Friday, 4 November 2011


Omg, you can sing along with me now... are you ready for this??? LOL, What a weekend in ScrapLand for sure. I know I've been waiting for it and have my little "I wants all marked off" ;-)

Before I get to the "nitty gritty" of all the good stuff , I have some MORE good stuff ( well it was for me and that makes this girl VERY VERY Happy!) lol

It's my birthday... yup, I'm the "old girl" today - LOL, and to be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it that much *GASP* It would be the first time in many a year I would have been without my son and my dear friend Antoinette (who's Bday is tomorrow) and all my friends at home in PE to share it with.....

BUT!!! OMG, did that all turn around on me 180 degrees!

Jenni my dear South African fellow designer, friend and CT member decided it was NOT ON to have a "quiet" one or to NOT have a drink with friends.. lol, so she organized a get together this evening for all of us!! YIPPPPPPPEEEE, and then to top it off....

NATHAN walked in with WAYNE yesterday afternoon!!! My husband just gave me the best Bday gift that means more to me than anything in a box with a bow could have this year! I look like a goldfish from all the crying as it truly was not expected. So yes!! The Crappy Birthday I was expecting can wait for another year right?-lol

************************DSD IS HERE***********************

Lets start at the very beginning.... a very good place to start... lol

(all images linked as live writer is possessed!-lol)


My WHOLE CU Store at Sugar Hill is 50% off today, 40% tomorrow etc etc ( so grab today while you can!!)

We also have a HUGE CU STORE COLLAB GRAB BAG out just for you!


AND I have a little BDAY/ DSD CU Christmas themed GRAB BAG too:


5 Brand new full sized products

(templates, hand drawn doodles, patterns, layer styles + Coupon)
all Christmas Themed make up this Grab Bag
PLEASE NOTE this price is ONLY VALID from Friday 4th November through Monday 7th.

Don't miss this one as after the DSD weekend they will all be full priced!

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You can grab some of my favourite Personal Use kits on the DSD Sale @ 40% off too!

And now on to some FUN stuff!! YAY!


YUP- you got it!!

I'm going to be giving away some coupons the WHOLE weekend to 5 people who REPLY to my and Bunny's posts over the weekend.

REPLY to the question or a statement made, and be in the first 5 to answer.....

and you can spend some BDay "moola" in my Personal store.

BUT, there's MORE!!

I will also be giving away a COUPON to MY WHOLE STORE!!

Yup that's my whole store at Scrap Matters HERE!

A random winner will be drawn ( by a random number generator) from all the replies up until Monday NIGHT (7th November 2011) my time.

I will announce the winner here on Tuesday morning!


You want some more... cause I have some more- lol,

If you are a fan on my Facebook page, be on the look out for some random Coupon give aways too!

And to celebrate DSD and my Birthday I decided to give this FULL KIT away over the weekend!

folderThankful For....

contains: 18 papers @ 12x12, 25 Elements, 1 Full alpha ( upper, lower, numerals with some exclamations) 16 word art.

This kit will be divided up into 4 DOWNLOADS over the weekend...

And here is the FIRST part:

And to win the first lot of coupons just tell me WHO'S Birthday will it be tomorrow and who I will miss this year not sharing it with me- hee hee ;-P Please make sure I can find your email address from your comment or I wont be able to send a coupon!

Hope you have a fantastic DSD bargain weekend, I know I am.
Hugs and Loves


pkdoll said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!! I know you will have a fantastic weekend and your face will be sore from all the laughing you will be doing. Have fun with family and friends and give Nathan a big hug from all of us!!!

Love your sale too!!! Going broke this weekend for sure! LOL!

Dane Ann Clark-Beausoleil said...

Wish I'd remembered iDSD was coming up Before I made a huge purchase a couple of days ago! (: Love you sweetness! Happy Birthday! Going Shopping...Again! (:

Dane Ann

Dane Ann Clark-Beausoleil said...

Antoinette's Birthday and you'll miss your friends in PE not celebrating with you! (:

Jumbbumble said...

i love dsd thanx you for the amazing first part of this kit tomorrow is antoinette,s birthday and celebrating without youre son antoinnete and youre friends in pe
but i hope you make a nice day from it

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday,dear Kim!!!
Hope you have a wonderful Day ;-)
Also Thank you so much for this fantastic Freebie Kit *WOW*

Ruth said...

Blessed Birthday Kimmie!!! And Happy iDSD!!!!! Fabulous giveaway and sale!!! WoHoOo!!! Have a Fantastic day, hun!!!! Lots of love and hugs


Simona said...

Happy birthday Kim!
And thank you for the freebie <3

Dinphy said...

Girl I'm just SO happy for you, that is THE BEST birthday present! Somehow, while reading, I thought he could have dressed up as a gift, and put a bow on... And now the image is stuck, and I can't stop laughing! :)

Now where did I slip up and missed the part of you selling in another store!? Shame on me!

Happy happy birthday, and congratulations on another year younger Kim!
('cause we all know YOU will NEVER grow a day older!)


fl_connie said...

Happy birthday again! You're going to miss your friends in PE & Antoinette, who's BD is tomorrow - but not Nathan, cause he's there, lol! Thanks for this gorgeous, gorgeous freebie kit!

MoosieD said...

Happy Happy Birthday Kim. Have a super special day my fellow South African surrounded with love, laughter, pressies and champayne bubbles!

Also a happy birthday to your friend Antoinette for tomorrow who will for the first time not be with you.

And finally a HUGE thank you en dankie for spoiling us on your birthday with the fabulous freebie on your blog and for the newsletter freebie too. God bless.

love2learn said...

Thank you so much for part 1 and happy birthday!

Tomorrow is your dear friend Antoinette's birthday and you will miss your son, your friend Antoinette and all your friends at home in PE to share with.

Thank you for the chance! :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing this gorgeous kit!!
Happy Birthday to you and to your friend, Antoinette for her birthday tomorrow. I know you will miss celebrating with your friends in PE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebies! - LianeZ

Jenni said...

WooHoo, so happy the weekend and your special day are turning out to be fabulous !!Could not let you go without a party!!A small something on my blog for you xxx Happy happy day, see you later (take anti hangovers, you are going to need them!!)

By Dezign said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!!! Hope this is your best birthday ever. And shout a Happy Birthday to Ant from us all as well tomorrow, by now we all "know" her too. I expect you and Jenni to keep your shooter queen crowns tonight.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday. I can't wait to start shopping at your sale.

Ana Carol said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
Awesome DSD

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim. You will miss your friends in PE and it's your friend Antoinette's birthday tomorrow!

Thank you so much for this wonderfull freebie!

Hugs Kirsten.

Van said...

Hope you have a great Birthday and many thanks for sharing this gorgeous kit!

Anne said...

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL kit. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Joni said...

Happy birthday Kim, have a fantastic day!!
Thanks for the gorgeous kit.

andastra said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Have a nice day! Thank you so much for the lovely kit!

Shayna said...

Happy b'day, Kim!!!!!!

Your friend Antoinette is having a b'day tomorrow.


Shayna said...

I forgot to mention that you thought you would be missing your son during your b'day celebration.


Pam said...

Happy Birthday Kim. Your friend Antionette is having a BD tomorrow and you will be missing your friends in PE.

Thanks for the freebie.

pamsothermail at gmail dot com

txgwen said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! What a wonderful surprise to have Nathan home for your celebration.
Thanks, too, for the fantastic giftie for us - you rock!

abhall76 said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!! I just love all your goodies (as always) and thank you so much for the gorgeous kit you have for us this weekend!!

Denise said...

Thanks for the super cute freebies! Love it

makeyesup said...

Happy Birthday today and many more to come. How wonderful that Wayne knew exactly what would make you the happiest. Too bad your friend Antoinette can't be there too. She must be special as she shares my birthday also. My best friend passed away a few weeks ago and this will be the first one that I cannot spend with her. Thanks for part 1 of the lovely kit.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Many happy returns and thank you for such wonderful disocunts AND freebies.
Sorry you'll miss Antoinette and your friends at PE...Hugs!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Happy Happy Birthday my friend!!!:) I usually say..May your wish come true..but I think you already got it.LOL So HAPPY that Nathan is there to make your Birthday special!!:)I can't imagine you with a "less than spectacular" one.LOL

Huge hugs my friend !! And a pinch to grow an inch..up..not out.LOL


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Oh...oh..I forgot to thank you for your gift.What a COOL kit and I can't wait to collect the rest of it.Thank you so much for sharing!!:)

Another huge hug!!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's your BIRTHDAy and you will be spending it without your son, friend Antoinette and friends in PE. Thanks for the great part to this fantastic kit!
Opps forgot my email

xashee's corner said...

guess im NOT the first five LOL oh well, here is the answer:
I would have been without my son and my dear friend Antoinette (who's Bday is tomorrow) and all my friends at home in PE
OH and thank you so very much for sharing this awesome kit! u know i LOVE ur work & designs...guess what... still do.hehehe.Happy Birthday,to you,my friend.and many MORRRE! xoxo

fran b said...

its your BD. celebrate without son and Antoinette and PE friends

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

Happy Birthday! How special that Nathan could be there to celebrate. Happy Birthday to your friend, Antoinette who has a birthday tomorrow. I know you will miss celebrating with your friends in PE.


Mary said...

have a great day
hb to Antoinette
i'm sick w upper respiratory infection
did lo & match qp
tried to send to you but bounced luv this freebie

Ummaro said...

Happy Birthday Kim! And I know what I'm Thankful for...YOU, and all the other wonderful designers who make iDSD and so many other days a joy by sharing your creations with us!
Thanks so much, and have a great celebration with your family and friends.

love2learn said...

Thank you for the coupon!

mary said...

Happy Happy Bday Kim - I hope that God blesses you even more today on your special day. - It's your friend Antoinette's bday tomorrow and you miss spending your bday with her, your sone and your friends in PE

suruha said...

Happy Birthday, Kim! Sorry you'll be missing Antoinette and friends on your b-day, but, know that you have the spirits of folks like me to keep you young! LOL
Thank you! This is such a gorgeous kit!

suruha2306 at gmail dot com

Electra said...

Well, it's Antionette's, of course! Happy birthday to you!!


Carolyn said...

I am thankful for your designs, this freebie and your generosity! Thank you Kim!

You share a birthday with my husband and sister, happy birthday to you and your friend!

Sue said...

Antoinette's birthday is tomorrow and you will miss her, but you saw Nathan! That's a cool surprise!

Happy Birthday, Kim! Thanks for this part of your lovely kit!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [05 Nov 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Elizabeth A said...

Well of course that's yours, miss Kim, happy bday, and your friend Antionette won't be there. Hope it's great anyway!

Karen said...

I know you will have had a great birthday! Antoinette's birthday is on Saturday and I hope that she has a great birthday, too. Thanks a lot for the freebie's

Babs said...

Happy Birthday Kim, your friend Antoinette's BD is Saturday. You will miss all your friends in PE.

Dannethia said...

beautiful kit and so generous of you to give it away. happy birthday!!! and thanks for the kit.

puffinliz said...

Hope you had a good BD, Kim! Sorry you will miss your BFF's BD today (Antoinette).

Rarole said...

This is a super opportunity! And a great present for US on YOUR birthday! Thanks Kim!

Census said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the terrific freebie!!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Kim! Tommorrow is Antoinette's special day... I know you will miss celebrating with your friends in PE.

babeline said...

Happy birthday Kim ! Thank you for this gorgeous kit and all others gifts

Anna said...

Happy Birthday and thanks for the fabulous kit!!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday wishes Kim hope you had a super day - thanks so much for the lovely kit hugs riette

sacannon said...

Happy Birthday Kim and thanks so much for the wonderful kit. Hope your celebration is a fun one.


Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Thank you for this awesome kit, the whole kit. You are truly amazing designer and I´m glad I found your stuff:)

WillowRaven said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful 4-part b'day freebie! I snagged parts 1, 3 and 4 however I couldn't find #2. Thank you again for sharing all your wonderful creations!


Lynn said...

You are so very generous! I had planned on uploading some pages to my galleries tonight...instead I am having myself a little download party! Thanks so very, very much!