Friday, 30 March 2012

Bunny Hop Collab +Freebie

OOOOh it's raining today- gosh I am sooo loving the weather.. all cosy and cool! lol. Jumping on quick before I loose my wireless connections due to the weather.. it's getting really heavy out here and I know my connection drops in the stormy weather.. so not much chatter today-lol
As I mentioned yesterday , I got to work with my dear friend and fellow designer LDrag Designs. I had such fun working with her on this "soft and slightly Vintage" Easter Kit. Just in time for some Easter Creations and Layouts ;-)
20% off this weekend only:
kb-LD_BHop_kit Bunny Hop Collab Kit
26 JPG Papers 12x12
63 Elements:
kb-LD_BHop_papers papers:
And of course there are a ton of Added EXTRA's too-
kb-LD_BHop_Alpha Bunny Hop Collab Alpha
kb-LD_BHop_words Bunny Hop Collab Word Art
kb-LD_BHop_Borders Bunny Hop Collab Page Borders
kb-LD_BHop_frames Bunny Hop Collab Cluster Frames
You can grab the FULL BUNDLE with all the above @ 40% off too:
kb-LD_BunnyhopBundle Bunny Hop Collab Bundle
Check my newsletter today for an EXCLUSIVE Add-On Freebie too:
And Lina has one for you too:
Check out Lina's blog here:
And of course our CT's have been creating some fantastic inspiration for us:
Bekah_E By Bekah_E
Jenn By Jenn
Debby By Debby
kb-ld-bunnyhop-jodiann By Jodiann
Joanna By Joanna
Terin1 By Terin(x1)
So-Sweet By Jenni (who also has this as a freebie QP for you on her blog:)
And Loucee our Hybrid "queen" created this amazing Candy Box too:
I also scrapped... maybe that's why it's raining- BWHAHAHA: It's a double pager:*gasp*! hahaha. It's little miss C eating her Easter Egg ;-)
kb-LoveChocolate-web2 Page 1
kb-LoveChocolate-web Page 2
I have the 1st page as a blog freebie for you too: ( it's in both PSD and PNG with large photo clip)
You can grab it HERE:

 * So sorry this link has expired*

* hint* Be sure to pop in on Sunday 1st April for some AWESOME news and fun too:
Have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 29 March 2012

No water, and a Sneak peek

yup that about sums up this week.. our internet lines in SA have been seriously slow or off...oh, it's On.. nope it's gone again..BWHAHAHAHA,  and for once it's not me!  Nothing we can control anyways at this stage but it seems what ever the boo boo was it's now fixed- PHEW!

OMG, seriously, I don't know if you are like me but if I don't have my shower in the morning I just can't seem to wake up..( well that and at least 3 huge cups of coffee- lol). Today it's been like that.. arrgh, we woke up to no water this morning.. it was storming here last night and I haven't a clue if it damaged pipes etc.. but ummmm, yup not a freaking drop! The boys had what they called a "deodorant" shower before going to work and I sat here patiently in my PJ's waiting for it to come back. Lunch time goes by and I'm starting to get slightly moody at not being able to wash my hair ( I've already carried water from the pool to do toilets(YUGH- lol) and a bottle of water for my teeth and face!

Deon wanted to go for supper tonight and he is LUCKY.. the water came back on about an hour ago! BWHAHAHAHA. 3.45pm! I now feel ready to start my day.. BWHAHAHA. Clean fresh and shiny.. late but thank GOODNESS not a "never"- hee hee.

Ahhh I have a few more Layouts to show you Using:kb-Bundle Salty Kisses + Off Shore Bundle

The kit OFF SHORE comes FREE with the Salty Kisses Bundle.. (which includes an extra Alpha and all the wordy bits + full kit).

Total Value of $15.46

NOW 48% off and only $7.99 for it all:

candace By Candace


Seaside-TreasuresBy Jenni(x1)

wench By Kristine:

Ocean-of-Love By Jenni (x2)

And I've been working on something with my dear friend Lina Drag Designs this week:


WHEEEEEEEEEEE- make sure you stay tuned for some amazing inspirations, freebies, Exclusive newsletter freebie and something a little soft, a little Vintage and just ready for your Easter Creations-lol

I hope you have a stunning day further and I'll chat tomorrow again

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 23 March 2012

Salty Kisses , Off Shore + Freebie

HAHAHA- well as I said yesterday I have a new kit out today and have "resurrected" and oldie by goodie to go with it too.
With me going home for April and visiting our favourite holiday spot at the coast for Easter Long weekend... it all brought back a longing for the SEA and it's salty breezes! I seriously can't wait to get sand in my toes and salt on my skin again.
I also have a seriously chokka block folder of my dear niece Cadens first visit to the beach that I have been dying to scrap! lol. I've tried changing the hues of other "beachy" kits but it just didn't give me the results I was looking for...
So I got down and made my own to finish a little album for her ( am of course my Sis- lol)
You ready for a slightly "different" Sea, Ocean kit?? lol...... well here it is ;-)
ALL 20% off this weekend only:
kb-SaltyKisses_kit Salty Kisses (kit)
A little "feminine", soft and pink with just a hint of blue.. makes this beach kit a little different.
Full of sea side treasures to create multiple page designs.
Contains: 17 subtle texture papers
55 Elements:
Full Alpha in upper/lower and numerals +common punctuation
kb-SaltyKisses_kit4 CLOSE UP DETAIL:
And of course I had to have a few other goodies to create a full album for "miss C".. so here are some "Wordy bits and phrases"
kb-SaltyKisses_words Salty Kisses Wordy Bits
24 Word strips and phrases:
(separated PNG and page)
*************inspiration to follow further down*****************
I have also brought back an older favourite kit that can be used perfectly in conjunction with the softer Salty Kisses .......kb-offshore-kit Off Shore
Soft sand, warm sea breezes and cool water make up this *beachy* feel kit that brings me memories of home.
This purchase contains:
12 JPG 12x12
25 Elements
All kits and Extra's are 20% off right now:
BUT....................... I have a GREAT SWEET BUNDLE DEAL for you today too:
kb-Bundle Salty Kisses + Off Shore Bundle
The kit OFF SHORE comes FREE with the Salty Kisses Bundle.. (which includes an extra Alpha and all the wordy bits + full kit).
Total Value of $15.46
NOW 48% off and only $7.99 for it all:
Gosh and I seriously only got this to my girls YESTERDAY ( I know, I know... I'm slapping my own hands- lol).. but already they have come to the party and produced some real STUNNERS!
Using Salty Kisses Bundle
3 By Ruthy
adayatthebeach By Loucee
Caroylyn By Carolyn
Wendy By Wendy
tirsta By Trista
kb-Saltykisses-c By Me ( and now you can see the reason for my colour choices ;-P)
Using Off Shore:
kb-offshore3 By Ruthy
kb-offshore4 By Bekah_E
kb-offshore2 By Jenni
Chel By Chel
And if you are a newsletter subscriber you can grab this little Extra add-on freebie today;-)
And I have the LAST of the EGG-STRA Special kit blog Freebie up today- WOOT! See it made me blog every day so far.. LOL.. wooohooooo!
Link #4 you can grab HERE:
I'm sooo looking forward to seeing Jenni tomorrow and have my outfit sort of arranged.. with WIG! OMG, just don't know if I'm going to have the guts to wear it in a car for a full hour and a half before we get there- BWHAHAHAHA. I'm sure there will be photo's to come too ;-P
Have a AWESOME weekend.. Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sneak Peek and Egg-stra Special part 3

Gosh guys I have NO clue why all of a sudden you have to "register" to get the 4shared download.. I tried to do some digging this morning and the only thing I could come up with was that the links look different than before.. Maybe they have changed something??? Duh, no clue.
So will put the new links AGAIN with today's as well as the dropbox ones.
I've been working too.........woohooooo! OMG.I managed to get a kit done. *faint*- LOL
I seriously wanted something for some photo's of my niece Caden- lol. (and not saying WHAT yet....but sure you can guess by the sneak- hee hee)
And here is part Three for you:
Download part Three  HERE:
*** new 4shared links***
Until tomorrow... have a fantastic Thursday.
hugs and loves

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Sushi and snooze?

LOL- yeah my stomach is FULL and my eyes now want to close- as we would say here.. Maagie vol oogies toe! Being a public holiday today I've had the boys home and wanting to "do something".. so it was off to the shops to get some basics and some "fancy dress" clothes for Saturdays Party. ( Jenni Rouseau's hubby turned 50 and it's his Bday party and I can't WAIT to see them all again).
Well as you all know shopping makes a man HUNGRY and it was off to lunch.. which took until 4pm ( now actually).LOL. I had sushi as I didn't feel like anything heavy but boy there was just way tooo much of it.. BWHAHAHAHA.
Wayne is already spread eagled on the bed and Deon in front of the TV.. I think I'm going to get in that reclining position in a sec or two too- hee hee.
Here is your SECOND part of the Blog Freebie:

Till tomorrow have a wonderful day. Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lost in scrapping

BWWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA- well I was back and then got a little lost again I would say ;-P.
With Nathan's 21st coming up next month( YIKES!)..  I have had it in my head to make him a full "keepsakes" album about him..from birth to now..... something he can keep and pass on to his children one day. Well that's what I hope anyway... lol. (I did order myself one too in case his gets lost in his "future" lol.).
To get it printed and posted on time I had to shake my "tail" and have it all done by yesterday.....OMG, I have scrapped over 30 pages in two weeks! lol Most of the photo's had to be scanned and "fixed" (well as best as I could for time) to be used as I only have "digital full sized ones" from when he was 13! lol.
I loved the scrapping frenzy to be honest... was soooo good playing with kits I made and which I bought and hopefully creating something Nathan will love ;-)
But it sure left me "quiet" for a while huh? I didn't actually realise it until Bunny Wunny sent me a mail saying HEY "what's up"?? lol. sorry guys, it's consumed my days and time ... but promise to make it up to you ;-)
If you missed my CU GRAB BAG up at  SugarHillco :: KimB.. well don't worry it's been opened  and they are 25% off at the moment:
kb-stringythings6 Stringy Things 6
kb-leafys7 Stringy Things 6
kb-buttonUp6 Buttons Up 6
kb-TieMe_stripes2 Tie Me Striped 2
kb-basics_plastics The Basics- plastic Layerstyles
kb-patsnprints18 Pats n Prints 18
Detailed 100% previews are in store too:
And to make it up to you I have a BLOG FREEBIE that is divided into 4 parts:
I had this up as a posting gift in March 2010 for my Colour Challenge.. I've added to it to make a full little kit to play with:
You can grab the 1st part HERE:
(hee hee, see, by giving it to you in 4 parts it also makes me get on my live writer, off my ass and to actually BLOG ;-P)

Hope you have a stunning Day further.. it's a Public Holiday here tomorrow ( Human Rights Day) but we will be here and only have some shopping planned with the boys tomorrow> we have a Party to go to on the weekend and need some "dress up" clothes.. yeah ALL of us. Seems middle age spread is a disease in this house- BWHAHAHAHA.
Hugs and Loves