Saturday, 8 September 2012

Mr Murphy and "Baby Grace"

**** lots of Yakking - grab coffee or scroll down to "Collab"***

Gosh, I don't think Mr Murphy liked me going home to Port Elizabeth at all and decided to throw a few "spokes" in the wheel. BWHAHAHA. I had a blast in PE(always do). The weather was terrible and rained the whole time we were there but the "love" was warm so it didn't matter at all ;-).

I got to see all the friends (Ant, Michael, Gaylene, Craig, Robin) on Friday night and Nathan and Kris joined us.. gosh I haven't laughed so much in a long time. Nathan had us at a local "pub/dance" place after 12am(including all our friends too!) and was not shy to show off his mother and father - even danced with me which had the friends all "oohing and aahing" and joining in too...and me feeling quite chuffed that he didn't worry about the "old folks" being with him. We all got home after 3am! lol.

We had a traditional Japanese dinner with our good friend Craig on the Saturday night which was a fantastic experience for all of us( we still don't know what some of the dishes were as it was all organized OFF MENU-(and was just brought to the table during the evening.. lol).. Sunday was  a really good family day and a chance to catch some needed rest-BWHAHAH.

Monday seriously landed up what I call the "hospital day"... I took my dad back to the specialist to get his results from the second biopsy that was taken from his ear after they had cut out all the "affected tissue" and to get his stitches removed and it was ALL CLEAR! WOOHOOO!

The kids both woke up Monday morning with Gastro ( going both sides) so I spent my Monday playing nurse to most of the family (including my dad) .. and did they "milk" it.. BWHAHAHA. "Maaaaaaa... I need my meds".. but Mommmmy you always used to give it me.. Mommm, I feel sick. lol. Of course Mom loved every minute of it and played the part ;-P

Then of course Kim(yeah ME) talking like a trooper again manages to Whack her hand against a wall while knocking over a vase too ..fingers first ( yeah I laugh loud and talk with my hands- go figure huh? BWHAHAH) and sprains her middle finger badly enough to have it strapped up! Yeah even I didn't miss the "docs" on Monday!...... and THEN...

Tuesday morning when I had to fly back here at 7am! MMMMMMMM.. "Mom" woke up feeling extremely naar (nauseous) and after two sips of coffee was in the "toilet" herself... OH NO... please not now.. I have to get in an aeroplane dammit! Thank Goodness I had bought out half the pharmacy the day before for the kids so I took EVERYTHING in double dose! BWHAHAH.. I was a walking glazed zombie by the time I got on the plane and managed to "knyp" enough to make the whole flight. Wayne kept handing me the "barf bag" as he saw me sweating and swallowing..  but NO WAYS in hell would I do that.. nope.. NOOOOO- lol

Let me tell you that it was the LONGEST hour and a half flight I have ever had and we had an even longer drive back to the house with all the "pit" stops! lol

Wednesday I was feeling a bit better but took the day "off" to recover,Gosh sprained finger, upset tummy and thinking I needed to be wrapped in "bubble wrap"- BWAHAHAH.

Thursday Mr Murphy decided.. NAH... lets play some more(of course Why not), and with some really huge hail storms here it wiped out our electricity for the whole day and it only came on at 3am again.. WHAT?? seriously, I hadn't been ONLINE for over a week and now when I can.. mmm, I can't?? lol.

Thanks to my sis GS Creations for sending out SOS mails for me and toAmber (Stolen Moments)for actually doing my "newsletter Ads" for  ScrapMatters ya tons!

So Friday ( yup yesterday) I was all rearing to go( and getting ANTSY by this time too) and sat answering mails and getting ready for Friday ( which as you know is also new releases etc) and BAM.... off it goes again until 4pm yesterday- SERIOUSLY DUDE.. you can now go visit someone else for a while-BWHAHAHA.

Ok enough yakking... as I have LIGHTS this morning and yup it might just rain as I can't remember the last time I actually blogged on a Saturday- lol

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Ok, I'm eventually finished and I hope you at least had a little giggle with me through all my ramblings today. I hope you all have a stunning weekend.

Hugs and Loves


Tamie Wilson said...

I made a page and used some of your product and posted it on my blog, feel free to stop on by :) TYFL Tamie

suruha said...

Hi, Kim!
Sounds like Mr. Murphy likes you! Wah! But, that's okay. As long as he is bugging in your part of the world, maybe he won't bug me! LOL
I just wanted to thank you for making my day(week)! I was beginning to think I was alone!
Thank you!