Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Waffling Wednesday

hahaha- well that’s what what I do best - “waffle and talk”- HAHAHA. AHHHH man it was such a fantastic weekend!


Wayne as you know booked us into one of our top resorts- Sun City for the weekend. This was taken in the front of the Cascades which was where we spent the weekend ;-)


He took his “new toy” for a ride and we followed in Deon’s car. Nathan took this one out the back of the car through the windscreen- lol.

We got our rooms and we were out of them in the space of uhum, 5 minutes! lol - found a bar and watched some of the World Cup Cricket and the rugby of course. We had a great dinner together and Wayne and I eventually went to bed around 12am!

The boys had a early golf game the next day and it was super hot! Oy, I just about melted walking around the place and well Deon didn’t make the Game!! BWAHAHAHA- He and Nathan ( who shared a room) went to the night club- and uhum Nathan being younger sort of bounded back better after only getting to bed at 3am! Yup- Deon had a hangover and decided the heat would really just make him puke! LOL


Nathan all kitted out for his game against his dad! He won as usual and took all the “money” on the game which they do every time they play! hahaha.


The gardens around the golf course, Nathan is way in the distance practising his putting! lol


Walking around the gardens ( and there are tons of them!)


It’s one of my favourite places to go to. The boys play their golf and I spend the day walking around the beautiful gardens, bird sanctuary’s, shops and of course the two casinos! lol

I was a lucky girl and hit a jackpot on Sunday too! WOOOOT! Enough to pay for the full weekend, send home “packets” for all my folks, Nathan got a new reel and rod he has been wanting, and put away for our family holiday in July! I haven’t bought myself anything yet but am “drooling” at a lens for my camera- I’d love a good macro lens and will do some research first ;-)

So Yeah it was a VERY good weekend for all of us- the worst for me was saying goodbye to Nathan late Sunday night- arrrgh, I was as miserable as hell the last two days ( hence no blogging- hahaha). But I’m going home for his Bday next month so it’s not so long away now ;-)

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I hope you all have a stunning day further! Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!!!

Ummaro said...

Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! I'm so jealous of that beautiful resort...AND that you must have won a pretty big jackpot, LOLOL!! Not really...enjoy it sweetie!

Mrs. Miles said...

Yeh Yeh, you have more fun than anyone I know. So nice for you to win a bit of spending cash - now make sure you lavish some of that on... YOU!