Friday, 10 August 2012

SNOW and Twice as Nice

* warning* GRAB beverage.. long post- lol*
OMGosh, the country this side came to a complete stand still on Tuesday morning this week..... we were like kids on Christmas morning.. It SNOWED over the whole of South Africa! Helllooooo, this is "sunny" South Africa even in winter.. and to snow over the WHOLE country in every Province is sort of just unbelievable and it brought the country to a complete standstill. lol.
snow2 Image: Kevin Sutherland
Snow in Johannesburg- seriously!! My friends were on the phone all day sending photo's of themselves at work running around outside having snowball fights and playing the fool in the snow all day.
As you all know I have NEVER seen or felt snow.. and I was like a kid waiting for my Christmas present -LOL. It snowed at Wayne's offices in Pretoria(who couldn't WAIT to phone all excited to tell me-PPPPHHHFFT).
Jenni and I were on the phone most of the day "WAITING" for it to hit Pretoria(which is really a RARE event). Well it eventually got DARK and seriously cold out here in Harties and Jenni  sent me a "It's SNOWING" from her side a few seconds later.. mmmmmmmmm, well cutting a long story short.. I got a few snowflakes on my nose here ( just about peee-ing in my pants with excitement that it might snow more) and then it was gone- sob, nothing more than a flake or two! BWHAHAHAHA.
Jenni at least got a heavy fall and managed to dance and run around in the snow her side.. looks like I'll have to wait a little longer to jump around in the "white stuff"- BWHAHAHA.
********************* TWICE AS NICE**********************
ScrapMatters is celebrating its 5th birthday this month and as you all having a reunion tour - inviting back several previous designers to join in on the celebrations.
This week is the "Twice as Nice" Collaboration celebrations... Collabs with past and present ScrapMatters designers.
I got the honour of working on this kit with the talented Jennifer Labre again.. WHEEEE!
20% OFF this Weekend Only
Contains: 27 JPG 12x12 @ 300ppi 
51 Unique Elements PNG @ 300ppi
1 Full Alpha in Upper/Lower and numerals
And Gosh just check out these AMAZING creative beautiful Layouts from my CT Team. They seriously rock and make me want to scrap every time I see one of their pages- lol
Jenni Rousseau x2 By Jenni (x1)
becca By Becca
loucee_Chloe By Loucee
ruthy By Ruthy
Paula By Paula
Jenni Rousseau x1 By Jenni (x2)
Evie By Evie
kb-UniquelyYou_web By Me
And Jennifer Labre's Team sent through these amazing layouts too:..
jenni1 jenni2Please check out Jennifer Labre's blog for the full sized layouts as this post is sooo full I couldn't do all of them justice.
************************NEW CU***********************
I have two new sets of Photoshop LAYERSTYLES up at SugarHillco today at 25% off.
kb-LS-Clearlights1 Close up Detail:
kb-LS-cork1 Close Up Detail:
And if you missed the "Sista's Collab Grab Bag" you can grab my portions now @ 25% off
Phew... you made it to the end! lol... thanks for taking the time to look through this long post today.. and I have a little FREEBIE for you:
You can grab this QP freebie of my page I made with Uniquely You with Jennifer Labre.
Download HERE:
*So sorry this link has EXPIRED*
Have a fantastic weekend.
Hugs and Loves


CBH said...

Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 5 post on Aug. 10, 2012. Thanks again.

Shel said...

I love that you got so excited about snow! We get a fair amount of it where I live (Minnesota, USA) every winter--it gets old fast, believe me.

Thanks for the great QP!

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Aww... Kim..I got sooo excited for you until I read that you only got a few flakes.:( We get excited here too when it snows. It doesn't do that every is fun for the first day or two.LOL
Everyone did such a BEAUTIFUL job on their layouts!!Thanks so much for sharing your LOVELY QP with me. I LOVE IT!


Lyn aka Plumpster said...

Hiya KimB, it's been a while since I said thank you, and left a comment. So firstly, thank you for all the fabulous gifts you leave on your blog. Love the new QP and love the kit. Secondly, if your ever in the mood for lots of wonderful white fluffy stuff, come visit us here in Canada. Played in it all my life and love it now, and always will. I sure hope you get your day to frolic in the flakes. <3 Lyn aka Plumpster

BeachBaby said...

Beautiful page! Thank you.

cantabile21 said...

Thanx for sharing your beautiful page!

RoseAddict said...

Beautiful kit, beautiful page. Thank you!