Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Blessed Easter

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- OMG, can I just say that it is SO NICE to be home. I arrived on Sunday night and the first thing I saw was my whole office was on the floor- BWHAH. In Dec while I was home for those few days I had connected my new PC to my old “space” at the desk I used to use, and moved Nathan over to the other side where Wayne used to sit. This was done so I still had access to all the printers and scanners etc- But the boy was too lazy to unplug and reconnect HIS PC back to the this side and just took off the scanner and printers and plugged them into his PC - leaving everything on the FLOOR~ lol BOYS!

The first thing I said when I walked in was “NATHAN”!! lol, He came back and said- MOM, it works.

Well I wanted to send a mail quick to let everyone know I had arrived safe and couldn’t connect to ANYTHING! WHAT?? Nathan whats up here?? Oh it’s been like that for over 3 weeks mom! Well did you PHONE anyone??? ERRR- No Mom, was waiting for you! BWHAHAHAHAHAH

Well the line to the house was FAULTY and we had to wait for a technician to come out and fix it! So what do you do when you have NO internet at all.

You go SHOPPING! lol. Well I took all my folks shopping and bought then enough toilet paper and toilet ducks to last 6 months each! HAHAH. The bank actually phoned me to see if my card hadn’t been stolen- BWHAHAHAHA.

Well,we are back on the net now and Wayne arrived last night. Calvyn, Nathan’s best friend arrives from Kimberley today too- WOOT!

We are celebrating Nathans Birthday tonight as he has been writing exams the whole week. He’s a little nervous as I think half of PE are coming and he has already organized for us to do the “driving and fetching”- Clever boy! lol

I have some CU ribbons up today that I was begged to up to my store.

kb-tiemeorange Tie Me – Orange


tiemeorange2 Quality checked for peace of mind!

kb-tiemereds Tie Me – Reds


tiemereds2 Quality Checked for peace of Mind.

kb-tiemestitched Tie Me- Stitched


tiemerstitch2 Quality Checked for Peace of mind.

kb-tiemeswhites Tie Me – Whites


tiemewhites2 Quality Checked for peace of mind.

These are ALL 20% off this weekend.


I’ve put my Chikka-Dea kit on Sale @ 39% OFF just for this Easter Weekend.



Water coloured elements make up this cute Easter kit.

See it HERE for further details.

And I found this little Easter Basket that I had made last year on some Discs I had at home here- WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (Gosh I found a LOT of stuff that I hadn’t taken with me- can you say CHRISTMAS! lol)

I thought you might find it handy for some cards or actually for any type of creation.


Comes in PSD, TIFF and separated PNG’s. change the handle positions to suit you ;-) CU OK too.

You can pick it up HERE.

I hope you all have a Happy Blessed Easter with your loved ones. I know I am and make sure you at least eat SOME choc! lol

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 15 April 2011

Eat Cake and then some more.


LONG POST, grab your Tea,Coffee, Pepsi, Coke or whatever it is you drink-because they all go down well with CAKE-lol*

Are you ready to EAT CAKE??

Gosh, the only time I have ever done a “birthday kit” was for freebies on my blog. And that’s actually strange as I think most designers do one somewhere along the line. AND I HAVE EVENTUALLY! lol

My dear friend and fellow designer Jen Reed and I had so much fun designing Wanted-Hugs and Kisses a while ago that we said we wanted to team up again. And SOON. lol.

So when Jen told me that April was a month of “remembering” for her as well as a BDAY month. We JUMPED at designing together again!

Why??(besides loving Jen’s designs!!) MY BOY TURNS 20 on the 19th April ( yup - Tuesday next week!). I can’t believe he is out of his teens already- booo hooooo, sob, time fly’s WAY tooo fast. And I’m on my way home this weekend to go celebrate with him- WOOT!

What started out as a ONE kit sooon landed up being a MONSTER! LOL. We just had tooo much fun on this one and I think you will see it in the kits themselves too. So one week landed up being two weeks and then two weeks landed up  into week 3- hahaha. It was sooo worth the extra time and effort -

Something to be used for both OLD and YOUNG!! We wanted it to be versatile for all ages, and I think we achieved it!



Eat Cake Girls Collab kit

kb-JR_EatCake_Girl3 Close up detail 1

kb-JR_EatCake_Boy Eat Cake Boy Collab kit

kb-JR_EatCake_Boy4Close up detail 2

Each of the Girl and Boy Eat Cake kits has the following contents-

(All doodled elements are original hand drawn ones by Jen and I)

34 papers (JPG- 12x12 @ 300ppi)
77 original Elements (95 in total)

1 Bead Alpha Lowercase + some exclamations.

But it doesn’t end there- we can’t have a Birthday party without some fun EXTRA’s now can we??- lol

kb-JR_EatCake_WordartEat Cake Word Art

20 PNG Word art. (not all shown in preview!)

And of course some MORE-

kb-JR_EatCake_Styles Eat Cake Layer Styles ( CU OK)

4x ASL Photo shop styles files.
(5 colour variations of each)
Corrugated Card

And hang on to your hats for THESE! YUMMY!



Alpha 2 - Made to co-ordinate with Eat Cake Collab GIRL and BOY kits.
(each preview is linked)

kb-JR_EatCake_Alpha3 Alpha 3 (Made to co-ordinate with Eat Cake Collab GIRL and BOY kits.)

kb-JR_EatCake_Alpha4 Alpha Set 4 (Made to co-ordinate with Eat Cake Collab GIRL and BOY kits.)

ALL 20% OFF this weekend ONLY!!

YOU still with me???  Because here comes the BIG DEALS!! WOOOOP!

BUNDLES at a bargain price!!

SAVE(a LOT) by buying the BUNDLE DEALS! (keep reading for more info-lol)

kb-JR_EatCake_Girl_BundleEat Cake Girls Collab Bundle

Contains- Full Eat Cake Girls Collab kit + Eat Cake Styles, word art and Alpha set 2.


kb-JR_EatCake_Boy_Bundle Eat Cake Boys Collab Bundle

Contains- Full Eat Cake Boys Collab kit + Eat Cake Styles, word art and Alpha set 2.


kb-JR_EatCake_AlphaBUNDLEEat Cake Alpha Bundle

Contains. Alpha set 2 ( both boys and girls) + alpha set 3 + Alpha set 4 (5 bead Alphas)


PHEW- but hang on- what happens when you want it ALL??? YUP, you can grab the WHOLE EAT CAKE SERIES in one MEGA BUNDLE!

kb-JR_EatCake_MEGA_BundleEat Cake MEGA Bundle


Eat Cake Girls kit, Eat Cake Boys kit, Eat Cake Word Art, Eat Cake Layer Styles, Eat cake Alpha 2(x2), Eat Cake Alpha set 3 and 4!


Can you see now why this took three weeks?? lol

Stay with me as I have some goodies for you too- but would LOVE to show you just how VERSITILE and fun this kit is too use.

Take a breather - grab some more coffee- YOU READY??? Here we go-lol

Hutchie By Hutchie

Chel By Chel

Heidi By Heidi

Alex-is-One-1 By Candace

kb-jc-10 By Jodiann - using a freebie further down too ;-P

pjk-le10 By Paula

EatCake-ruth1 By Ruthy

Bekah_E2 By Bekah_E

KimBtyx By KimBytx



Two Birthday Cards created by Nikki


This beautiful card by Sue!


And our favourite GLUE QUEEN Loucee has made this card just for us to print and cut again! Aint she AWESOME!


So pop on over to Loucee’s blog to grab this NOW! WOOT!

SOOOOO MANY beautiful Layouts , can’t put them all here today but be sure you pop on over to Jen Reed’s blog for more stunning inspirations today!!

I did scrap Myself and did one for MY BOY and for my Dear Friend Lynnie ( who is in Canada! SOB)

kb-HappyBday_lynne  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNIE!! I miss you my dear friend!

kb-Nathan17 And to my beautiful son Nathan!!

These were taken on his 17th Bday! Can’t wait to scrap the other Bdays with this kit! LOVE you and see you “around the corner”- lol

I made up the LO into a TEMPLATE FREEBIE and used it for Lynnies page too ( I just flipped it) Jodiann used it too and yet they all looks soooo different!


You can GRAB IT HERE if you would like to play with it- it is in PSD, TIFF and separated PNG’s (12x12)

And because you have stayed with me through this HUGE post I have a little ADD-on Freebie to EAT CAKE for you.



OMG- I need more coffee as I’m sure you do too. Have a GREAT WEEKEND guys – and I’m soooo excited to be going home this weekend.

Will try HARD to get PC time to let you know what I am up too- hee hee

Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Busy Busy little bee

BWWWWAHAHA- well maybe not so “little” but definitely busy! OMG, this week is flying by and I suppose I can blame that on my dear friend and fellow designer Jen Reed! We have been working on something for just over three weeks- YIKES. Honest!! And what started out as one kit sort of blew out to well………….mmmmmmmmmmmm Can’t tell yet! lol

But can give you a little peek..



WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- and there is a reason it’s coming up on Friday. But going to make you hang in till then- lol

I have also been scrapping! AHHHHHH, you all know my wonderful English friend and faithful CT member Loucee? Of course you do… She’s the GLUE QUEEN who does all those exquisite Hybrid goodies for us.

Well Loucee has opened her own store LouCee Creations. and lucky me- I get to PLAY in it! lol

So I want to just give her a little blog loving as I had such fun playing with this one!


Spring Ville

$6.00 $3.00
Save: 50% off

kit includes-18 papers  (10 patterned and 8 plain textured).
40 Elements, Alpha

It’s tooooo cute and sooo soft!

And here’s what I did with it!


This is another favourite that Loucee has designed – PERFECT for those Heritage styled creations.


Ladies in Waiting

$6.00 $4.20
Save: 30% off

So many original elements in there- stunning!!

Take a browse at Loucee’s store HERE and at DSO HERE.

Okies- more sorting out to do---- and counting the “nights” till I get home! WOOT! 4 more Sleeps!!

Have a great day further

Hugs and Loves