Monday, 16 August 2010

Spoilt Rotten

Well I’m back up in Hartbeespoort Dam with the *boys* ;-) Even Deon was happy to see my fat ass back- BWAHAHAHA. Say’s it’s as boring and quiet as hell when we aren’t here. And now at least  he’s getting cooked food as he doesn’t like cooking and lives on Pizza when we aren’t here. lol.

Well Wayne fetched me from the airport on Friday and took me straight to some car dealers here to look at some cars for myself. Spent the whole afternoon looking and test driving some and was told to choose something for ME, not for the family or for anything else- just one I would love to drive around and WANT to drive. AAHHHH- I fell in love with one and when told I could have it- I burst out crying- poor car salesman looked rather uncomfortable- but hell, it will be my FIRST “KIM” car ( not one chosen for family). And NOPE, nope, I’m not spilling the beans yet(hee hee) till the papers are signed etc etc. Wayne of course is the *negotiating KING* and has told them to *sharpen their pencils*- BWWWWWWWAHAHAH. Which they are doing at this very minute! It will be two weeks till I receive her but I can wait that long after being without my own car for over 6 months! lol

My dad ‘officially’ is now the owner of my ‘old’ car at home in PE. We have given it to him as a present as he finds it really easy to drive with his arthritis and his old one we put on the SCRAP HEAP! lol

AND that’s not all- OMG, I swear it’s was Christmas and Birthdays all rolled into ONE this weekend. (as Wayne so politely put it to me- it’s making up for the last few crappy ones- AHHHHHH)

Wayne had to buy a new PC monitor/screen for work and ran out of here EARLY on Sat morning to go shopping, leaving me to unpack my cases and just sleep in.

When he got back he had a huge box under his arm and a huge smile on his face with a *FOR YOU my Love*-

HUH?? What???, ARE YOU NUTS???? off course there were MORE tears and I still look like a freaking goldfish today!

wanna see what it was?? lol


The new Canon EOS 550D!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, Freak out! It came with two lenses and a backpack and memory card too. The SLR has been on my ‘wish’ list for a while now and because Wayne needed a camera for work – he decided he would just replace my Canon G9(which he would use at work) and buy this one for me instead!

My man sure missed me for the week I was home huh?? lol  Yup, I am spoilt rotten and I know it .

If any of you know of some good ONLINE classes in photography, please leave me a link in the message box- I would LOVE to learn to use my new toy properly ;-)

And some SAD news but good news for YOU that love a good sale:-)

Digiscrap Vault is closing at the end of the month (31st August 2010) so don’t miss this chance to grab ALL QUALITY CHECKED – HIGH QUALITY COMMERCIAL USE TOOLS NOW!

Check out each individual designers closing sales HERE.


My WHOLE STORE at DSV is now 50% off! Don’t miss it.

And I made up a little COMMERCIAL USE FREEBIE for you too. ( the Texture plates MAY be used to create CU textures for sale - as long as they are NOT sold AS IS)


You can GRAB IT HERE. or

Hugs and Loves –Me XXXXXXXXXXX


kristine said...

Morning you spoiled rotten hag!!! ROFL!!
Love ya and missed ya terribly!!!!

Dinphy said...

You certainly have been spoiled!
I'm pretty sure it was well deserved tho. ;)

Well, now you have a camera to show us the new look of your rooms the next time you're back home, right? LOL.

Thank you SO much for the awesome texture plates and texture!

BrittneyFerguson said...

Thanks soo much for the texture plates!!! Love the new cam

Kori said...

Congrats on the awesome camera!

I can't get the download to work no matter what I try. Could you check it please?

Thanks so much!

Laramie said...

You should go away more often, huh, if you have such a warm and wonderful home coming. Hee! Hee! I love it when our men miss us! Can't wait to see photo of your new ride and yeah to the awesome camera. Thank you for the great papers.

txbubbles said...

Check out the Digital Photography School It's free and fabulous!
Be sure to sign up for the newsletter too. Can't wait to see the new ride!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim
I am not a photographer however, I love everything about this site particularly the photography not to mention the great recipes. Ree is a fantastic woman, I bet you will love this site too. and
Congratulations on your wonderful week of surprises - your hubby obviously loves and apreciates all you are to him, your family and your friends. You deserve it.

Best wishes from Sue in Oz

Sue said...

Enjoy your new camera! What fun!

Thank you for the super texture freebie! :)

Carol said...

Hi Kim.
New toys! How lovely. Re classes, the ones mentioned are fantastic, check out the archive of Post Production in PS in the Darren Rowse digital-photography-school that Vicki mentioned. But keep a look out for the next 10 week course at as well. These classes are first (er) class :-)
The PS ones by Jason Hoppe are superlative. And if you can catch them live in your timezone when they air, they are free.

Carol said...

Oh, and thanks for the CU Goodie as well :-)

Kelcey said...

I'm so excited for you Kim - Best. Surprise. Ever! I have a 450D and I love it to bits, you're gonna have so much fun. Thankyou for the freebie and for sharing your joy with us, I know how thrilling it is to get a new camera and I'm totally smiling for you right now:) Happy snapping, Kelcey.

tiggconn said...

I'm envious! LOL Been wanting a SLR camera for a while. Who knows, tomorrow's our anniversary and my b-day is in 2 weeks. I might get lucky! LOL
Thanks for the textures!

Joni said...

You're gonna love taking photos with that camera(have the same one) its a fantastic camera.
And thank you for the texture freebie.

LouCeeCreations said...

Oi Cow! it wasn't enough just getting a swanky set of wheels then, huh!
Kim, ENJOY! you lucky girl you x

Julie E. said...

Jealous of your new toys!!! Thanks for the textures.

Ruth said...

WoHoOo...You certainly have been spoiled, Kimmie! LOL

Miss ya!

Magnolia said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, great stuff x

Digi Junkie said...

Love it! Thank you. Love the Cam!

pkdoll said...

You are one spoiled young hag!:) I can't wait to see the new ride! You so deserve everything you are getting--after all didn't you have to leave beautiful PE??? LOL! Love you and thanks so much for the freebie-it's awesome. Tell Wayne and Deon I say hi and I can see business if working good for now. Hope it keeps getting better and better!

Rarole said...

Know what I say? It's only right that someone who brings so much pleasure to the rest of us gets a gob or two once in a while for herself. Gee, I was almost teary-eyed readin about your gifties from Wayne! Tell me what you're doing so I can do it on my turf. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wonderful textures ! Thank you !

jacque said...

congrats on the new toy :) and thanks for the gifts. thought i'd send u a link to a great starter for dslr lessons. chris is great!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!

Simply Sarah said...

oh... u are a spoiled girl... and sooo lucky! My hubby did get me a tablet for Mother's Day because I really really wanted it.... but I havent had time to learn how to use it yet... LOL.

There is a photography site that I get emails from weekly.. on thursdays i think. I know they give challenges to do to learn and lots of info on photography. I will look for it when it comes this week.

Enjoy the camera and thanks for the fun texture... Off to check out the sales.

Jenni said...

Congrats on the new camera, I have the model just below that and that one is also on my wish list!!!I am sure we are going to see some gorgeous extracted goodies!!
Can't wait to see what your new car is, I spent years driving a combi or huge 4 x 4 and I was so excited to get my RAV 2 years ago.Thanks for the textures, might get my A into G to do a freebie! Oh and welcome back to behind the boerewors curtain hahaha

makeyesup said...

Super new presents. Time to change the saying to "Girls and their toys". It's obvious that you were missed a lot. Have fun with the camera and take lots of photos of the new car. I'm sure the guys will get a lot of you sitting in it too. Thanks for the overlays.

Mary said...

oooh, a new camera
you're gonna be having fun learning

thanks for the freebie

charlie said...

Have fun with the camera Kim!(if you need any help sing driving the new car..lucky girl!

Pom said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful textures!!
My hubby bought himself the EOS 550 recently and he couldn't live without it now. LOL
So good luck with that. :)

MariR designs said...

Muito obrigado! Thank you!!!!!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
WOW!! So how is he gonna top this at Christmas time.LOL
Thanks so much for the freebie!!
Have a fantastic weekend..and I can't wait to see your new car!! Good reason to use your new camera!!hehe


rosmarie said...

thank you so much for the great overlays!

Designs By Jennifer Rassi said...

Wow Lucky Girl!! Congrats on the brand new camera!! I know you will be so happy with it!

Thank you so much for sharing these Freebie CU textures! They look amazing!! I can't wait to use them.

Bydelstorp said...

Yay, what a week then you lucky girl, but I am sure it's well deserved.
I am really curious what your new car will look like. Congrats to your new camera. A DSLR is soooo much fun to play with, although I have to shamefacedly admit that I am still mostly running on auto.

Thanks very much for the texture plates, I love your textures.
Hugs and have a great weekend

Kirsten said...

Congrats on your new camera and thank you so much for the lovely freebie!

Esther -who lives in the said...

How lucky are you!!!! What awesome surprises you've had. Lap it all up!

I'm so sad that DV is closing. :(

Thanks, Kim - your amazing freebies are always soooo appreciated. xxx

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

She who gives much, gets an abundance in return! ;) You have one of the biggest, giving hearts I know girlie and I am SO thrilled for you and the new goodies that Wayne is bestowing upon you! WOOT, WOOT!

I will look through my list of photography sites and see what might meet your request! My fave is just in the works of putting together a new DSLR class and not sure how this one will be set up.

I am in the process of renovating my blog Kim and have added a section of AMAZING photography sites. Each of those sites has some incredible tools, tips and tricks.

Thank you SO much for the textured backgrounds and I shall hop on over to the vault and do a bit of shopping!

Looking forward to viewing your NEW ride sweetie!

Have a SPLENDID week!

Love and hugs,
Linda :D

jodiann said...

Hey Baby-Love! Congratulations on all the Spoilage!! Weeee!

When your car is revealed...what about a contest to name her? Your first KIM car needs a right proper name!! ...giggle!

Hugs Honey, you deserve to be spoiled rotten, Sweet Thang!!

Wayne you are a Sweetheart!!


Laramie said...

Absolutely went nuts at DSV today shopping. Love your stuff! Thanks for the sale on your goodies.


Anonymous said...

Thanks !!

Gemma said...

Thanks for the cool gift. Enjoy that new camera!!! Check out for some great tips on how to get the most out of your new DSLR (totally worth the membership fees) ... there's a few photography courses in the digi world too... check out and Good luck!!

Karen H. said...

Thanks very much!