Friday, 22 July 2011

More holiday photo’s

Well I don’t have anything new to show you yet – lol. But I am getting back into routine and am playing and designing again! WOOOHOO!!

So I thought I would just share some more holiday pics with you today that I have managed to “sort” out! – phew it’s a ton and I’m sorting them daily at the moment- hahaha


Kristy out on the rocks with her camera at the ready- she just didn’t know I had mine too and was snapping HER as well- hahah


She loved exploring the rock pools ( just like me) and went out with Nathan daily no matter what the weather was doing. GO GIRL! lol


The boys standing in the “rough” stuff – I kept dry on the rocks far away from where they were all standing- Hey it’s winter and it’s not sooo warm! lol


Some of the local woman who catch crayfish in the rock crevices! Honestly they just disappear into these deep pools wearing those dresses and come up with crayfish in their aprons! I nearly died the first time I saw them doing it, but it’s the way they make their living- they sell them to people like my boys who much to my disgust use them to FISH with- YUP, not cooked like I would like them to be and on my plate – on a HOOK for freaking hell sakes! BWHAHAHA.


I was chuffed with these “birdy” photo’s as this little guy was flying LOW near the sand to keep under the strong winds- that I actually managed to catch him in flight really made me happy!


Love this one with the shadow on the sand! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!


OMG- and these guys are EVERYWHERE! They used to be there in the morning and again in the evening when the sun went down. They are really cheeky and are used to humans- they even darted into our hotel room with us IN IT to grab sugar packets off the coffee table with in seconds! lol. 11

And ahhhh my two boys- sheee’s Nathan is looking more and more like his dad and the poor boy only had my ears to say he is mine! BWHAHAHA


And with my handsome boys to finish my show and tell I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! lol

Hugs and Loves


pkdoll said...

Those pics are gorgeous! I always love to see your photos and listen to your stories. So glad you are back home--missed you!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Kim :o)
I sure do love to go on vacation with you all. Great pictures of your boys and marvelous photos of all the country there. Thank you so much for sharing!

Hezalin said...

Don't know where else to leave this, but this perosn is pirating your kits.

Kim B said...

Thanks so much Hezalin, I have sent out the official mails and complaints but still waiting- ARRGH!