Thursday, 26 August 2010

Still waiting and chance to win

I’m still waiting patiently for my new car and all I have had for conversation the last two weeks are 4 crappy limey green walls ( HAHA- not my choice- honest!!, it’s rented!)

Wayne and Deon have both been frantically busy the last week, which has left me with uhummm- nothing much to talk about! BWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA. SO SAD! Time for a good PARTY again- mmmmmmmmmmmm. lol

Thanks soooo much for all the links for the Photography sites- I’ve joined one that I liked and am now playing with my new toy. She’s AWESOME and I’m looking forward to getting BETTER with her-at the moment I’m just taking shots of anything and everything and haven’t downloaded anything off her yet.

I’ll be testing her out this weekend some more as we are off to visit my sister Gaye (GS Creations)and my little niece Caden. I can’t wait!

OMG OMG OMG< I just broke a tooth! WTH!!!! BWWWWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- Murphy’s freaking law. Bunny take him back dammit! HAHA. give me sec- I’m going to go check quick!

I was eating a wine gum (sssssssshhhhhhhhh) and I just heard CRUNCH and you know that *CRINGE* feeling when your neck goes into your shoulders as you squirm??? YEAH- just did that-lol.

It feels like a freaking crater but it’s only a bit off! OY! Now I have to find a dentist here that can see me TOMORROW! lol, No ways in hell am I going to go away a full weekend with my tongue being rasped to death! What a idiot! lol


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Sheee’s I’m really blonde- that should read the 16th August –31st August-  There are 31 days in AUGUST KIM!! DUH! lol

Jodiann had a brilliant idea and I thought I would run with it!

NAME MY CAR for me………..

and you can win my brand new mega kit coming out on the 1st Sept! I’ve just finished it - it’s a COLLAB with my sister GS Creations  who made ALL the templates for the kit ;-)


ROTF! Not much to see I know but I’m sure you will enjoy it, and you get to help me choose a name for my first CAR! lol




I LOVED the Peugeot 308 CC!!  And Waynie let me have her. Now you know why I cried like a baby! hahaha

Mine is BLACK though, as I loved how sleek and cheeky she looked in the dark colour.

Think you can think of a name??

Leave me a comment with your suggestion and on the 1st SEPTEMBER I will name the winner of the new kit and some extra surprises for a few too – YAY!!!!!

Okies- I’m off to find some gum to try and cover this CRATER! I’m grating my tongue away and it’s bugging the sh(one)t out of me now- BWWWWWWAHAH.

Have a great week guys and looking forward to your suggestions!



Stefanie said...

She is beautiful.
I like the Penelope for your sexy Peugeot.

iamb said...

Wow, beautiful car!! Lucky ducky, enjoy her. ( Like you won't , haha) The minute I saw her I thought
"Desiree"... Anyone who see's her will desire her:)

Lulutoo said...

You're gonna love my name suggestion, even if you don't choose it: ITSFY (I'm Too Sexy For You). :)

Sherrie said...

Wow! What a gorgeous car! How about Lacey? Black lace certainly is sexy, just like the car.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good afternoon Kim.:)
OW!! Sure hope you get someone to fix that tooth real quick.:)
LOVE your new COOL!! How about "Beauty" for Black Beauty. or Beaut...cause...she sure is a Beaut!Or.." Dream or Dreamer"..cause it is what you had been dreaming of.LOL or.."Patience" cause it's gonna take that to hold you back on the highways.hehe
Whatever you name it..I hope you thoroughly enjoy every minute you are in it.:)

Huge hugs,

Dinphy said...

That is one awesome car!
I never cared for a drivers-license, but this might just change my mind. WOW!
(Not that I'd ever get that car, LOL)

The sneak peek, no, it sure doesn't show much. LOL.
Well, it's a safe bet to assume it'll be an AWESOME kit, as any and all of yours and Gaye is.

I'm afraid I'm not too well on car-names, and I don't think my suggestion is very original. But I was thinking it's your car, it's cute, it's fun.. how about Bobby or Bob? Or maybe Bobaas, if the dictionary I used is any good. ;)

Anyway, huge congrats with the car, it's awesome!

kristine said...

If it was mine I'd name her Vixen.....

sexy ,black and oh so naughty. xoxox

Esther -who lives in the said...

As soon as I saw it I thought...CHIC!

(not Chick, but Sheik - you know, as in those oil rich dudes. LOL)

And in black - just so, so Chic!!

Hope you have the tooth fixed mighty fast!

Ummaro said...

Oh...I think it has to be Pandora! Cuz anytime YOU open that box there's gonna be trouble...

happyscrapper said...

Shugah(southern sugar)cause she's oh, so, sweet!

Suz :) said...

I like Doodlebug (your a doodler) or Scrappydoo...kinda like Scoobydoo but for the designer and scrapper. lol :) Cute names, maybe you will like one. Thanks!

Snowsmoon said...

Just stopping by to say Hello and Congrad on the new car. WOW you must have been a very good girl! Enjoy and we will need a few pic of you and Gaye acting like Thelma and Louise with the top down and big smiles on your faces.

Hug and stop by again soon!

EAL Designs2 said...

Gorgeous car Kim, love it, I'd call it Foxy, for two reasons, your a foxy lady in a foxy car, so it suits you both.
Hugs & blessings

Adelina said...

Thanks for your wonderful stuffs, grabbed one more portion of your CU items with nice discount :)))

Black car...hehe... I'd call mine Wildbeest :))) for high speeds only :)))

Laramie said...

WOW, Amazing car! I miss my sports car. How fast do you think she'll go. Had mine up to 140 once.
Bet she purr's in your hands. Man I love a good car. I like Honey! Cause it's smooooooth! Hee! Hee! I can totally see you in that Honey!


IreneO said...

I'd name it "The Transformer". Reminds me of the transformer toys and also, you can transform yourself into whoever you want to be in that car.

Anonymous said...

I like "Sheena" cuz she na yours .. she's mine!!!! hehehe


Melberry said...

Okay, but where do we sign up to take a ride in this new WILD THING? She's SPLENDORABLE. Your VAMPMOBILE. Hope your tooth feels better soon!!!
hug hug

Anonymous said...

Wow Kim great car. You deserve to be spoiled. My granddaughter said you should call her Pewie - Hugs - Maggy

makeyesup said...

Not even going to attempt picking out a name for your car. Can just see you tooling down the road though. Awesome vehicle.

Mom to J & J said...

I say Envy - that's what the rest of us feel!

Jenni said...

OMG Kim, just saw your new car, it is gorgeous WOW!!!!! How about Booga Mina (which means "look at me" in Xhosa!) as that sure is a car you can't miss!!