Friday, 26 July 2013

New CU and "baby" in house.

Oh my gosh! I'm a new "mommy" all over again and I had forgotten just how much you have to have eyes in the back of your head with a little one! lol. But as I said to my good friend and CT member Jenni Rousseau (who has just become a 1st time Grandmother to a gorgeous little girl Mia... WOOOP), that I seem to be getting in some practise before "my own grandchildren"- lol

I just want to take the time to CONGRATULATE Jenni and Mark on becoming "grandparents" and of course to Mom Nadia and Dad Tristan on the birth of their seriously gorgeous baby Girl Mia Violet

Mia Tooo sweet for words! I know Jenni is going to be scrapping many new pages soon- lol

Deon my dear friend who never had much time for "pets" until he helped RESCUE our other dog Sherlock.. Decided that dear Sherlock needed a "pal" and had organized us his "sister" through a breeder.. We received her the day after we arrived back from holiday last week.. lol ( can you say CHOAS in the house! lol)
She's a pitch black French miniature Poodle same as Sherlock is ..and we called her "Pepsi" ;-P

This was taken the day after we received her and LOVED the expression on poor Sherlock's face - Huh? What...who the hell are you and what the hell you doing here?- BWHAHAHA
I'm teething and eating up my new "mom's and Dad's shoes" if they leave 'em out of a cupboard.. "Dad" already lost most of the fur around his leather slippers and my poor hands look like I've gone through a glass window pane!- BWAHAHA

Today all is well in the house and the two are now running amok and playing well together (phew- I can breath a bit now) and both "die" at night after being "played out". We haven't had one "oops" in the house from her either- WOOHOO *ok touching wood quick!* :-P  I'm sure she will keep us busy and hopping for quite a while still but the laughter sure makes up for "tired parents syndrome"- HAHAHAHAHA!

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I also have TWO *sample* Texture Freebies for you today:
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*little HINT* - keep a look out NEXT WEEK for LOTS of exciting news and goodies- you don't want to miss this one ;-)
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend further> Hugs and lots of loves.


Sharon G said...

What beautiful looking poodles you have!! They are both just gorgeous!!

LOVE the new vintage textures too, and a huge thanks for the fantastic freebies :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kim.
LOVE your Textures!
Both new arrivals are gorgeous :-)

Esther -who lives in the said...

LOVE the new textures, Kim!

Congrats on the new family member - tons of fun in store for you!!

Thanks for the awesome freebies. xxx

Elizabeth A said...

I love your new baby, she is so cute and nice to hear she's getting along with Sherlock. Congratulations!

loucee said...

Pepsi is so cute.... I have to keep saying to myself, 'no Lou, you are not getting another poodle puppy' but every time I look at the picture of her chewing her teething toy I feel the desire for another puppy lol! Bad Kimmy for putting thoughts in my head rofl!

Thanks for your delightful freebies my friend xxx

ike said...

Ooooh - what a gorgeous puppy - she is so sweet. I am glad Sherlock is liking her now :-D
Thank you for the freebie :-)

IKE xx

Kristine said...

Pepsi is so friggin cute!!! Puppies are the best!! ( unless they are chewing your shit up. ROFL!!)

Jill said...

Love the new babies!!!!! Thanks for the goodies too!

jayleigh3 said...

Oh Kim! When my children were quite small, an older friend told me, "You love your children more than you thought you could love anyone. But, you will never know what love really is until you have your first grandchild!" i thought she was nuts! But, the day my son placed my newborn grandson in my arms, i knew exactly what she meant! It isn't "more" love than i had for my children -- it's a totally different kind of love that just sweeps away all the non-essentials in life and puts everything in perspective! Bet you know that now, huh?! Thank you for the two super texture overlays! Your generosity is legend!

Valerie (matilda designs) said...

Thank you Kim for the stunning textures!! Hugs

Rebecca said...

Totally gorgeous! Thank you.

Crysal said...

Thank you for the great texture freebies, and I have to say Pepsi is just adorable, glad they are both getting along. They do take a lot of work lol.

Anonymous said...

OMGosh! That baby is seriously GORGEOUS! Pepsi is beautiful, too. Love your textures. Thanks for sharing! : )

Tisa Theresa Irene said...

So So CUTEEEEEEEEEEE love Pepsi and Sherlock is beautiful... Thanks for the freebies! Love them as always!

Hugs, T

JeannieK said...

Love your new fur baby and Sherlock - both are beautiful dogs! When you need time w/o keeping an eye on Pepsi, a dog corral works wonders! Include food, drink, a bed and some toys and they are content while mom can get some work done. Thanks for the wonderful vintage overlays. They are perfect for the genealogy/scrapbook project I am currently working on. Now to decide - which will work better for me - pngs or jpgs and then I can go shopping.

Manu said...

What a cute new furball you have!!
Great new textures :) Thanks for the freebies, GF! *cuddos*

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these lovely overlays. By the way, thanks also for displaying your products so well. It is great to see the individual papers opened out in full.

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely textures! :)

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for these awesome textures !

Cindy said...

What a cute puppy!! Congrats! (And I think I see me some signs of spoiled puppies. I should know. lol)

Johanna said...

Awww they are both adorable babies!! :D

Laramie said...

Thank you for the lovely paper and oh so cute puppy! Baby too!