Monday, 18 October 2010

GO Sharks!!

WOOOT- my team is through to the Currie Cup Rugby final! YIPPPEEEEE. GO SHARKS!!!! OMG, Sat was a rather tense affair-lol. Wayne’s team (The Bulls) were playing mine and Deon’s (the Sharks) to get to the final. More often than not the Bulls seem to pull off a win in the last 5 minutes of a game- but NOT on Sat. We went to watch at a local pub here and the “sharkies” were running around giving each other high fives and hugging strangers because of the win! It was soo much fun. I don’t have a freaking voice today again ( what’s new huh??- lol). Had FAR tooo many shooters with the boys. Jenni and I were also sms’ing each other through the game ( I think she lost her crutches again- BWHAHAHAHAHAHA) and having a great time “ripping Wayne off”- lol.  I had a blast! Now to win the cup!!! OY, and we do this all over again! lol

OOOH and I’ve been playing with my camera some more, on manual settings and I think I’m getting there- hahaha


Some Ladybugs at my sisters place that had me in the garden for over and hour-lol



Some still need work- but as I’m learning still I thought I would just share my pics as I go along- hahaha


Taken this morning in my garden ;-)



and some more of those birdy’s called Weavers ;-)



WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- can you see I’m having fun?? lol

Don’t forget my “good bye” sale now on-


MY WHOLE STORE- including all COMMERCIAL Use products is 55% off.!

A lot of the products will be “retired” as of the end of the month- so now’s the time to grab anything you want ;-)

Thanks for all your messages guys, they honestly mean the world.

I will be announcing THIS week what I’m doing- PROMISE.

Okies- off to grab something to fill this “hole that’s growling”- hahaha.

Have a great day everyone. Hugs and Loves


Shel said...

Beautiful pictures! You are so talented!

When I heard DSO's store was closing I immediately thought: Where am I going to get KimB's great stuff? I can't wait to hear your announcement.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing photos...pretty soon you'll be able to sell stock photos too. A woman of soooo many talents. I enjoyed the blog this morning, Kim :o)
Go Sharks!!! It's fun to holler for a winning team. I follow football here, and I'm a Chicago, IL Bears fan - so I don't get TOO much chance to holler anything you can put down in print :o)

Lulutoo said...

Those are amazing photos! If this is your beginner portfolio, then I can't wait to see what you do when you're a pro at it! :)

Joni said...

Wow, great photos!!!

pkdoll said...

Kim those are gorgeous!! I have had the canon on my wish list for like 5 years now!!! You will have to share the secrets on what settings you use for these awesome photos. LOL!
We have such a terrible rivalry in our home too. My honey and his family are from Iowa, so they are Minnesota Vikings fans---and the spouses, those of us who are from Wisconsin-are Greenbay Packers fans-and it's very interesting-to say the least, so I can relate to what you go through! hahaha!

Jenni said...

Beautiful photos Kim!! I still want to go for classes, I still have no idea how my camera works!! Needless to say I spent the day in bed on Sunday, and I did lose my crutches and even ended up dancing- OMG, but non the worse for it!Keep next weekend open, I think we are all going to Riana's house for the finals, will let you know!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
WOW!! Fantastic pics!!! :) How FUN! I KNOW I would be able to do a lot more with my camera if I just took the time to figure it out.You make me want to take the time.:)Love that you are showing your progress too.Thank you!
I thought it wouldn't take you long to find another place to sell your wonderful designs!!! Whoever gets you in their store or stores..are the ones being blessed.You are extremely talented and I truly appreciate your sharing that talent with us.:)

Have a wonderful week and I am so happy your team is going through the final.:)

Huge hugs,

Sue said...

Fabulous photos! :)

Judith said...

Truly lovely photos, Kim! And tho your DSO may be closing, be assured your have many who will follow you wherever you go LOL!!! You can run but you can't hide =)

MaggieMae said...

Hi Kim,

I have been scrolling backwards in your blog and found out that DSO is closing. I'm so sorry - there are so many stores closing right now. The digi world is really competitive and lots of people are suffering financially and can't buy products. I did see you in the forum at MScraps - it's a great place. Maybe that's where you'll be!

Julie (aka MaggieMae from SBM!)