Friday, 27 September 2013

New CU + freebie and news

AHH man this house is like a morgue at the moment.. the kid's left on Wednesday morning and I must admit I got used to the "noise, fun and chaos" in the house.. now it's sooooo QUIET! lol

We had soo much fun with them and I know they had a blast with the "rents" as Nathan calls us.. ( short for parents- BWAHAHAH)


Kristy celebrated her Birthday the day they arrived ( the 19th Sept) and all the kids were slightly - lets say nicely "tired" from a party the night before- hahaha. She decided to have a nap on the couch.. but look who decided... NOPE, I have a new playmate.. no WAYS, no napping Kristy! lol. Pepsi jumped up and started pulling on Kristy's hair...


Hellllooo, hey you??, anyone home??? WAKE UP! lol


Ooooh Thanks Nathan... a chippy near my favourite "chew toy"- EARS! BWAHAHAHAHA, lets just say Kristy got up to have some fun with little "miss Pepsi" as she was getting no peace ;-P

We had a "family" and work friends over for a braai on Sat night and Anthony "dared" Nathan to try a traditional "Afrikaans shooter" ( or Shot).. Nathan will never turn down a dare!! Little did he know what it really was- hee hee :

s5 mmmm, just maybe I shouldn't have said YES soooo quickly... LOL ( yup! It's a RAW egg with a tot of BRANDY in it! BWHAHAHA)

s6 Oh hell, down the hatch we "slide"-

s7 You think they will notice if I spit it back in here?? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA

s8 Nathans best friend ( and my "other" son) Ernest came up with them... just love Waynes face in the picture -bet you can't "guess" what we up too?? BWHAHAHA


And yup, that's me pointing out the "remote" that Wayne kept trying to hide from me as I kept turning up the music- HAHAHAHA.

As you can see we had seriously lots of fun and it really leaves a huge "quiet hole" when they leave.

Back to "paying the rent" - lo


I have some NEW CU goodies up today @ 25% off @ SugarHillco today:

By Special request -

kb-CarvedOut Carved Out Templates

13 Pumpkin Carving themed templates:

kb-Bloomers33 Bloomers 33

10 puffy/glitter/sparkly flowers

And don't forget that my 10 for 10 CU collab with Veronica Spriggs will be gone shortly:

kb-SV_10for10 10 for 10 CU Collab Grab Bag

10 CU ok Products for just $10.

*********************** FREEBIE ALERT **********************

Today I have the "First"of a few Starburst paper patterns for you: (collect them over the next few weeks in my NL and Blog to form a full set ;-)


You can grab this one HERE:

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.. I'm going to be unpacking some last boxes that have been ignored for a week- BWAHAHAHA. Hugs and loves


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the burst!


Esther -who lives in the said...

How wonderful to have had the kiddos and other friends around, but yes, you sure miss them when they go. Glad it was heaps of fun though, Kim.
Thanks for the great freebie...I'm looking forward to seeing the others now! LOL

Jill said...

Thanks Kim!!!!

Isabelle Roy said...

Thanks for the nice freebie :)
Have a great weekend !

Kristine said...

Can't be any worse than those friggin' shots you mailed me for Christmas one year. Holy FACK!!!!!!


Meagan , Brian, Sydney and Jonas! said...

Thanks Kim! This is great! can't wait for the full set!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the paper template, Kim! :)

Manu said...

Hi GF, seems you had a great family time!! :) Thank your for the great freebie and the GB is just fab!


xuxper said...

Thank you

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for this amazing freebie !

Desert Digi -Scrap said...

Thanks :)