Saturday, 5 November 2011

DSD and Birthday Bonanza part 2


Hi folks!  Bunny here, popping in and making sure Kim’s friends and fans don’t miss out on DSD with the Kimmers, just because she seems to think she is supposed to be partying like a rock star on her birthday! 

Incase you missed the big post about this weekend (and part ONE of the DSD freebie!)  please make sure you read THIS POST.

Today is Saturday, so if you haven’t hit up Kim’s sales – make sure you don’t dally too long!  The sales wont last for ever!

Kims WHOLE CU Store at Sugar Hill is 40% off today!

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ok, now that “bit-ness” is outta the way, time to whip out the FUN STUFF… wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!


Like we showed you yesterday, Kim made you guys this fantastic kit! 

folderThankful For....

contains: 18 papers @ 12x12, 25 Elements, 1 Full alpha ( upper, lower, numerals with some exclamations) 16 word art.

This kit will be divided up into 4 DOWNLOADS over the weekend...  We’ve already handed out part ONE, see yesterdays post if you missed it!

And here is the second part:

Now, here’s the thing.  This kit has FOUR parts to it, and there is only ONE MORE DAY.  Oh my, why, what ever will I do?!  Guess I’ll just have to randomly post the last two parts sometime between now and the close of the day tomorrow!  So, you need to check back off and on or you might just miss a part of the kit.

or worse….

miss your chance at one of the $3 off coupons we’re giving away and also miss your chance at the BIG “WHOLE STORE” giveaway!!!!!!!!

“$3 off coupons?  What are you talking about lady?!”

You know, the coupons I am going to be emailing out to the first FIVE folks who riddle me this….

If you could have Kim custom make you the kit of your dreams – what kind of kit would it be?

That’s it.  The first 5 folks who reply with what kind of kit they wish Kim would custom make for them, will receive a $3 off coupon to Kim’s store at scrapmatters.  

PLEASE PLEASE make sure your email address is where I can find it. if I can’t find your email, I can’t send you a coupon and you will miss out on getting free stuff while the big sales are on!  You could even include it in your reply.  That would be nice. :)

(Plus, I’m not saying someone is going to win said kit, nor nothing…I’m just sayin’  you know… if Kim knew what kind of kit you wanted she might be more inclined to produce such a thing.  And then let the person that requested it, HAVE it.  I dunno, you know….free.  I’m not saying that’s what IS going to happen… Im just sayin’….ya know.  The possibility is there *wink*)

Hope you are all having a fantastic DSD! 

Ok, first 5… ready set GO!


Anonymous said...

I would love to have a kit with little girls and kittens!
Thanks for part 2 of this beautiful kit.

Sky said...

A custom made kit by Kim? Oh yeah... I would LOVE that! I'd wish for something vintage with lots of rich colors, including my favorite purple.

Sky said...


LivE said...

thanks so much for sharing your art! :) happy DSD!

ekorn said...

Thanks, Kim, for the beautiful freebie kit. If I could have a custom kit I would like one with a "frosty" winter theme. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dane Ann Clark-Beausoleil said...

BOOT CAMP for my son who's in the US ARMY. Dane Ann Love You!!

2PeopleInLove said...

Thanks for the beautiful kit Kim! If I could have a custom kit I would love a BOY kit with lots of blues and greens!

love2learn said...

I'd love a city kit by Kim.

Shygal17_99 at yahoo dot com!

love2learn said...

Forgot to say thank you for part 2!

Rarole said...

I know I am well past the "5" but I lived in Provence for many years and if Kim could do a kit with all of the wonderful colors that part of the world has - well, OMGosh it would be amazing! *sigh* I miss it - but I have all of my pictures!!! Thanks! Carol

Carolyn said...

Thank you Kim! Kit...heritage of course!

Thanks for part 2!

Magnolia said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Just got part 1 and 2 of your beautiful kit - fabulous!! I am waaaay past number 5 but I would love it if someone would research and put togther a kit based on Wales (UK) - the dragons, mountains, coal mines, the slate and heather. Any designers reading - feel free to fulfil my wish LOL!

abhall76 said...

Gorgeous kit! Thank you so much for the second part of the kit!

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Thanks so much! I'd love to see an elegant black and white kit. KimB's just the lady to do it!

Jitka said...

Amazing, thank you!

Mary said...

you already made my dream with your carousel based kit
antibiotic has me sleeping too late to be close to first 5

Jen of Quality DigiScrap Freebies said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for part 2 - amazing kit!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [06 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

etherealfire said...

Lovely share - thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this part!

Hugs Kirsten.

Sue said...

Thanks, Kim for the second part of this lovey kit! :)

marina said...

thanks for this mega kit! hope u had a lovely bday.