Friday, 20 July 2012

Tee {2} Green + Freebie

WHEEEEEEEEEE- I eventually got my "backside" into gear and produced a kit that I should have done ages ago!
As you all know my whole family ( including me) play Golf! I don't play very well.. my own fault for not playing enough and have been given the nickname of "kill the wildlife Broedelet"- LOL. Yup, my low flying balls off the tee seem to hit Meercats or any other wildlife taking a leisurely stroll over the fairway... OOOPS-lol. I've even managed to "cripple" a man by my ball flying straight into his "soft area" and having to perform first aid on the fairway- *gasp*. That was a VERY embarrassing day to say the least as it was during one of Nathan's school golf days. BWAHAHAHA.
Gosh, Nathan has had golf clubs since the age of 6 (Had his provincial colours for U14 Juniors too ). It was because of his interest in the game that I started to play and went to Bunny Classes with my MIL to learn how to hit that frustrating white ball- lol. I loved it and my coach used to laugh at me saying he would HEAR me on ANY course I played due to my laughing!! ( who said it had to be a quiet game huh? ) The boys and I used to have "friendly weekend competition's" and of course that tradition still goes on.. Every family holiday has the usual "family GOLF competition" included in it. So you can imagine the amount of GOLF photo's I have in folders that needed scrapping....
This is the result of all those folders staring at me...
20% off this weekend
kb-T2Green_kit Tee {2} Green Kit
21 JPG 12x12 papers
56 Original elements
1 Alpha in Upper/Lower and Numerals.
kb-T2Green_papers Papers:
And of course I couldn't just make a kit for this and added a few "extra's" to coordinate with it:
kb-T2Green_words Tee {2} Green Wordy Bits
23 Golf Word Strips and Phrases

kb-T2Green_wordart Tee {2} Green Word Art
8 Word Art Golf phrases and Quotes
kb-T2Green_Alpha Tee {2} Green Alpha
1 Golf Ball textured Alpha
Upper/Lower and Numerals and common punctuation>
In Sheets and separated PNG.
BUT... you can GRAB IT ALL in a "sweet Deal" Tee {2} Green Bundle
which works out to 40% off the total!! 
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kb-Tee2Green_bundle Tee {2} Green Bundle
Full kit, Word art, Wordy Bits and Full Alpha:
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Gosh and did my CT have fun with this one... lol, Check out these amazing "inspirational layouts"........
Becca1 By Becca (x1)
I-Love-Golf By Jenni ( who used ME for this one-*blush* lol)
Jenn by Jenn
pjk-Golf-is-Life-web By Paula
Becca2 By Becca(x2)
Joanna By Joanna
wench By Kristine
kb-Chipping By Me ( yup that's Nathan)
Birdie By Jenni (x2) and that's Waynie who laughed when he saw this.
kb-Tee2Green_jodiann By Jodiann ( and yup the girls had some photo's of me to use- LOL)
OMG, this we all went " WHAAAAAAAAAT" when Loucee put this up for us to see.. how freaking cool is this! She made up a "Clubs and Tee" game board based on Snakes and ladders!
And Guess what?? You can give it a go yourself and grab the FREEBIE printable on Loucee's Blog:
kb-GripRipit By Me.
kb-Freebie-t2green Freebie available in my newsletter today:

But you can also grab this freebie QP of my page right here to add to your "Tee {2} Green Bundle collection"

You can grab it HERE:* sorry this link has expired*

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.. I have my dear friend Loryn arriving tomorrow and I can't WAIT to see her.. gosh it's been a year since we all got together and I'm sure the "headache" tablets will be out on Sunday- BWAHAHAHAHA.
Hugs and Loves


abhall76 said...

Fantastic kit (as usual) and perfectly timed too! My Dad is picking up my boys for a week on Sunday after a golf tournament with some of his old work buddies. Wonder if I can snag some pics from him? Hmmm, actually I wonder if any of them even think to take pictures???

abhall76 said...

Oh yeah. Hit send before I realized I forgot the thanks much for the freebies!

CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on Jul. 20, 2012. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! tajicat :)

Kristine said...

Post is up! Mwah!

Laramie said...

Always enjoy reading your blog when I stop by and always have a laugh. Great new kit!

grammiedeb said...

Thank you for sharing your talent and your Tee 2 Green quick page.