Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mid week crazy

OMG- I’ve been as sick as a dog this week with this flu! I haven’t had flu for a long while actually – just the usual sinus and ear stuff that ALWAYS bugs me. I really shouldn’t have bragged so hard huh? lol. I look like Rudolph who likes his wine today- big red cheeks and a red nose from blowing. LOVELY!! not! BWHAHA

To top it off this week my dear darling Hubby had his Bday on Tuesday the 2nd and we couldn’t even go out to eat! HE even COOKED! Makes me feel even worse and terribly guilty, but I promised to make it up to him this weekend- hahaha. Luckely enough I had already bought all his presents and cards last week so he could at least have THAT. Man being sick sucks EGGS! Seriously! lol

I did get to scrap this week which was a bit like “therapy” and always makes you feel  better- lol

Design by Tina has a new kit and word art out today.. Both 20% off

Design by Tina_Around The World_prev Around the World

Design by Tina_Around The World_Words_prev

Around the World Words

And my page I did with it-


My little Sister Kerry with her hubby Shaun and of course my darling nephew Zachary. They went to visit Shaun’s folks in Scotland over Christmas time. Zachy LOVED his train trip.

That’s it for today but make sure you pop in tomorrow for some exciting news and goodies too.

Hugs and Loves

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VJ's Scrap Room said...

Awww sorry you aren't feeling well.I HATE the flu... and then having to miss going out to eat to celebrate is the pits I know. Jim and I had our 40th Anniversary Monday the 1st and my back went out the day before.We stayed at home with him waiting on me cause I couldn't even get into a standing position without help.:( I was sooo looking forward to going out to dinner and celebrating such a wonderful time with Jim.:( My back is a little better now after 3 trips to the maybe we can celebrate real soon.:)
Sure hope you get to feeling a LOT better soon!!
Please tell your Hubby a Happy belated Birthday from me.:)
LOVE your layout with Tina's new kit.:) They both look Fantastic!!:)