Thursday, 17 June 2010


Can you hear my teeth chattering from there?? Oy, this place is freezing cold at the moment, but seems we have a real cold snap all over the country ! Nathan says the trip back to PE ( he is on a road trip seeing friends ;-) is completely white with snow! HUH???- this early in winter and well we don’t really get snow except in high lying places.

Gaye (GS Creations) has had some burst water pipes yesterday and this morning due to the water freezing in them-

Wayne broke one of our glass pirex dishes yesterday putting it onto the granite kitchen counter straight from the over- CRACK – split right in half. That’s how cold the counter top was! I WANT MY MOMMY- lol.

I’m just about sitting on top of my heater ( indoor heating isn’t something of the norm in SA) at the moment and am still shivering! Any more clothes on and I won’t be able to move at all! I already look like the Michelin man bWWWWAHAHAHAH.

Internet update ;-)…. Wayne eventually sent the Head office of the Agency we applied at here for my wireless connections a rather *hot under the collar* e-mail. Cut long story short- they are now taking their agency away from the idiots who run it here and will now be coming TOMORROW themselves to put in my internet connections! WOOT_ GO WAYNIE!!! lol So I should have a solid connection this weekend- YIPPPPPPPEEEEE, first time in around a month.

Which means I won’t have to get up at 5am anymore ( well now and again to help Wayne out of course) but holey hell, it’s torture- especially in this cold weather- hahahahaha.

OOOH- some new photo’s to share with you too- I’ve been here on and off for just under a month and a bit and haven’t seen much of the area except the office and shopping centres around the house- lol

so Wayne decided on Sunday we would do a little *tour* of the area. I shot some photo’s out the car window- so they aren’t the best but at least I can share a little of my new home with you ;-)


We’re surrounded by the  Magaliesberg mountain range, and live right on the Hartbeespoortdam.


Some shots through the tree’s from the road leading over the dam wall -



Driving over the dam wall-


This is the road leading up to the bridge above and we had quite a LONG wait for cars to make their way through and over as it’s a one way bridge crossing.

As you know Soccer World Cup fever has hit us like a 10 pound hammer , lol, and as you can see by the cars in front of us ( picture above) everyone has flags hanging from aerials, windows, side mirrors and bonnets!

I LOVE it and it sure has made the country colourful! EVERY place we went past on Sunday had flags flying- check these out





And of course if you didn’t have one yet you could buy one- and just about every street corner looks like this! lol



Sure is colourful huh? Loucee I took this photo just for you GF – hahahaha.

Just some What’s new news too from DSO – ( shooo I sure make up for my MIA’s with these long posts don’t I? HAHAHAHA)

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Okies, I think I got it all in now- BWAHAHAHAHA. PRAY that by tomorrow this time I will have my connections in place in the house and I will be able to at least start getting back to routine! YAY ;-)

Hugs and loves to all ( PS- thanks for all your messages guys-you don’t know how much I miss you guys too!)


Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Oi vey Kimmie I have no idea how you managed to type that without spelling errors. My fingers are frozen. Did you know it was -6 degrees last night. That is FREEZING!! Glad to hear about your internet. It's way too quiet around here ;)

Love Di

kristine said...

when I saw all those f's in your title I thought I could hear the f bombs from here!! LMFAO!!!!!

LouCeeCreations said...

lol Kristine, and I was going to say enough of the swearing already! Bwaahaahaa!
I LOVE that photo just for me lol! waving my England flag here frantically... woohoo!

The photo's are amazing, and it is so special to see everyone getting into the spirit of the world cup, oh my, won't it be quiet when it's finished.
and OH Yeah! go Wayne, go Wayne, *hands doing the circular movement here* you won't know where to start once you got that internet going girl!
hugs to you Kimmy xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your new home with us... it's beautiful! The photos are marvelous - loved seeing all the hoopala over the world cup too. Here in Chicagoland USA we are excited cuz our Blackhawks ice hockey team won the Stanley Cup. Last win was 49 years ago! Go Hawks!!! I hope the team y'all holler for wins the whole sheebang.
Try to stay warm Kim :o)

Dinphy said...

It's good to 'hear' from you again. Such changes! Poor you, with the cold weather. But WAY to go with the Internet! And beautiful photo's!

Around here it's flags too, in red-white-blue. And everything else is colored orange. Really. You name it, it's orange.

Anisah said...

I didn't know it got so cold and snowed in South Africa!

Jen Reed said...

Oh my! Your new home is spectacular! So pretty...

Kirsten said...

Lovely photos - especially the ones with the Danish flag *SS*.
Hope you have your internet back by now?

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay Kimmie,

thanks for sharing your new home with us. Looks like a very interesting area and its always fun to explore. I guess I need not send you any more icebergs, sounds like you are cool enough without.

Can you swim in that reservoir? I see boats. Do you and your W. boat? I hope your internet turned out alright - I will check back.

Miss you!

Jenni said...

haha, welcome to Gauteng!! I LOVE the winters here, the colder the better for me, I have seen a fountain frozen here!!! But aren't the days gorgeous here??? Glad you are getting your internet sorted out! I am having such a slack month due to the soccer, we are making the most of all of it, using every excuse for a party!Love the photos, makes me wish for summer so we can camp and boat again, although the dam goes green in summer from the algae!Have a great weekend!