Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Photo play

What do I do when the electricity goes out for two hours? I get bored! lol- so I was out in the garden with my camera practising again! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE. lol


WHEEEEEEEEEEE, I caught him with his proboscis out! hinting for bigger zoom lens for Christmas – hee hee


And while checking the Bee’s out this not so “small” bugger came past and sat for a while trying to catch him-( on camera that is)! lol




WHEEEEEE- got some in flight- lots blurred but these two were ok ;-)


And while sitting outside a VERY excited Deon arrived home before going back to work to show me his NEW CAR!!

He had a little uhum- accident in his Audi and well once any of Deon’s cars have had a bit of “damage” he trades them in for new ones! lol. I think he’s had more cars than long term girlfriends! BWHAHAHA- oops sorry Deon, couldn’t resist! *ducking now*


WHEEEEEEEEEEE- another “cheaper without the roof!”-and it suites him to a T!  Slightly more “smarter and executive” looking than mine and more MANLY too.

Can you say HAPPY CHAPPY!


HAHAHAHAHAHA- he then pulled a KIM on ME as he was telling me to stop taking photo’s! hahaha


BWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHA- yeah he caught me! lol

And WANNA WIN my new kit??

It’s a HUGE collaboration with my dear friend Ruth Melody!


AHHH- I’ve had sooo much fun working with Ruthy on this collab. It will only be in store on Friday but lets NAME DEON’S CAR for him and you can win this for the best suggestion!

Leave a comment here with your suggestion and Deon and I will select the winner on FRIDAY ;-)

Have a great day everyone! Hugs and Loves


Sky said...

The pictures are great even if they do give me the creeps. I am highly allergic to wasps so pictures is the only way I want to see one. *lmao*

Love the car! Totally green with envy here. Since it is a manly car... I'd call it Blue Thunder. :-)

kristine said...

Impressive....both for the car and Deon's tongue.


GSCreations said...

bwhahahah kristine you kill me lol!!!
Tell D his "blue Zoot" looks good on him!! That kits is spectacular sis!! Cant wait for friday!

Jenni said...

Love Deon's new car, suits his playboy image hahaha. Fantastic photos Kim, you have a knack for sure!Having seen the kit up close, its really gorgeous!! Well done girls!

iamb said...

What a beautiful kit... Hmm... 'The Blue Flame' keeps popping in my head so I am going with that for Deon's car:)

Dana said...

I would like to call it Mine! Bwa-ha-ha!!!

DoggiNo said...

Those pictures in flight ! Wow ! That is so not easy to get them. I haven't been able to get one yet that I am happy with, but I keep trying. :)

The kit with Ruth, that's something that does make me happy. It looks great ! Can't wait to see it in full.
Thanks for the change to win it.


Tammara said...


bobandagi86 said...

Hi Kim first of all I luv luv reading your blog!

I reckon the "Blue Stud Muffin" or
"Chic Magnet" would suit the car!

The kit looks awesome and thanks for the chance to be able to win it!

ciao for now

Aggie xo

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kim:)
I am sooo impressed with your photos.I just got a new Nikon P100 and am trying to learn it's capabilities.My older camera didn't have zoom and I missed so many COOL shots.My brother talked us into this camera and from the pics he has taken with his..I think I am gonna be VERY happy with it.
Your collab kit is GORGEOUS! I wish I could come up with a name for Deon's car...we haven't named any of ours..well when they are acting up..Jim calls them a "piece of junk"LOL
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Kirsten said...

Lovely photos from your garden and that car!! what about 'Blue Thunder'??

Lime said...

That car looks like a 'Lola' to me. :)

"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl. With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there."

Hezalin said...

Hmm, I'm thinking Deonaville, like a Bonneville. hahahahaa. or Shirley. That's what came to me first. I'm feeling it. Congrats to him on his new pet.

Deanna said...

Gorgeous kit!! Heehee - 'why you can call it Greased Lighning" go Greased Lightning!!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

AMAZING photos girlfriend!!! You are MUCH braver than I! I usually dance a jig or two before getting bold enough to get my face, or hands for that matter, close enough to snap the shutter button! :p

Hmmm ... nice car Deon and the first thing I think of is *Sapphire* cuz she is SOOOOOOO pretty and BLUE! Happens to be my favorite colour since childhood!

So *Sapphire*, as in the beautiful and lustrous gem or perhaps a little more up Deon's alley, Bombay Sapphire Gin! *big grin*

I even like *Mystique* or *Mysti* for short!

LOL! I'm not so good at naming cars, but did pretty good with the kiddos me thinks! *snicker*

You and Ruthie have ROCKED it girlie! WAY too much talent wrapped up in one package! Scrapland's gonna explode! WOOT, WOOT!

Can't wait until Friday ...


Christine Ruff said...

Hi Kim, I adore the new kit it looks gorgous and so does that car. The first thought that came to me was Sapphire and I love sapphires, I have one in my engagement ring which is 33 years old now lol. So for me I think I would choose Sapphire Stud.

Thanks for the chance to win the kit that would really be awesome.


Mrs. Miles said...

Oohhhh Kim,

I'm right here WITH you hovering around this lil buzzer! I can get lost for HOURS in my lil macro world. Amazing, gives you an appreciation of what is under our nose and we never see.

Thx for sharing. Beautiful.

Love, Barbs