Monday, 1 August 2011

Cooties galore

Bring on Spring!! I am sooo ready for it! lol.

Gosh I think the next time I decide to go visit my dear sister Gaye out there in the high hills will be spring/summer! BWHAHAHAHA. OMG, I thought it was cold here but Dullstroom takes the cake for sure! At 5.30pm when we arrived it was just 3C and my jeans had gone stiff on my legs just getting out the car. It burned your chest just to breathe with the air being so thin as well as cold!

Wayne even made poor Ben stand outside in the –C temps of the evening to braai (BBQ)! Yup, my hard case hubby just had to have his “Gaye braai” no matter what the weather. Gaye and I sat inside sipping sherry and giving Miss Caden some love and attention as she had a bad case of Gastro. Shame man, I felt so sorry for her the whole weekend, as she was not well. We did spend some good time with her yesterday when she was feeling better but she is still not 100% today and is at home with mom.

I also came home with a cold that I had been bragging to everyone I had managed to avoid this winter even though “Nathan, Kristy, Deon and Wayne” have all had it over the last few weeks - Serves me right huh? lol. Don’t tempt Mr Murphy or he will bite you in the ass! Well ok, maybe just mine! BWHAHAH.

OOOOOOH and there is a lot happening at the end of the week and some EXCITING news I can let slip today- hee hee.

It’s the Scrap Matters August Mix a Kit time and I have my portions ready to show you ;-) I loved this colour swatch and remember ALL the portions are 20% off this week only.

kb-maketime_elements_w Make time to.. (Elements)

kb-maketime_prints_w Make time to.. (Prints)

kb-maketime_plains_w Make time to.. (Plains and dots)

kb-maketime_alpha Make time to.. (Alpha)

kb-maketime_wordart Make time to.. (Word art)

And some STUNNING inspiration for you-

Take-Time-to-Dream By Jenni

Jennifer By Jennifer

Grandson By Candace

bed_ma10 By Bekah_E

2m67kao By Kristine

Kairyn2 Double pager by Kairyn ( page 1)

Kairyn1 Page 2 by Kairyn

time-bb-mf-jpg600 By Hutchie

Dream By Jenni (X2)

ANDDDDDDDD--------------WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can tell now! lol

My dear Sister GSCreations is joining me at Scrap Matters as a Guest ( well officially on Friday 5th August) but she has joined in with us for the Scrap Matters August Mix a Kit. So that allows me to let it “slip” before her opening- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Here are my wonderfully creative sister’s portions- ALL 20% off for this week!


elements Its Raining Fun Elements

prints Its Raining Fun Pattern Papers

plains Its Raining Fun Plain Papers

My sis has a ton of inspiration for you on her blog but I HAD to show you this- OMG, I swear Loucee makes me go green at her wonderful Hybrid creations!

lcc_it10-loucee Card By Loucee

How freaking stunning is that!?

And I got to play with them too! WOOT!


Little miss Caden ;-)

Gaye let me make it into a QP for you….kb_GSC_rainingfun_QP You can grab it HERE on Gaye’s blog ;-)

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs and Loves


Bunny Cates, said...

Lovely stuff, as usual!!!!!!!!!!

pkdoll said...

Gorgeous bits to the mix-a-kit!! I am soooooo loving every bit of it!!! And I am doing the happy dance for Gaye coming over to ScrapMatters!! The two of you are soooooo talented and I LOVE your creations!:)

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Hey Kim :-)

Just AWESOME ... again. Great news about Gaye :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you so much for sharing your CUTE QP with me!! I LOVE it when you and Gaye work together..cause I KNOW it's gonna be something doubly WONDERFUL!!!:)