Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I made it back

(Sob), my holiday is over and it’s back to the grindstone as they say huh? lol.

First off, it was really really a full and fun two weeks spent with Nathan and of course all the friends and family. I had a bit of PC time in the evenings or when the boys went fishing, but besides that- uhum, lets just say that I tore up the shopping centres, had plenty of friends and family visits and had a BLAST!

I still have to get the photo’s off my camera so will save all the story’s for another day.

I hated leaving Nathan behind again but he will be making his way up here again SOON, so it took a little of that “sad” edge off yesterday afternoon when we arrived back. The “boys” basically threw me out the car with all the cases and ran off to meetings- hahah. So a really QUIET morbid house this was for me yesterday- BLAH!

This morning I woke up to….. – NO ELECTRICITY!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA. I think it was Gods way of saying - UNPACK those suitcases now Kim( I sort of ignored them yesterday as geeee’s I had just packed them 6 hours before- KWIM? lol). But they are all done now, and the washing machine is going full speed ahead- lol!

I’ve sorted out my mail and copied all my stuff over from the EHD that I had saved from the old PC ( and man is it an OLD SLOW antique compared to this one! lol)

The funniest was I never realised just how slow it was until I had to use it at home this time. EEEK, Nathan was laughing as I was fluking how slow it was to open any window or to just search for something. I cleaned it up for him but landed up buying him a brand new Dell LT, as he has to work with CAD for Varsity and well the “old horse” just wasn’t going to cut it for him-lol. My new PC will just have to wait as this one is JUST FINE for now! hee hee.

Gosh I have to show you the NEW May Mix a Kit that is now available at Scrap Matters!

This month's palette was  chosen by Christina of Wimpychompers Creations.

Mix-a-kit pieces are on sale 20% off for the first week, so these pieces will be on sale through Saturday....

And here are my contributions-

kb-Mellowed_elements Mellowed – Elements

kb-Mellowed_plains Mellowed - Plains and soft prints

kb-Mellowed_prints Mellowed-  Prints

kb-Mellowed_Alpha Mellowed – Alpha

ALL 20% off for the week.

And some STUNNING inspiration using my parts and the other talented designers at Scrap Matters.

idvsya By Kristine

bonnie By Bonnie

kbmellowed-faithful-ruth1 By Ruthy

kb-mel10 By Jodiann

Kimbytx By Kimbytx

Tronesia-Mellowed By Tronesia

lashawn By La Shawn

Annisa By Annisa


xlkvn7 By Jennifer x2

DyingEggs-heidi By Heidi

bed_us10 By Bekah_E

Serene By Jenni 

Who made this super stunning and striking LO into a QP for you all!


You can pick it up HERE.

Gosh at least I have one thing off my list today – hahaha. And keep a look out as it’s NSD festivities this weekend!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! One of my favourite “shopping times” on the net! lol

There are a ton of goodies and fun happening – so don’t MISS Friday’s post! *snicker snicker* and now it’s off to the grind stone or I’m NOT going to have it all done.

Hugs and Loves


Dinphy said...

Hey? You said you couldn't do yellow, didn't you? It's GORGEOUS!!

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Welcome back Kimmie :) Too quiet around here again ;)

Jodiann aka Bean said...

WOW! That was 2 weeks! I sure flew in a flash! Welcome Back! Bean.

makeyesup said...

Glad you enjoyed your 2 weeks, not surprised that you would love every minute with your boy or should I say man now. Beautiful kit with the yellow and flowers too.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hayyyy Kim!

I promised myself I would come visit you here today if it KILLED me... hehe it sort of almost did because my day was squished full of so much, but you're totally worth the effort Shugah!

C'mon you, I know you thrive on the grindstone, you've got creating in your blood!

You know, what I love about you Kim is you love family and friends and you know how to fully enjoy every single moment. I hope you maxed out the credit while shopping and found some terrific buys. Question, do you ever wear red? Do you LIKE red?

Yes, get them pics off the camera...

Next time the house is so quiet, let me know and I'll set you up with skype and natter your ear off and you will be praying for a moment of silence once again haha!

And GOD does do that, He's clever that way. Like last year when I got sore feet and had to stay off them for a couple of months and NOT volunteer for every single thing that came along and to just stay put for a bit... I'd never have made that choice for myself.

What a sweet Muddy you are (thats what my dd calls me) to your Nathan, a new laptop - sweet!

Your kit is a winner! Love the muted warm colors - perfect foil for nice bright photos.

Friday you say? Well I'm teaching a digital art course tomorrow but I'll plant a seed in my brain (dig dig dig) and hopefully remember to come check on ya to see what in tarnation is so exciting here...

Love, Barb

PS - will respond to your email too at some point, THANK YOU for introducing me to your friends... I lurve ya to bits and pieces.