Friday, 14 October 2011

Playing nurse

WARNING * Grab COFFEEE* long post ahead-lol

BWWWWWWWAHAHA- ok, the last three weeks have been totally CRAZY in capital letters in this house. It sure does make life REALLY interesting and has kept me hopping! lol

You all know we had all the "rented furniture" removed last Thursday so we had a "blank canvas" and NO MORE GREEN!! lol  I honestly felt I was living in a "hospital" this last year ( which mmmmmmm isn't far wrong at the moment -lol)... so after re-painting the whole house a neutral tone and getting the owners old furniture out it was time to DECORATE- woot!

I got the lounge done and my bedroom finished last weekend...


*BEFORE lounge photo* taken on the day we arrived in that big rush last year.. lol.

The green walls don't look sooo bad here(taken with flash at night) but boy when the light shines through the curtains during the looked like this.......


WOW!! toooo much green for this girl! lol


*AFTER lounge photo* - wooooooooohoooooooooo, still a plant in the corner missing but it's more ME! lol


*AFTER SHOT*  my bedroom...(didn't have a before shot of this one- but it was GREEN too!) and LOVE that picture above our bed.. ( it's a moulded 3d look) as it reminds me of ME with my cigs! lol


Our matching bathroom ;-)

On Saturday DEON leaves to go and buy his "bedroom" suite ( you know headboard, pedestals etc) and because Wayne and I are BUSY in the lounge ( you know the TV stuff is important right?? lol) he decided to take off a SOLID wood headboard off the truck himself!

All I hear is WAYYYYYNNNNNEEEE, and hear PAIN in the shout... so run and there is Deon holding his arm and he is white and sweating!

The stupid stubborn ASS tore his bicep muscle RIGHT off! He had this popeye arm and was in intense pain.

So it was lock up and run to the emergency room.... and yes me laughing and teasing that he didn't need "spinach" to get big muscles.. hey I can't help it! lolThe Doc takes one look and he is booked into HOSPITAL the next day ( yup we came home and I had to drug him for the pain until the specialist could operate on Sunday morning).

Sunday was a full day in the hospital (OY) while they stapled and stitched that muscle back to the tendons! We even watched the RUGBY World Cup ( which we lost- SOB) with the nurses in the reception area- BWHAHAHAHA. I of course couldn't help shouting for our team... and Wayne is going sssssssssshhh- it's a hospital! Until the nurses said... can you hear??? BWWWWWAHAHAHA- the whole hospital was screaming and shouting from all the wards- was actually tooo cool to hear!

Poor Deon is now stuck with his "left arm" ONLY and can't do much... so this girl needs a "nurses outfit"... lol. dee2

And he is SOOOOOOOOOO going to KILL me for this one! Was taken from my phone on Sunday evening when the first thing Deon said when he could open his eyes was SMOKE! lol hee hee- Love ya Dee. ;-P


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Phew.... you made it! lol. I hope you all have a stunning weekend... I'm off to go squeeze some toothpaste out a tube for my "patient"- bWHAHAHAHA.

Hugs and Loves


LianeZ said...

Thanks for the Freebie! Men, can't leave them alone for a minute can you?! Hope the boy heals quick!

etherealfire said...

Awesome freebie!!!
Thanks so much :)

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Oh WOW!! That HAD to hurt!!:( I sure hope his arm heals quickly!
Looks like you are finally able to get things the way you like them in your new place.:)SO happy for you!
Thank you so much for sharing your COOL freebie with me.LOVE IT!


pkdoll said...

Those Futter-Fly's are sooooo gorgeous, not to mention the patterned papers. You are so talented and I thank you for sharing with all of us!!!
Take good care of our Deon!! What would life be like if we didn't have him in it???? LOL! Your stories of Deon and Wayne always brings smiles to my face!! Take care!

Cindyrelly said...

The new decor is very nice... esp. the gorgeous blue in your new bed/bath suite! I'm sure someone thought that green was just TA DA! at some point though in a different era ;-) Just purchased the new bundle since this is precisely what I wanted in something I have been working on for the past few months... I have been "trying" to make a kit for some time and I will finish it eventually, got so many plates spinning I'm dizzy! These butterflys and patterned papers are fantastic! Have a great weekend Nurse Kim ;-)

abhall76 said...

Love your decorating job, especially your bathroom window treatment!!

Get well wishes for Deon (and patience for his nurse =P )

Thank you for the freebie!

Paula -- CutieFruity said...

the house looks almost as good as your new products. Thanks for the freebie!

Sue said...

I like the "after" photos - lovely!

Hope Deon gets well soon!

Thanks so much for the lovely freebies! :)