Friday, 29 July 2011

Love Life

WHEEEEEEEEEE- well at the moment it just seems to be flying past and it’s been over a week since I blogged- YIKES! When things just start to settle down here, I should KNOW not to get toooo comfortable- lol

I landed up with my ear and sinus infections AGAIN- back to the docs on Monday!-arrghhh, I hate the dry winters in the place - beside freezing my poor noo-noo’s off, my nose can’t handle the dry grass and fires all over the place. But hey- I’m still breathing so I’m not complaining to much- BWHAHAHAHA.

Dad Jan ( Deon’s Dad) came up to visit, so I have been a little busy too. BUT…..I have lots of exciting news and things to tell and show you next week! (hee hee)

I do have a new kit by Ruth Melody to show off today! YIPPPEEEE- I got to scrap again!


LOVE LIFE by Ruth Melody Designs.

Product contains.
*53 elements (40 unique elements) *1 Alpha set  * 10 highly textured 12"x12" papers

And this is what I did with it.


My dear friends Ant and Pieter (who I think should tie the knot soon- BWHAHAH)

And if you pop on to Ruthy’s blog you can pick up this amazing cluster freebie!


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE- now I’m running off to pack a suitcase again as I am on my way to visit my dear Sister GS Creations and my little niece Caden for the weekend! I can’t WAIT!

Yup- you can be sure I will have my camera with me! HAHAHA.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 22 July 2011

More holiday photo’s

Well I don’t have anything new to show you yet – lol. But I am getting back into routine and am playing and designing again! WOOOHOO!!

So I thought I would just share some more holiday pics with you today that I have managed to “sort” out! – phew it’s a ton and I’m sorting them daily at the moment- hahaha


Kristy out on the rocks with her camera at the ready- she just didn’t know I had mine too and was snapping HER as well- hahah


She loved exploring the rock pools ( just like me) and went out with Nathan daily no matter what the weather was doing. GO GIRL! lol


The boys standing in the “rough” stuff – I kept dry on the rocks far away from where they were all standing- Hey it’s winter and it’s not sooo warm! lol


Some of the local woman who catch crayfish in the rock crevices! Honestly they just disappear into these deep pools wearing those dresses and come up with crayfish in their aprons! I nearly died the first time I saw them doing it, but it’s the way they make their living- they sell them to people like my boys who much to my disgust use them to FISH with- YUP, not cooked like I would like them to be and on my plate – on a HOOK for freaking hell sakes! BWHAHAHA.


I was chuffed with these “birdy” photo’s as this little guy was flying LOW near the sand to keep under the strong winds- that I actually managed to catch him in flight really made me happy!


Love this one with the shadow on the sand! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!


OMG- and these guys are EVERYWHERE! They used to be there in the morning and again in the evening when the sun went down. They are really cheeky and are used to humans- they even darted into our hotel room with us IN IT to grab sugar packets off the coffee table with in seconds! lol. 11

And ahhhh my two boys- sheee’s Nathan is looking more and more like his dad and the poor boy only had my ears to say he is mine! BWHAHAHA


And with my handsome boys to finish my show and tell I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend! lol

Hugs and Loves

Monday, 18 July 2011

Sugar Overdose

Did you have a good weekend??? It was a good relaxing one at home for change and even the boys were walking around in their slippers and tracks for the most part. I read, went grocery shopping(yugh- lol), bathed the dog and even made the boys crumpets yesterday- GASP-lol. Might just snow again here I know. ;-P I haven’t baked in ages and don’t have many utensils up here to bake with- but those are easy to make and we all enjoyed them- hahaha.

As you all know I’ve been on holiday and while away the Scrap Matters Mix a Kit went live and I haven’t had a chance to show you my bits yet. So thought today would be a good day for some “show and tell”- lol

Scrap Matters JULY Mix a kit ( choose the bits YOU want from the ton of talented designers portions)

My bits for July ;-)

kb-sugaryoverdose_patterns Sugary Overdose – Patterns

kb-sugaryoverdose_plains Sugary Overdose - Plains+embossed

kb-sugaryoverdose_elements Sugary Overdose – Elements

folder Sugary Overdose Alpha

And some amazing creative LO’s from my CT and the Scrap Matters CT girls- yay!

pjk-sw10 By Paula

2lwrhgn By Kristine

fran2 By Fran x1

Eye-Candy By Jenni

Heidi By Heidi

kb-swe10 By Me

heather By Heather

kayla By Kayla

melanie By Melanie

Jennifer By Jennifer

kb-sug11 By Jodiann

Trina By Trina

la Shawn By la Shawn

WHEEEEEEEEEEE- schweeet for sure don’t you think?

And I have a bit of CT enabling to do too-

Design by Tina has a new kit in store that I played with this weekend.


Summer Rain (30% off for limited time)

and my page I made with it -


Yup that’s Nathan’s really cute girlfriend Kristy ;-)

Hope you have a great Monday and creative week ahead…

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 15 July 2011

Happy Birthday Sis and tons more

Phew tons to show you today and a little “late” Bday message too.

It’s Scrap Matters Christmas in July SALE and it’s starts TODAY - woot!


And I have two of my Christmas Kits up if you have missed them before ;-)

folder Christmas First

SLH-kit Santa’s Little Helpers


And it also has the “Ethnic” version available in the download.

Grab them both at 30% off. ( Extra previews and Layout inspiration in store for your perusal)

AHHHH and I did get through a few more photo’s last night- and Kristy has a wonderful eye! Nathan sent me a message that they needed my camera yesterday as they went to the Addo Elephant Park – lol. YEAH right my boy- dream on! hahaha

Some of the “boys fishing” pics ;-)


Setting up and getting ready to go! ( and it looks like Wayne is ready to go with his legs like that- HAHAH)


Hey Dad my “rods” bigger than yours! lol


It isn’t called the “Wild Coast” for nothing! and YES they were both washed off the rocks a few times too! I had to pull out the antiseptic creams, plasters and some muscle relaxants the whole holiday!  Poopaaallls!


Get your line in there my boy- I have one hooked!


YEAH- one up and ahead of you Nathan!

A photo had to be taken after each catch too so that if the one wasn’t there the other had proof of the catch- lol


Move it, move it – Can’t hang around- got to get bait! Dad’s one up again! lol


WOOHOOO! You see that Dad- got one! All square – well for now.


Bronze Bream for the books and noted-lol

All the fish were released and Wayne and Nathan don’t keep any of the fish they catch unless it’s to give to someone who needs it for “food” ( which they did for some of the rurals living in the area and in the bush ;-)

These two were some of Kristy’s photo’s and taken in the early morning- I LOVE THEM



Nathan at peace with the world ;-)

And a little late today but I wanted to finish something first-

I want to wish my dearest sister Gaye ( GSCreations) a WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY for yesterday! Sis I hope this year holds all you wish and hope for and that all your dreams come true ;-).

I can’t thank you enough for being the best sister in the world but for also being my “best friend” and of course for having the bestest niece a Aunty could ever ask for- lol


I have played the DSO Colour Challenge and made up a little kit as a freebie for you.


You can grab it HERE. or

If you grab it, don’t leave me thanks…. just visit my sister GSCreations and leave her a happy Bday message and if you have time have a looky at the wonderful creative work she has on her blog- you won’t be disappointed ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! WHEEE it’s good to be

Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Back in the land of “Oz”

BWWWWWWAHAHA- well it feels like it at the moment. I’m battling to find a routine after being away for just on two weeks and not having “any” connectivity, that includes my cell phone-lol

But it sure makes for a relaxing holiday! We spent it on the Wild Coast which is every bit as it’s name says. It’s a beautiful unspoilt section of beach with tons of fishing and long walks and family fun. And to please me the Hotel has a casino too- BWHAHAHA.15

Taken by Kristy- Nathan’s Girlfriend ;-). It’s about 4 kilometres up the beach from the hotel at 7am in the morning where the boys went fishing.

The “boys” of course held their “fishing” competition again and this time Wayne won-BWAHAHA. He make’s sure Nathan remembers every time we talk to him at the moment- too funny.

Gosh I have sooo many photo’s still to go through as I found out that Nathan’s girlfriend is a “camera” lover just like me and they landed up “borrowing” mine most days- so there are over 1000 photo’s just in MY folder to go through-lol.

But thought I would share some so you can meet Kristy too ;-)


AHHH Young love- Nathan and Kristy who has just arrived back from the “States” after two years. She is a super duper girl and we all got on like a house on fire.

We took a drive through to Durban during our holiday and spent the day at uSharka World ( where Ant, Wayne and I landed up drinking cocktails a few years before- BWHAHAH)_ but this time I got to see the whole park and not just the bars ;-)



Yup- we even watched the Dolphin shows!


Like Father like son and getting to be more so as Nathan gets older ;-)


In the sunken ship aquarium- Love this photo as the boys spent HOURS in front of these windows dreaming up all ways of catching the fish- lol


“and that fish is called….., and that fish I have caught here and here”- BWHAHAHA.


Then it was time for the “family Golf tournament”- BWHAHAHA. I was a little panicky as I haven’t played a game in two years! And trust the wind to be blowing full gale force too!


NOPE- that is NOT where I’m supposed to be playing from!! Check Wayne making sure I didn’t “cheat”- BWHAHAHA. I was ahead of them at this stage of the game in points and they were making sure I wasn’t putting a “ball or foot” wrong!


WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- my “par” hole against the wind- hell yeah I remember how to do this- just like riding a bicycle! lol


Getting SERIOUS ragging from Wayne now as I made another par on this hole and was now 5 points AHEAD of him and Nathan- BWHAHAHA. ( trust me it didn’t last long though!)


CLOSE close but no cigar- and Nathan checking it out too! lol. I was seriously wanting to whip their asses at this stage as had never been so far ahead of them in a game-lol


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- boys doing what only boys can on a golf course- BWHAHAHA


And for the first time in years I had to wait for WAYNE to hit first ( which just means that for once I hit the better shot and my ball was ahead of his!-lol)

But oh boy- by the back nine my game went to shiooooot. The wind kept blowing me over and my arms by then started feeling like lead- BWHAHAHA. Yup takes more than 9 holes to have finish a full game but we had sooooo much fun.

More photo’s to follow as I get a chance to go through them properly. There’s deep sea fishing, petrified fossilized forests, monkeys, more fishing and tons of scenic pics too.

Just wanted to “wave Hi” and to say it’s great to be back behind my keyboard- lol

Hugs and Loves