Thursday, 12 August 2010

Home and gone

HAHAHA- so much for me thinking that I would spend more time on the PC while I was home- ERRRRRRRRRRRR, Nope, I spent LESS time on the PC than in Harties-lol

From the day we landed we have had friends, family and invites, birthdays and socials just about every day! I also decided to re-decorate my bedroom, our bathroom and Nathan’s bedroom and guest bathroom too.(LONG overdue and I was tired of the orange, reds and browns) . But *dumbo* here forgot her camera up in Harties so I don’t have before or after pics. DUH!

But trust me- I re-painted the walls and did a full change to Silver, black and white, rich plums with a touch of bright cerise for accents. NO ORANGE or browns to be seen- hahahaha.

I did Nathans to Red, White and Navy and he is thrilled with it- really BOY BOY!

Today I had promised to buy Nathan an Xbox consol that was on special – yeah a Mom spoil before she leaves tomorrow. ;-)

We were supposed to leave at 2pm after his Surveying Practical-  UNTIL I received a text message to say- Mom going to be a little late as rushing friend to doc for stitches- was hit on head with brick. So I phone to see if he can manage and if he needs my help and what asking the hell happened?

WELLLLLLLL, Mom, someone threw a brick and it hit him in the middle of his *pip*- and well it was an accident. Who threw the brick Nathan??? mmmmmmmm- Mom it was ME, but it was honestly an accident and we were removing bricks from the front of the car so we could move it further into the field and the one I was tossing SIDEWAYS flew out my hand and went STRAIGHT, it hit him in the middle of his head. lol.

OMG- after finding out he was fine but just bleeding all over the car and that the friends father is a doctor and he already knew the story and had a laugh about *boys being boys*- I had a good laugh about how poor Nathan has landed up with my *ability* to draw CHAOS!

Hang on to your boots my boy- life’s going to get interesting- hahahahahahahaha.

While I’m on I thought I would show you some new goodies -

DSV have a Grab Bag from a few of the designers, now remember DSV will be closing at the end of August, so this is also a must have as quality is always ensured in their CU.

Grab this bag for only $4!


My part of the grab bag…


And some BRAND NEW awesome goodies at DSO.

My sister GS Creations has these FANTASTIC TEMPLATE sets on SALE NOW-



And some great Word Art by Jazzy


Some CU paper templates by Kalo Designs


And these FAB Templates by Color with Caryn


Be sure to check out the new products sections for more exciting goodies ;-)

I’m off to finish packing- man, I just don’t think I’ll fit everything in the suitcase this time though!- OOOPS ;-)

See you all from the *other side* again. Hugs and Loves


Carol said...

Hi Kim!
Missing you girl!

makeyesup said...

I'm surprised hubby doesn't put you and your son in cages and throw away the keys. Can't imagine anyone getting into so much muck as you 2. Have a safe trip.

Dinphy said...

I must say, with just ten days and a party, I sort of saw the less-PC-time coming. LOL.

But how ever you managed to also redecorate... That's amazing. And it sounds gorgeous!