Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I’m back

WOOHOO- did I have a blast! And came home minus my voice!

Yup – not even a squeak left- nada, nix, nothing!!. My poor sis (Gaye - GS creations) and my Dad phoned to see if I had fun and was home safe yesterday- BWHAHAHAHA, my dad was ready to put the phone down as he couldn’t work out who was on the phone and he was adamant that it was KIM’s number, but who the hell answered it - BWAHAHAH. The more I shouted the worse a “squeak” came out. OY! Gaye just killed herself laughing and sent me a mail instead.

Oy, what I do to myself – I just can’t seem to help it-lol!

U2-Feb11 007

Friday morning at the apartment- we had a view of the whole bay!

U2-Feb11 010

Wayne doing what he likes best- having a beer and putting his feet up to watch the goings on in the streets and beach-lol

U2-Feb11 016

Charmaine showing us how she was going to meet Bono- which had us in stitches ;-)

It was boiling hot and we all landed up swimming in the little pool that sort of flooded out my bedroom downstairs as uhum- we over filled it to run over the back- Hey it looked pretty cool at the time - until you put 7 people in it! BHWAHAHA

U2-Feb11 020 copy

WHEEEE_ concert time!! Loryn and Ant all dressed and ready to go.

U2-Feb11 022 copy

The long walk to the stadium! That map of Deon’s was useless as they had closed off all the roads for the day and you followed a fan walk in- was great fun walking in the “atmosphere” and this was still early in the evening- oh and yes a couple of tequilas and beers along the way made it more fun-lol

U2-Feb11 023 copy

WE’RE Here and we made it! WOOOHOOOO!

U2-Feb11 033 copy

Being inside the stadium early left us some time to “sample” the beer tent!

U2-Feb11 034 copy

And we lost DEON again when we arrived- the crowds were huge everywhere and he decided to go in a different gate! BWHAHAHA- we need to get him a choke chain next time around! But guess where we found him- uhum…. BEER TENT which is where we all sat until the first act came on.

U2-Feb11 051

The stadium was VERY impressive and I haven’t been in such a crowd of people EVER! This was the opening act- Springbok Nude girls a South African band.

U2-Feb11 049 copy

Charmaine shouting BONO!!! lol

U2-Feb11 054 copy

U2-Feb11 053 copy

Ant and I bought these little flashing light glasses waiting for U2 to come on stage. Omg, they were so much fun and we eventually broke the arms on them as we waved them in the air to hard. LOL

U2-Feb11 055 copy 3

The clock at the start of the main event- U2, well actually it’s just 360 Degrees. The stadium is now near capacity crowd- was really amazing to see it so full!

U2-Feb11 066

The start of the show as they walked on stage ( not the best photo but I was being bumped by Ant - bWHAHAHA)

U2-Feb11 069

The lighting and effects even had Wayne and Deon going- WOOOAHHHH! By this time Ant, Charmaine, Loryn and I were jumping and screaming like loons!

U2-Feb11 070 copy

Love this silhouette! and uhum that would be about the best I could get as we weren’t allowed “professional looking camera’s”- only point and shoots and phone camera’s . But I got enough to remember the concert and the weekend by! hee hee.

Lots more from the weekend but shoooooo- you’ll be here for hours listening to me ramble. lol

I didn’t get to show you Ruth Melody’s brand new kit on Friday either due to me not being here - OMG, this is just toooo pretty!

Boundless Love


And this is my LO that I did with it.


And some more stunning inspiration from my CT for you today- Using

Just 4 Mom kb-Just4mom_kit

bed_ma10 By Bekah_E

becca By Becca

Kristine3 By Kristine

This one was done with Wanted Hugs and Kisses Collab kit



By Candace who also got GSO at DST for it! WOOT!

OMG, this was a long post again! hahaha. Hope you have a stunning day further.

Hugs and Loves


Anonymous said...

AWESOME photos, Kim!!! Looks like y'all had a wicked good time :o)

Haven't been to a concert in years - and this makes me want to do it again... Thanks so much for sharing!

Kristine said...

I can almost hear the squeaking now....


Jenni said...

So glad you had a brilliant time!!! We are off to Cape Town tomorrow for a long weekend, need a break from all the mess here! Have a good weekend, "see u" next week!

Lainey said...

MWAH!!! Thanks for the goodies!!!

I've successfully moved kitties before but the older they are the less they like it. Cats don't like a lot of change. If you can leave them in the house for a week or two (i.e. they are litter trained), they can usually acclimate in a couple of weeks.

You could get a book by an animal behaviorist at the local library for some good hints on how to successfully move your kitty. My favorite show "Calling All Pets" on PBS is no longer in production but all their audio (radio) broadcasts are online and you could check out the archives ( http://wpr.org/webcasting/audioarchives_display.cfm?Code=cap). Patricia McConnell (from calling all pets) is who I was thinking of when I spoke of animal behaviorist. Her website is http://www.patriciamcconnell.com/

While her website only mentions dog training and tips; the radio show answered questions on any pets. Some of the questions asked were downright hilarious!!

Hope this helps.

amyG said...

Thank you for the lovely kit