Friday, 9 March 2012

BACK!! and New March CU grab bag

OMG... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I have my internet connections back for the first time this year! BWHAHAHAHA- seriously I am in heaven and so ecstatic that I can upload in one sitting and not over "days"- lol.

They arrived here this week with a full new "roof set up" + a new router board and a lot of new wires that I have no idea what they do- lol. All I know is I wasn't letting them leave until I had tested EVERYTHING! It sure took most of the day but gosh, I am sooooo happy just to be "alive again"- lol. yipppppeeeee, I'm BACK! lol

And can someone please come fetch Mr Murphy... as he is still around and doesn't seem to want to leave my side?? lol. The pool pump just gave up on Wednesday- Oy, get one thing fixed and another goes and fills it's place- hee hee. But that's Wayne's problem now.. not mine- BWHAHAHAH ;-P

I got my March CU Grab Bag up too yesterday and it's filled with 6 brand new CU ok products:


March Grab Bag

*Layered patterns
*Ribbons and bows
*Fabric Leaves
*1 set basic Plastics Photoshop layer styles
ASL tested in PSE 5,7,9 and CS3.4.5
All in PNG, PSD, Tiff and ASL @ 300ppi

A lot of "vital basics" that would be a great addition to anyone's designing stash:

Be Sure to GRAB IT as it's only up for a limited time at $5.49 (less than $1 per quality product!!)

*Be sure to check your newsletter today for an EXCLUSIVE CU Freebie too ( wooohooooo, I can get to send one now! lol)*

I also have a little CU Spring photo mask freebie for you today:


You can grab it here:

I hope you all have a stunning weekend.. I'm hoping for RAIN!!! Gosh this heat is just getting ridiculous and am melting my ass to this chair daily at the moment.. wonder why it hasn't gotten any smaller?? BWHAHAHAHAHA.

Hugs and Loves


BlueCat said...

Thank you very much for the lovely freebies (one here and the other in the newsletter)
Have a great weekend.

Sus Designs said...

Yes I would also like to say thank you for both this one and the one in the newsletter. They will both surely come in handy, and they are both gorgeous

Carol said...

Kim, I don't believe it. These pleated flowers are EXACTLY what I've been looking for!
Juno's Place
Cards by Carol

Esther -who lives in the said...

Oh wow, Kim, two awesome freebies!! Thank you so, so much. You rock!

Rarole said...

Kim - thank you! The mask and the paper wheels are fabulous. Love 'em!

clara said...

thanks a lot for this and for the newsletter , all is too beautiful

Jenni said...

Glad your internet is up and running again!! We have had so much rain this week, can't believe you have had nothing! We even had hail in the morning yesterday!!Thanks for the freebies, I love them both! Have an awesome weekend, quiet one for us, as we are ripping up paving and doing some redesigning in the garden, this place is such a mess!!

tajicat said...

Thanks so much! :)

Priscilla said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for both freebies!

Hugs Kirsten.

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for the goodies !

txbubbles said...

Too cool GF, thanks a million!

LianeZ said...

Thanks for the Freebies! Didn't you know, machinery gets jelous if one piece gets lots of attention!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely photo mask! Scrumptious! :)

Cristallo said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful freebie!

Jeannie said...

Thank you for the lovely mask!! Glad to hear all is well with your connections too!

xuxper said...

thank you