Friday, 22 June 2012

Broke it, fixed it and no internet.

OMG, I'm sitting here at the moment waiting really patiently for my internet service to work today.. arrgh (but have to love live writer right?). Don't these peeps know it's a FRIDAY?? BWHAHAHAHA.

In all seriousness though, we had quite a lot of wind last night.. which is seriously strange for up here - if there is a 'breeze" the people up here say it's blowing gales.. HAHAHAH, uhum, I just giggle as I'm a coastal girl and there at home in PE it can BLOW!! Gosh your hair doesn't even need gel or spray up here to keep it in place.. at home I go through TUBS of goo! lol

Most of the places up here are not set up for strong winds and something always blows over or gets damaged. So yup, waiting since 6.30am now..but I will say THANK YOU for their customer service side..they are keeping me updated on the progress via text's on my phone.

BWWWWWAHAHA- ok, I have at least something to laugh at today.. I broke our Blue Ray player last night.. I thought Wayne was going to pop an eyeball.. lol. We bought some movies about a month ago and they have been sitting waiting to be watched on the coffee table ever since... so last night I decided- YEAH, lets watch something "cute and funny" as needed a "mood boost"- KWIM? So Puss in Boots it was.. well ok maybe not! lol

As I popped it in the "tray" the extra end on my USB wire(plugged in via the DVD so I can watch my series) was sticking out underneath it..I hit the close button and saw it pop the Disc UP and thought- OOOOPS tooooo late!! lol

OMG, it sounded like the poor machine was "puking" at one stage..and then was making loud KLUCK sounds.. Wayne was grabbing all the remotes in front of him and pushing anything he thought would turn it OFF... BWHAHAHAH( in this house I'm the remote handler- hee hee) Wayne just hasn't bothered to work any of them except the DSTV ( the cable one) to change channels. The TV went off, the radio came on, the TV came back... and at this stage I was laughing hysterically.

Wayne hands me all the remotes and I just hit OFF at the plug... Turn it all back on and guess what- the freaking disc pops right out- all OK and all sound! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. By the sound of the thing I thought we would be looking at a tech today to fix it... So I sat and watched Puss in Boots while Waynie snored on the couch after all that- lol.

********Okies.. time to pay the rent*******

I was requested to make some "big photo" templates like I use for some of my Layouts.. so I filled it:-)

20% off this weekend:

kb-biggerpicture The Bigger Picture- Templates

I made them so you could use them as double pages or as single solo pages too: Easy to flip and rotate and use again and again.

You-are-Simply-Amazing By Jenni ( Using my "Just simply.. the Bundle")

kb-thebiggerpicture_02Deonjodiann By Jodiann: (Using my "Friends Series - Deon")

lisa By Lisa ( Using:European Holiday by Alissa Jones  )

Europe600 By Stephanie: (using:European Holiday by Alissa Jones)

kb-TBP_double By Me: a  Double pager for Miss C's next Album ;-)

kb-TBP_double1 Page 1

kb-TBP_double2 Page 2

Using "Love Blooms kit" and Bigger Picture Templates:

I was also asked to "resurrect" some old favourites and these are available

at SUGAR HILL Co @ 25% off.

kb-Edgeit1 Edge It 1

kb-Edgeit2 Edge It 2

kb-Edgeit3 Edge It 3

kb-Edgeit4 Edge It 4

And I have a little FREEBIE Template for you today on my FACEBOOK page:(link on the right hand side of my blog)


Click on Preview to go grab ;-)

Well I've saved this as a "draft" and will now wait patiently to be told I can post it- lol.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves


Kristine said...

Got you and Miss Gaye this morning bright and early. Surprised myself I was so on the ball. LMAO. (just noticed I forgot the templates.) BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

Apparently I'm not as "with it" as I thought....

Jenni said...

You know I love your templates, these are just stunning!! Thanks for the freebie template too xx Happy lazy Sunday!!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely freebie! :)

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely template! :)