Friday, 22 October 2010

Oysters and alive

BWWWWWWWWAHAHA- well it’s been quite a week this week. I’ve somehow lost the whole one again! –OOOOPS, lol

Yesterday I was sooooooo hungover- like BAD! And it’s thanks to my good friend Deon! Well ok, he blames me-I blame him and uhum Wayne blames both of us- BWHAHAHAH --- I don’t think the two of us need our arms twisted that hard to get into trouble- haha

Wayne had some suppliers up here this week from PE and I was asked to join them for supper Wednesday night. Deon and I managed to share 4 bottles of wine between the two of us! How the hell did that happen! No wonder I was talking the hind ass off a donkey. lol. Deon all of a sudden gets up and starts talking to the bar man- What you doing I ask- Nothing with a little “glint” means- I’m UP to something! lol

Next minute this tray of OYSTER SHOTS arrived! YUP- just as it sounds- or as my dear sister Gaye ( GS Creations) so politely said yesterday- Kim, don’t tell me it’s SNOT in a glass???? BWWWWAHAHAHAHA- YUP, a double one at that- with good Vodka, a splash of Tabasco sauce- a RAW OYSTER and black pepper!


(looked similar to this but without the lemon)

UHUmmmmmmmmmmmmm- being “alcohol BRAVE” and the only woman amongst the men- I’m NOT going to show I’m a woes right- OMG, it set my throat on fire! My voice disappeared! Wayne grabbed his beer and downed it- eyes watering! Deon looked like he was crying and his face was blood red! The poor suppliers were just grabbing hankies and their beer glasses- speachless!! BWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Deon decided that we needed ANOTHER one but done the RIGHT way as the barman had gotten a little TOOO happy with the Tabasco- NO Sh---T Sherlock! lol

OMG- he didn’t get them right till I had about 5 and I couldn’t taste the difference by then ANYWAY! hahahaha. The suppliers at least had a ball and want a RE-DO next time. HA- I think I’ll send the men on their own next time! SAFER- hahaha

So yeah- yesterday I did NOT feel well, and don’t think I’m going to be “drinking” oysters in a LONG WHILE! lol

*** Can you help me help a friend out today??***

You all know dear Mrs Miles ( Barb)? Well, in True Mrs Miles style she is thinking of others again. She applied to the PEPSI refresh Project with her “idea” but needs our VOTES!

Taken from Mrs Miles blog -Perhaps I'm just a starry eyed dreamer, but I honestly believe most police officers are honourable and noble.  I think for most of them they chose their profession to better the world - to make a difference. IF I can make it to the top 3 then they will fund $25,000 to make my idea ( a luncheon to honour the local RCMP ) come true!

PLEASE Can you read the REST here and take the short few minutes to register and VOTE (I did and it’s easy) and lets help her make her dream idea come true this weekend! Thanks guys!

And keep a look out on MONDAY for an exciting announcement- tee hee!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day further and enjoy the weekend!

Hugs and Loves


kristine said...

Gaye is right...those damn things look like hork in a glass :Pukes:

Mrs. Miles said...


I love you!

Oh my GRACIOUS, that drink is disgusting!!! My Mr cannot even LOOK at oysters, specially that little green part in them, never mind the thought to go down one's throat raw. Is this really FUN?

You brave brave lady.

WOW - the ladybug photo is wonderful. I know I can get lost in a little MACRO world when I get behind the lens. I have not had a chance to play with my new camera I've been so busy.

I'll come back and hug on you as I can.


Dinphy said...

That doesn't sound OR look tasty... But well, if you had five, you must have found them to be delicious! LOL!
Can't wait what the announcement will be!

Anonymous said...

ugh .... that is hilarious ... I am glad I don't drink anymore ... cause i was the same way .... no one was going to show me up ... typically got me into a lot of trouble :) LOL!!! Sorry about the hangover!! Have a great week .... hope this one rocks for ya :)
Krista ... aka ... myoldanlac MScraps :)

Justk said...

OH MY WORD that is hilarious!!!!! My DH did a couple of those shots and needless to say he DID not have any qualms about getting rid of them ASAP!!!!!!! and not just throwing them away oh no he had to wait until he hit our front yard!!!!!!! Too funny!!!!!! i love raw oysters and have no problem with them but now that I think about it the times i ate them I was usually snookered or on my way to being there!!!!! LOL!!! great fun you have an awesome blog i will for sure be back here!!!!!!