Monday, 18 July 2011

Sugar Overdose

Did you have a good weekend??? It was a good relaxing one at home for change and even the boys were walking around in their slippers and tracks for the most part. I read, went grocery shopping(yugh- lol), bathed the dog and even made the boys crumpets yesterday- GASP-lol. Might just snow again here I know. ;-P I haven’t baked in ages and don’t have many utensils up here to bake with- but those are easy to make and we all enjoyed them- hahaha.

As you all know I’ve been on holiday and while away the Scrap Matters Mix a Kit went live and I haven’t had a chance to show you my bits yet. So thought today would be a good day for some “show and tell”- lol

Scrap Matters JULY Mix a kit ( choose the bits YOU want from the ton of talented designers portions)

My bits for July ;-)

kb-sugaryoverdose_patterns Sugary Overdose – Patterns

kb-sugaryoverdose_plains Sugary Overdose - Plains+embossed

kb-sugaryoverdose_elements Sugary Overdose – Elements

folder Sugary Overdose Alpha

And some amazing creative LO’s from my CT and the Scrap Matters CT girls- yay!

pjk-sw10 By Paula

2lwrhgn By Kristine

fran2 By Fran x1

Eye-Candy By Jenni

Heidi By Heidi

kb-swe10 By Me

heather By Heather

kayla By Kayla

melanie By Melanie

Jennifer By Jennifer

kb-sug11 By Jodiann

Trina By Trina

la Shawn By la Shawn

WHEEEEEEEEEEE- schweeet for sure don’t you think?

And I have a bit of CT enabling to do too-

Design by Tina has a new kit in store that I played with this weekend.


Summer Rain (30% off for limited time)

and my page I made with it -


Yup that’s Nathan’s really cute girlfriend Kristy ;-)

Hope you have a great Monday and creative week ahead…

Hugs and Loves

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Bunny Cates, said...

ooo, love that layout with Nathans "whoa-man"....
Damn kids growin up too fast on us Kim.