Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Summer Lovin’

BWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA- well I would be if there wasn’t ICE- yeah ICE on the freaking grass for most of the morning- lol.

Can you believe it’s the 1st JUNE already- holey crap, half the year! My mother was sooo right when she said the older you get the faster the years fly by!

AHHHHHHH – I am such a proud mommy too. On Sat night Nathan had his official Fishing Club Prize Giving and I spent most of the week on the phone with him helping him choose his first SUIT. He has three formal dances and two formal prize giving’s this year so we decided it was time to BUY one and not rent like he did last year for a dance ;-)

He sent me photo’s of himself in jackets/shirts and ties from the changing rooms and together we chose one that would stand the “test of a few years” but not make him look like an old man! lol I was just sooo thrilled that he still wanted MY advice before taking one the “twins” chose for him. (AWWWW)

Sat night he sent me another photo of himself from the mirror all dressed up and YUP, I got all mushy and started crying. Deon teased me that I’m such a soft cock- but damn, my boy looked soooo handsome and grown up- in a way SAD but made me sooo proud to see him dressed up like that!

My phone rang just before 11pm, and Nathan was excited as hell.

They had just announced the Eastern Province U21 Fishing Squad and HE WAS CHOSEN!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! My son has his “colours” for the sport he loves! He was also chosen as the official Junior Spokesperson for all meetings. lol.

Can you say PROUD MOTHER HEN???

Proud of you my Boy and I know you will be teaching lots of younger kids how to tag and release, and how to save our shores ;-).

And being the 1st of June it’s time for the Mix a Kit releases at Scrap Matters!

All working from one colour swatch you get to choose the pieces you want to create your OWN kit! Got to love that!

All portions are 20% off for the first week! WOOT!

And here are mine ;-)

kb-summerlovin_elements Summer Lovin' Elements

kb-summerlovin_prints Summer Lovin' Prints

kb-summerlovin_subtleprints Summer Lovin' Subtle print plains

kb-summerlovin_alpha Summer Lovin' Tab Alpha

And some stunning INSPIRATIONS using my portions and some of the other talented designers at Scrap Matters.

Kairyn2 Page 1 of a double page by Kairyn

Kairyn Page 2 by Kairyn

fran By Fran

tracy By Tracy

fonnetta By Fonneta

Sarah By Sarah

Carina By Carina (x1)

Carina2 By Carina (x2)

Friends4 By Jenni

Annisa By Annisa

AMY By Amy

WOW- the girls really are fantastic and really make me want to scrap!! lol

AHH and my Daddy flies home today. He has been visiting with Gaye (GS Creations) for the past week but has decided he will ONLY see us again when it’s WARM! BWAHAHAHA- He is freezing his noo-noo’s off up at sis’s place. LOL.

Hope you all have a fantastic day today and Mrs Miles, I am sooo sending you back this iceberg! lol.

Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Morning hag!!!

Got you pimped this morning! Time for more coffee. Brain is thick this morning... ROFL!!!!!

Have a good one! Off to the pool...

Bean. said...

Congratulations Proud Momma! You and Wayne got a fine man there! I pimped you too, but only after Kristine did because I am a mindless follower drone. Actually...I did see your post first and went! "OMGoodness its JUNE" then ran over the Kristine's Place to see if she remembered. She did.

So there you go, that's the story.

Why can't I stop thinking of your Dad's YoYos. Get out of my head Kim Dad's Junk!!

jasjul said...

Great kit Kim, congrats to you and your son. It's cold here to, been spoilt by the mild winters of the last few years, but this year, wow we are copping some cold blasts, like the last 2 days, if this keeps up I might have to go buy some warm clothes.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hay Kim,

Whaddya think? I tell ya what I think. I fink that your SA stands for... South Antartica I do I do. Shounds right shivery there. You come on over to Canada to warm up. Me and Kristine will fatten you up on Tim Horton's donuts and all. Teach you how to cope with the cold. haha!

When do we get to see your handsome grown up man/boy/child of yours in his suit? Hmmmm?

You got a right to be PUFFED with proudness. I think this calls for a "Snappy Suit" themed kit - nice crisp linen papers against slate blue or granite papers. cufflink elements. key chain/fob. boutineer. "pin" of some sort. how bout a GREAT looking pin on name tag (not the cheap stick on paper one) but one that is in a plastic case and looks good. Some sort of newspaper clippings of headlines like "IT'S OFFICIAL!" that sort of thing. Some elegant rounded polished rocks for elements.

Oh I could go on and on but I think you get it.

Well thats my two cents and my two minutes of sneaking time in when I'm supposed to be visiting with the in-laws hehe.

♥ Mrs. Barb