Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Having a BALL

Omg, I swear I intended to blog at least every second day while I’m at home but intentions flew out the window ( with my voice!-lol) Hoping my old PC here still remembers how to publish and everything still works- lol

I’ve been having more than a ball since I’ve been at home and have hardly been “home” so to speak. HAHAHA. It’s been visiting, eating out, drinking out, braai’s, party, suppers at family, shopping and running taxi for kids. – WHEEEEEEEEEE, I’m in my element! lol Only problem is there isn’t enough hours in the day and night at the moment to see and do everything I still want to. Hey a girl still needs to get some beauty sleep at my age- BWHAHAHA.

The reason I came home for a bit was because my very special sister Brenda was turning 40 and Nathan’s girlfriend Kristy was joining her old school class at their Matric farewell Dance and I was asked to help with make up and hair- YAY!. Wayne and I drove down ( all 12 hours of ass numbing stop and go’s!) and he flew back to “Harties” for work on Monday, leaving me with the car. ( one that I have to fight for to use as Nathan has a little habit of grabbing the keys in the morning- BWHHAHA)

The Dance was Saturday night and Kristy’s mom was also here for a bit from the States and joined us for most of the weekend too.



dance2 The kids all dressed up and ready to hit the “Party” in style! lol.


And GOT to LOVE this one! I have another Laugh out Loud person in the family! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! hahaha

Wayne played chauffeur for the night as Nathan didn’t want to drink and drive after the “after party”- GO BOY! hahaha- which just meant getting up at 3.30am to fetch them.

My dear Sister Brenda’s Birthday lunch was held on Sunday even though her official Birthday was on the Monday.

brenda2AHH (big heart) my very special sister Brenda ;-)

brenda1Her favourite chocolate cake!!


Making a wish with my mom looking on to give a hand if needed.

I took Brenda on a Birthday Shopping spree on Monday ( her Birthday) and we had a fantastic time. She chose a “diamond” watch ( she LOVES sparkly jewellery) and some new clothes and of course lunch and Milkshakes! WHEEEEEEE!

Tuesday was PAINT day- yeah, to top it off I’m repainting the whole of the interior of “Nathan’s house” as he now calls it! BWHAHAH.

So much to tell and not enough space!

I have to do some CT enabling too!

YIKES. I had LUNCH again with all the friends on Friday which of course landed up being supper and longer- with me singing U2 songs with the “entertainer” at the bar- OY, still don’t have a voice! lol

So uhummmmmmmmmm- Sorry Ruthy, it’s late.

But it’s STILL 30% off with MScraps Summer Sale!


Ocean Love
by Ruth Melody Designs

And my page that I did with it.


Little Caden on her first Beach Visit.

And while visiting HOME, guess what it does…… *yup Mr Murphy* he’s still around! lol

IT SNOWED at my sister Gaye’s place! And I was there just two weeks before HOPING for a little glimpse of that white stuff- honestly! I’ve NEVER seen, smelt or felt snow and I MISSED IT by being at the coast! hahaha.

So Gaye (GS Creations) send’s me a ton of photo’s via my phone that night ALL excited (COW! hahah) and later sends me some photo’s.

Look at little Madam and her snowman- ahhhhhh I so wanted to be in that photo! lol


I of course call Nathan to come and look at them and the first thing he says when he see’s this one is…………..


Hah, you can see that’s Gaye’s snowman, she’s way tooo arty to just stick to the round ball one!



How COOL is that bear!!

Phew- Okies, I’m off to supper at the in-laws tonight, had supper at my dad last night and have sushi with Ant and seeing my sister Kerry tomorrow.

Will chat again and show you ton’s more photo’s from the “other side” as I’m leaving to drive back again first thing Friday morning. ( not looking forward to the 12 hour road trip again! lol)

Hugs and loves


Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

oooo love the snow bear! lol!!!
that kit by Ruthy is gorg! Almost makes me wish I was still scrappin.

Jenni said...

Thanks for sharing snippets of your life back in PE, sounds like a busy 2 weeks!!! Thanks for the cute Birdcage templates, love them.