Thursday, 19 April 2012

My "Baby" turns 21

Where has the time flown too?? I swear Nathan was running around in nappy's yesterday??


Gosh, today he turned 21... *sob*, a MAN I am seriously proud to call "my son"!

Kristy (Nathan's GF) woke me up at 5am (GASP) this morning to get all his goodies and some coffee made for him ready before work.. lol

The two of us barged into his bedroom singing Happy Birthday.

1 WAKE UP sleepy Head it's your Birthday and it's a BIG ONE! lol


HUH?? WHAT?? who's got my eyes?? Can I have a sip first please?? lol

3 Just so he could sort of "wake" up.. he got a little pre-fun gift from me..


Which he loved! HAHAHAHAHA, a Bell he can use tonight and on his Birthday Party which say's RING FOR BEER! (well he rang it all morning too saying it was for more coffee and again to "warm up the car"- BWHAHAHA)


Kristy's turn ( a present that she has had and kept quiet about since November last year! Nathan has been hinting to me that he would LOVE this for his Bday- hee hee) The Bow she had put on the box popped off so she promptly put it on Nathans head- He didn't even realise!!


You Kidding me?? Seriously?? You actually got it for me??? ( and omg, that bow looks like the perfect party hat! BWHAHAHA)


It's a special "water/fishing/tidal" watch that Nathan will find handy now with him fishing for the EP Squad etc etc. He was over the moon!


And my final gift for him today was an album I have been working on for a while for him, starting from birth and ending at age 20 ( one blank page left with "now to fill in your own memories")


He loved it and Kristy had a great time getting to know Nathan as a "baby and kid".. he will get his "proper 21st" present when Waynie comes down and it's his Bday party ;-)

Happy Birthday my dear Boy, may your future be as bright as you make our lives....may it be filled with love, too much laughter and all that you dream of for yourself.. because you can make them ALL come true. WE love you tons!

And just a sneak peak of something that will come out tomorrow that helped me finish that album Nathan is looking at- lol. I couldn't do anything before as he peeps on here now and again ;-)


mmmmmmmmm, wonder what it's for??? BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Until tomorrow I hope you have a stunning day.. I'm waiting for Nathan to come home and then we are going to his little local pub around the corner for a beer or two. Big Celebrations are only next week- lol

Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

Happy 21st Nathan!!!! Hope you have a fab day with him Kim,and enjoy the party, always a BIG ONE for 21!!

Natasha (alohacowgirl) said...

What fun photos! Happy 21st to Nathan! I know it's bitter sweet, isn't it? My oldest is about to turn 21, and I still feel like she should be a baby running around. *sniff sniff*

agravette said...

awwww...what sweet photos and sweet memories too! we just celebrated our son's 16th birthday and it makes me want to babies are growing up so fast! can't wait to see your new stuff! happy birthday Nathan!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! Way to go mom - you've done well! :)