Friday, 12 November 2010

Pool baths

OMG- it’s Friday already-lol. This week has blown past without me even realizing it! I’ve been happily creating in PS again – wheeee, something new coming soon with a very special friend and fellow designer ;-)

There were two very special Birthdays yesterday that I would like to mention first-



I’m sorry I couldn’t be there with you yesterday, but at least we got last weekend to celebrate all  our Bdays together ;-) Love you LOTS!

And on the SAME day is little “Miss Harmony” ( Bunny‘s gorgeous daughter who I am very fond of)

Hope you had a Super duper day yesterday Harmony. Happy Birthday.


I made this “card LO” for her using various elements from Vera Lim ( Strawberry and Blue Meadow) as well as papers and a template from the Mscraps iNSD blog train freebies!

OMG- remember a while ago I mentioned we were having water problems and that the boys were using the pool as a BATH- BWHAHAHA, I forgot about the photo’s I had taken-


THIS was the colour of the water that week end! Can you say PANIC after I had washed my face and cleaned my teeth in that in the DARK and only realised it when it smelt funny and I looked down in the basin! BWHAHAHAHA- I woke Wayne up to come look- took a glass full incase and left it overnight in the kitchen- It looked EXACTLY the same the next morning- I mean usually stuff settles to the bottom in water over night right??- mmmmmmmmmm, not this stuff and it stunk like FISH!

So for three days the boys did this!( hee hee Wayne is going to KILL ME!)


Pass the shampoo please???- lol


Swimming pool hair and face wash- all in one! lol


Done and out because the water is still cold! hahaha

I was toooo chicken- it was WAY out of my comfort zone so used a bucket of pool water with some boiled pool water in the bath! lol Took longer but dang it was more comfortable-lol

The water is clear again thank goodness but it seems we are going to have “water” problems in this area for a while still- too much green algae in the dam! BLAH!

It’s NEW product DAY at Mscraps and that means 20% off all new products!

I have these CU ok styles up today- grab them if you missed them before ;-)



Mesh and wire (includes 8 Rusty styles)

kb-foiled1-styles kb-foiled-styles_01_LRG Foil styles

kb-metals1-silver kb-metals1-silver2 Metalic Silver Styles


kb-metals2-gold2 Metalic Gold Styles


kb-Wcrinklestyles1 White crinkle styles

All QUALITY CHECKED and SEAMLESS so they are great for any sized element or paper ;-)

Check them out ALL out HERE.

And I was going to leave this subject alone but decided to put it straight anyway-

I got a few emails this week to say I had been mentioned on a SMACK blog- OY, lol, can you say SCARYYYYYY…and then,  so here is the CORRECT information for those that thought my picture of Nathan in my last post was uhum how should I put this nicely-  OFF- BWHAHAHA.

The legal age for drinking in South Africa is 18, you can VOTE at age 18, you get your drivers license at 18, you choose your “career field or study” at age 17/18. In other words you are a young adult who is allowed to make his/her OWN choices. Nathan is 19 turning 20 and is not “underage” for holding that “light beer” in his hands.

He IS a highly responsible adult, much much more than I ever was at his age-lol.

And to make your weekend a little “brighter” I have a FREEBIE for you today that will give you a chance to try out my CU styles ;-)


You can grab them HERE at Mscraps- (no need to put them in your cart - just look for the download “zip” icon and click ;-)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves


Monica said...

Thank you very much Kim

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh girl, I am SO glad you've survived the water woes! ARGH! Love the piccys of Wayne and I won't tell him you posted! HA, HA, HA!

I am up WAY past me bedtime and saw your blog post on my blog roll, so had to jump on over, say HOWDY and see what you've been up to!

Happy belated birthday to your WONDERFUL father and Miss Harmony. I did catch a few photos that Bunny took of her over on FB earlier in the day. What a BEAUTIFUL young woman she is becoming - WOWSERS! How'd that happen so quickly? :)

SO happy you put your foil styles up at MS. I was kicking myself in the backside for not making it back over to DSO to pick them and a few other things up, but shall peruse your store again at MS this weekend! :D

Thank you SO kindly for sharing your Christmas Star Sparkles! I LOVE using them at this time of the year and I can't wait to try them out!

Off to beddy-bye for this zombie and I am wishing you a FANTABULOUS weekend lovely lady!

Girlfriend, I apologize. I SO totally missed your birthday, didn't I? DRATS!


Love and hugs,
Linda :D

kristine said...


Don`t sweat the vipers at the smack blog! They just enjoy bitching at everything...whether they are right or not and whether they know anything about the topic or not....ugh.

Dinphy said...

So my eyes first wander around the page to the pictures before reading... And I was thinking 'What's that fancy green drink she has there? A cocktail?' And then I went reading and it changed to 'EEEYYYEEWWWW!!'

Glad it's clear again, hope the algae disappear soon!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
I too am soo happy your water situation is better now.Wow! What a shock that must have been to see green water.ewwww!! Bet the grocery stores are running out of bottled water really fast.:)
Thanks sooo much for sharing your sparkles!! So sweet of you!:)
Hope you have a fantastic weekend.:)

Huge hugs,

Shel said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad and Miss Harmony, sorry about your water troubles, and thanks for the sparkles. Oh, yeah--and what Kristine said! :)

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Love them! How is that I almost missed a KimB style? LOL Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good grief - smack blog ?!? I never gave Nathan's beer a second thought, except to think that it was cool he didn't mind hanging out with his parents and their friends.

18 is legal age where I live too (Alberta, Canada). If you're old enough to vote, marry, and join the armed forces, you're old enough to have a beer...

A Canuck

Sky said...

OMG... the water thing is beyond gross. Luckily I have never had an issue with anything in my water. You would think all the chemicals and stuff they treat water with would kill the algae. Makes you wonder what else is growing in there that you can't see. Scary.

Now to admit my ignorance... I don't have a clue what a smack blog is. *lmao*

Jenni said...

PILEEZ, have some people got nothing better to do than meddle in other people's business!Just laugh it off.
LOL at the pics of Wayne!Great new style, thanks. Have a good weekend!

Tammy aka bunchie said...

tyvm for sharing these great styles

Anisah said...

How cute, thanks so much!


Esther -who lives in the said...

Super cool, Kim. Thanks so much.

JanetB Designs said...

I too wondered what sort of cocktail that was, only to keep reading -- gross! I hope your water situation improves, ugh! And thank you for these awesome styles!

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, there was only one person on the smack blog who brought up Nathan and she was promptly smacked for her ignorance and being way too judgmental about matters she knew nothing about!

Happy bday to all.

Mrs. Miles said...

Lol Kim, our water does not boast that awesome colour (if it was a soda it would be perfect *snort*). But in the summer we switch to "irrigation water" which smells like a wet slimy fish. At least your guys have the pool, how clever I say!

Happy respective birthdays! Your Dad looks Jolliet than the year before haha.

I do knot know what a smack blog is and methinks I would not care for one.

Your styles are AMAZING! Thx so much.

Love, Barb