Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Half Dead

BWWWWWAHAHAHA- well that’s how I feel at the moment, at least it’s only “half” today. Yesterday I battled to even string three words together without confusing myself- lol.

AHHHH, thanks for all my Birthday wishes guys, it was really really special to be at home to share it with Nathan ,my family and of course my crazy friends.  It was CRAZY though , OMG, the only night we had at home was the night we arrived which was late anyways- hahahaha.

We took all the folks/family out to eat on my Birthday(Thursday) as we had , —uhum, my little Bday lunch on the Friday with friends and Ant’s 30th on Sat . OY, that little Lunch landed up being completely liquid with a MIDNIGHT snack at home-BWHAHAHAHA. Sat afternoon/evening we all looked rather tired and worn until the shooters starting hitting home again and it was party all over again- lol.

Some photo’s of Ant’s Dress up Party-


Anty and her “man” Pieter, (still early and looking fresh and cool- BWHAHAHA)


With her Dad who she kept teasing about his growing boep(stomach) lol


Deon as “Captain Oh Captain”- lol


Wayne went as a PIMP- omg, he had us in stitches and it’s Thanks to BUNNY for her long ago photo she sent through- I couldn’t get him to wear more bling, but he at least had the right attitude! BWHAHAH



Pulling on the the only three chest hairs he has got- lol, we should have stuck some “wig” hair on there! HAHAHAHA


Nathan joined us EVERY night out and you can see by his face thinking- OH NO, these are my parents aren’t they?????? lol


Anty, Loryn and Shaun, and yes a little later now- haha


HAHAHAHA- have no idea either!



A lot later and Deon thinking- OMG, here we go again! lol

WE had a blast and it was really good seeing everyone again. I think we all need medical insurance though when we get together as poor Loryn broke her foot slipping in her “ballet pumps” on Sat night, Ant got dropped on her head( she’s tiny and the men always pick her up and swing her around!) - but came away with just a bump and is fine thank Goodness, and It left me completely hoarse as in NO VOICE and a perfect square STILLETTO heel bruise on my big toe! BWHAHAHAHA OY.

Wayne, Deon and I hardly said a word at the airport on Sunday on the way home- we were exhausted! lol. Deon even bought kids cool drink on the way home from the airport and has said that that is IT until Christmas- BWHAHAHAHA- yeah, I hear them, but I don’t believe them any! lol

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I missed a lot of the iNSD sales due to not being at a PC for most of the weekend- but did get some late shopping in yesterday morning- hahaha. How did your iNSD go??

I have a little Alpha freebie for you today that I’ve had for a while and thought seeing I missed most of the iNSD celebrations I would add it here for you today -



You can download it here.


Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

hahahahaha, LOVE the photos!!OMG, you guys sound dangeroos with broken toes and heads!!
Thanks for the alpha, love it

Dinphy said...

Oh wow, amazing alpha!
LOVE it, it'll go with any outdoor LO!!
Thank you so much!

Great photo's, seems you really had an awesome time. :) Just a shame I'm missing a photo of you dressed up? ;)

cazrush said...

Thank you for another great freebie.
You sure do know how to party.
Belated birthday wishes.

Sue said...

Looks like you had fun!

Thanks so much for the awesome alpha! :)

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! I get plum tuckered out just reading your blog! I'm b-grd if I know how you do it. I do get a good laugh tho and then I've gotta rest.
Thanks for this amazing alpha!

Anonymous said...

Wow - love this alpha! Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! You & your friends are a hoot! LOL! Thanks for the beautimous alpha!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! You & your friends are a hoot! LOL! Thanks for the beautimous alpha!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Alpha!! Thank you for sharing your talents.