Friday, 13 April 2012

Home in PE and "Mr Murphy" AGAIN

WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm eventually at "home" after a fantastic Easter break at Bushmans River with the kids and my dad. Wayne's Dad and mom could only come out for a day this time.. but we all had a blast.

The trip down from Pretoria was as it usually is... LONG! lol. Oy, 12 hours in the car is seriously tooo long on my ass. ;-P. I have Waynies car now while I am here (hee hee) and he flew back to Pretoria for work and will be using mine up there for now.. He will be flying back on the 26th April as it's a long long weekend and Nathans 21st party too- WOOT!

OMG, Mr Murphy loves me here at home... doesn't stay tooo far away for sure! We arrived back here on Tuesday night and I was ready to plug in my PC and get online as it had been a week of no connections for me.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Not so easy was it Kim? BWHAHAH

Seems good ol' Port Elizabeth landed up having huge storms while we were at Bushmans River and seems power surges blew my the Screen, the internet router and Nathan's PC ( all off but plugged in still- OY). Can you say PANIC as Wayne was flying at 4.30am the next morning- lol

BUT... I remembered my good friend Deon was still here visiting his dad... so guess what poor Deon did on his last day of holiday at home??? Yeah.. He spent it fixing my PC again! (seems here or in Pretoria Deon lands up fixing my PC/internet mess!) BWHAHAHAHA. *love ya Deon*- hee hee.

We had to buy a new router ( and then figure out how to set the thing up which took most of the day... but Nathan now has wireless through the house too! WOOT).. new screen and Nathan's PC in for repairs.. can you say small fortune. coming home is NEVER cheap for But I'm up and running now again... phew.

I have a few photo's of our Bushmans Easter holiday... some taken for our holiday house to make up a "family collage wall"... yippeee ( love re-decorating!)

Nathan was teasing me the whole weekend saying he wants a "bowl" for his Easter eggs like he used to get when he was small when you get older it's not fair you only get one or two.... lol


So what does "mom" do?? She scrounges a "bowl" and fills it with some of his and Kristy's favourite Easter eggs and chocs and runs into their room really EARLY shouting "Happy Easter"... BWHAHAHAHA... even Sherlock jumped all over them and that's Wayne handing them their "bowls"..

8 mmmmmmmmmm, yummy Nathan, and these are MINE!

9 Why wait....... BREAKFAST! lol

They kept their goodies in those bowls the whole weekend ( while they lasted- BWHAHAHAH)

6 I found one too.... this ones MINE and don't touch! lol

1 The weather turned a little foul... heavy wind and it got really cold, but that didn't stop the boys from hitting the rocks to fish... I was the idiot that decided to go with to take some photos and landed up running to sit in the car eventually.. hahahaha.

2Nathan caught two Hottentot that were cooked on the fire that night.. yay!

3 Love this photo of my "boys".... look like two peas in a pod!

4 Wayne out on the far end of the ledge...

5 I have a few of the gulls flying against the wind which I love and will be using on the wall at home too ;-)



And I have a girl after my own heart... Kristy LOVES the camera and has folders and folder of amazing photo's .. she goes everywhere with Nathan ( no matter the weather to take "that" photo).. The two of us happily walk around snapping while the boys cast out their baits! BWHAHAHA.

Well it's Friday here and I'm out of here to meet up with "friends" as is the PE habit.. WOOT! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I will check in on Monday again.

Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

Gorgeous photos, glad you are having a great time.You are coming back to WINTER GF, so cold at night, but the days are fabulous, just cooler, my fav time of the year!!

Dinphy said...

Mr Murphy seems to be fond of you. Sigh.

Hehe, Nathan sure was asking for it! Good fun you did give him a bowl. :) Made me giggle too.

The photo's are awesome. With the sea.. wow!

txbubbles said...

I love, love LOVE the gull photo!