. HAHAHAHA. I don’t know- at this stage I think I’ll swop some brown for some wind?? ;-P

I’m still battling to get connected, the people have been here twice already, have climbed on the roof and have had to calculate *line of sight* to the areal somewhere on the top of these mountains that I am in- hahahaha. Sheeeee’s maybe by Christmas??? lol

World Cup fever is really exciting here at the moment and all places are filled with foreign visitors. We’ve had a German visitor staying with us who is now touring the rest of the country, but it sure was fun riding around with the German flags on the car for him-lol


DSO FORUM IS BACK!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. I can’t tell you how excited I am! Bunny has been working around the clock to get our NEW LOOK and forum etc up by today ( we still have a few tweaks but TRUST me when I say it’s looking FABO!)

Yup- all the Challenges have moved BACK to the forum- Including the new Colour Challenge! YAY.


I managed to get it done on time this month even with this wireless piece of *beeeep beeep*- lol. Come play with us HERE and take a look around at the fab new DSO!!


Bunny is being INTERVIEWED LIVE at Digimapscrap blog hosted by Hummie on Friday, July 2nd at 9pm CST. The girls at DSO have been extremely busy making lots of delicious gifts for Bunny to give away as door prizes. Trust me- there are Freebie STUNNING KITS, HUGE COUPONS- you DON'T WANT TO MISS IT!! You can read more about it on Bunny’s Blog HERE.

And it’s the First of July which means that the DSO Pick Ur Bits are up! OMG- I LOVED this months theme and colours

Called FRENCH COUNTRY – check out all the girls portions!

french country pub

hee hee- Yup, I hope you have your coffee with you? I sure know how to make up for non posting all the time don’t I ;-P

These are my portions of the Collab


French Country Elements$2.50


French Country Plains and prints$1.50

And my CT have been making my JAW DROP at there wonderful LO’s- Check this inspiration out for today ;-)

bed_gr13 By Bekah_E

fdg4lx By Kristine

clap10 By Vicki

fc-amazinglove-ruth1 By Ruthy

042 By Renee

Nature2 By Jenni

endearingjpg600 By Hutchie

Aren’t they stunning!!! Thanks Girls, you have got my mojo back- you just didn’t know it was missing for a while and you guys sure know how to make a girl wanna scrap! lol

It’s also DSV COLLAB GRAB BAG TIME and the new July one is up!


7 QUALITY CHECKED and ready to use products for only $7!


Be sure to check it out HERE!

Phew you still with me?- lol

I’ve tried to upload a freebie for you and it’s telling me it’s going to take over an hour to upload- ARRGHHHHH! lol

Will be back later with it as will have to go into Waynes office to upload- this thing cuts off all the time when uploading- drives me NUTS!

Hope you all have a fantastic day further



Anonymous said...

Geeze... I sure miss your blog Kim! It's like Christmas when you finally are able to post. Course maybe it's an omen - you must keep focused on your new "job" and home, and if you had a good would be more difficult to do I would imagine. Totally understand your so called absence, just miss your humor and up-tempo postings :o)
Keep your chin up in all your brown surroundings... Hugz

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy is it GRAND to see your post I'm glad things are slowly getting straightened out at your new location & remember ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
Great to see your post again.Sounds like you are back in the stone age.LOL May I please have another rock to write on.hehe I can imagine your frustration...but use the extra time to rest and relax and concentrate on the necessary things for now.You will be busier that a bee in no time.:)
Stay warm!!!


Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Welcome back :) and I adore your posting bonus for the colour challenge.

Amberpony Creates said...

He he he You sure no how to make up for lost time!
Your Designs are certainly worth waiting for!

Love that Posting Bonus!

Thank you Soooo Much For the Gifty at Digiscap Map Chat with Bunny! Very Cool just Love Beachy Things.