Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm Back...... "eventually"

Happy New Year everyone... I hope you all had a fantastic time while I was on holiday?, a great Christmas? Fun New Year celebration?? ... Gosh, it's seems like I have been gone for months.. but the break did me the world of good.
OMG, I will say that I thought Wayne would be the one that would battle with the kids not being with us this year....... UHUH.. oh NO, it was ME! lol. Wayne was the one "consoling" me - not the other way around.. Christmas Day was the worst for me.. I woke up to a long beautiful message from Nathan and Kris on my BBM.. and well lets just say I landed up removing the make up on my face for most of the day. We spent a lovely day and lunch with my Mom, Step Dad, and Dad ( yeah he came too- lol), but gosh I missed my boy horribly!

BUT... it did get a little easier for me after Christmas day was past.. and I had a fantastic time relaxing and breathing in the sea air ;-).
We also had my Dad staying with us the whole holiday and I am soooo impressed with his progress from his "emergency" hip replacement in October.. He even climbed into the boat for boat trips, fished and of course worked in the garden around the holiday house.

(Wayne, my dad, Michael and son Keaton) Look at us... the MEN IN BLACK?....... mmmmmmm, maybe not- BWHAHAHA!
Pumping Prawn for fishing ( hard work and always helps when you have more than one pair of hands and muscles to get them- lol)
A Seafood Dinner dad....oooooh YUM! lol.
Yup Sherlock has the most fun on our holiday.. and he loves eating the prawns as they come out in the mud.. you loose them if you aren't quick enough to pick them up- lol
You think this mud is good for my skin?? lol
Co- Captain! And this is where Sherlock sits on the boat everytime we are on it.. no exceptions.. lol. Everyone on the river knows Wayne now through "talking" about the "River Dog" that loves to drive the boat- hahahaha.
We also got the chance to go into Port Elizabeth for a night and stayed at the new 5 star Hotel on the Beachfront.... We had lunch with my dear "missed" friends Antoinette ( with Pieter of course- lol) and Gaylene. mmmm lets just say that we left lunch late evening and made enough noise that the owner remembered the "Johannesburg" people when another friend went for lunch there a few days later- hahahaha.
Our other friend Craig came out for a few days of fishing and golf too.. and I just LOVE this photo with the rainbow that seemed to be close enough to touch.
One advantage of Nathan not being with us this year is that I CAUGHT THE BIGGEST FISH!! BWAHAHAHA- I DID! Holey cow.. haven't won that "holiday title" in over 5 years!
AND.... I got to play our annual "holiday golf" match (minus Nathan of course) against Wayne and Craig....... AND I WON THE GAME!! OMG, seriously... I have been teased non stop since then about my handicap needing to be cut- BWHAHAHA.. Hey boys.. you got to keep it in the green stuff- not the bush! lol
No need to put that Craig... it's not going to help.. BWHAHAHAHAHA.. I won by 9 shots!
Anyway... lots of rambling and I still have sooo many photo's to get through- but you got the "abridged" version- lol
I still have a bit of sorting to do.. but hoping if I ignore it long enough it will just get done- BWHAHAHAH... hey I had my PC and internet back this week,
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Thanks for reading and for sharing in my "ramblings" today- lol. Have a fantastic weekend.
Hugs and Loves


Ann said...

Gorgeous. Thanks so much Kim. Glad your dad is doing so well.

LLG Denise said...

Hi dahlin! your vacay sounded like just the rest, relax and boost back to work you craved! Your dad looks GREAT!! Do miss not seeing Nathan on the links--hope he had as good a time as you with the in-laws!

The doodle flower is gorgeous. Thanks.

jayleigh3 said...

Part of the enjoyment of finding your email in my box is that i know there will be a great story therein! The photos were fabulous, and i laughed my way through your great vacation story! Glad you are back, rested and ready to design! Thanks for the freebie and for sharing your vacation story with us! Welcome back!

Hellokitty1661 said...

Thanks for the beautiful flower. It's making me long for warm weather so I can get a Henna Tattoo. This is perfect for that. Now...where on my body to put it? So many acres...I mean so many possibilities,

Sue said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation, even if Nathan didn't come. Thanks so much for the doodled flower! :)

andastra said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful freebie. Your story and the pictures are so great. I love the one picture with you and your friends.

katkreations said...

loved reading about your vacation! sounds like you had a marvelous time. welcome back! thanks for the flower, totally love it!

LynO said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. Good for you on the golf game, kickin butt. (grin) Thank you so very much for the great flower template.

BlueCat said...

Thank you very much for the lovely flower.

Esther -who lives in the said... lovely to have your email in my inbox this morning! I've been hanging out for that...ROFL

Loved reading your holiday ramblings and it's great to know you feel truly rested and relaxed, Kimmy.

Thanks for the flower freebie too. xxx

Meagan , Brian, Sydney and Jonas! said...

thanks for the beautiful flower!

Kristine said...

She's baaaacccckkkkkk!!!! ('bout damn time too!)

Manu said...

Gosh, it seemed ages to me - so glad you're back and share your holiday pics! Great to hear your dad is fine and you had a good time (well... the one day without makeup didn't kill you ;) )
Big hugs, GF!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Welcome home sweet lady!!! You have been sorely missed, but I am so flippin' happy that you and Wayne had an entire month of holiday bliss!

Ha, ha!!! Let Nathan be missing and da momma reigns supreme. Love it!!! Girlfriend made the green golf course her own ... and, apparently, the lake too! Woot!

Great pics and I completely adore Wayne's co-pilot on the boat! A legacy is in them making for sure! Reminds me of our Chloe girl's mom and dad who were known by the locals for their swimming the lake and hopping aboard many a boat for a ride to shore, or just to hang out and party!

Your dad is AMAZING!

Wish I could slide back into the designer seat as easily as you do lovely lady. ;-)

Have an awesome week ahead with your mad skilz and every thang!!! XOXO

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

LOL! Sorry for my poorly constructed sentences - HA! I changed a few things and forgot to remove a few words. That will teach me not to communicate in the wee hours of the morning! Or, will it? ROFL!

ChloƩ said...

Thank you so much for this awesome flower !