Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy Birthday Deon

ARRRGH, man I have been as sick as dog! Seems my sinus infection decided to stay around a bit longer and re-infect everything all over again. So I landed up back at the doc’s last week - AGAIN! HAHAHA Yeah, my head felt like it was in another “time zone or planet”-lol.

He put me on a different treatment course with ton’s of warnings to drink plenty of water as the tablets are renowned for getting stuck in your oesophrygus (sp) and burning holes in it! MMMMMMMMMMMM- OK, say’s me, and off to chemist to get my prescription- HAHAHA, the chemist takes one look and say’s OMG, Kim make sure you EAT and LOTS before taking these or you are going to land up puking and having bad bouts of nausea! WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- can you say- poop in my pants! lol. I told Wayne that I was more scared to take the freaking tablets than having my eardrum burst! hahah.

But today is going WELL- no fevers for the first time in almost a week! PHEW and my brain is functioning again- ok, well it’s always blonde but hell it’s better than the fog I had last week- hee hee.

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AHHH now I can get onto wishing my BESTEST BESTEST friend in the whole wide world a HAPPY BIRTHDAY too.

Deon, I hope this year brings all you dream and wish for (it’s about time huh?-lol)!

You mean the world to me and I thank you for being by my side, day in and day out. Even when times got tough, when life got crazy and even when I turn into that real ol’ bag ,lol , – you are ALWAYS there for me and have my back no matter what and I love you tons for it! Thanks for being my FAMILY and the best friend any girl could ask for! 


Yeah Deon, the soppy part is over now! lol

I used my kit ALWAYS  which is also 30% off today.

I hope you all have a stunning day and look out this week for some NEWS and goodies of course! lol

Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEON!!!! Hope it's a kick ass day!!


Dinphy said...

Wow, that sounds bad!
Still, glad the sinus didn't infect your ever cheerful attitude!
Sounds like the worst is over, sure hope so. Please keep taking care of yourself!

Happy Birthday to Deon!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good evening Kim:) have the pharmacist's orders to "eat a lot".Now..that would make ME feel lots better too!!hehe Sure am glad to hear the fever isn't hanging on any more.YAY!
Happy Birthday Deon!! Sounds like you are one terrific friend to Kim!! Hope your day is/was marvelous!:)


Jenni said...

Happy you are feeling better, about time!HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are finally on the mend...Now do what the doctor and chemist said "EAT and DRINK lots" ... they didn't say "what" however, so I think desserts and wine is in order :o)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEON!!! Love the page you scrapped, Kim. True friendship is a gift - you are lucky to have such a friend...and I'm sure Deon feels the same.

Continue to feel better so that you're 100% in now time.

Dinphy said...

*Hitting the panic button*

Where's your store?
PLEASE tell me it's just because you're planning on coming home once you're healthy again...

LouCeeCreations said...

Belated birthday wishes to Deon, hope you all got to party hard! even with your sinus infection..

hope you are feeling alot better and not so much of the snot bags now you are on ultra strong meds! ahem, not sure if I dare take them...