Friday, 11 October 2013

Hooked 4 Life - New CU

... as in "fishing".. BWAHAHAHAHA. I have tons of new Commercial Use sets to show you today and two CU freebies to go along with them- WOOT!

Ahhh man, we took both the dogs to the Vet this week as Sherlock needed his post trauma recovery check-up and little Pepsi needed her immunizations. Not only was the vet shocked at Sherlock's remarkable recovery(woop) - but he also called my little Pepsi a "scallywag"- BWHAHAHAHA. Too funny as that is exactly what we call her at home. She has such a crazy fun character ( that's why Wayne calls her MY dog! lol).. but soooo cute with it. Both dogs are in excellent health which made us extremely happy- YAY!

And I have some REALLY exciting news to tell!! EVENTUALLY ( and I do say EVENTUALLY- lol) my Best Friend *confirmed bachelor* DEON has been "tamed" and is officially ENGAGED!! *drop faint gasp*. I am soooo excited for him as I have never seen him so "in love" and all mushy like this ever- lol.


Geraldine is one fantastic down to earth girl who I LOVE and know they are going to be happy for years and years to come. CONGRATS Dee and Geraldine... love you both tons!

And now down to some BRAND NEW CU products @ SugarHillCo > 25% off limited time only:

kb-hooked-1 Hooked 1

kb-hooked-2 Hooked 2

kb-hooked-3 Hooked 3 - Vintage Labels

kb-hooked-4 Hooked 4 - Vintage Fish

kb-TP-hooked Texture Pack - Hooked

kb-hooked-SeaSand Hooked - Sea Sand Layer styles + Brushes

or Grab the whole Fishing/Ocean/Sea Hooked - the Full Bundle@ 54% OFF!

hooked-Bundle Hooked - the Full Bundle

*Please check instore for all the extra and 100% close up preview details*

And if you missed the 10 for 10 Collab- it's been opened and all my portions are now available @ 25% off:

kb-SubtleVintage5 Texture Pack - Subtle Vintage 5

kb-Bloomers32 Bloomers 32

kb-TweetShapes Tweets - The Shapes

kb-Spooned Spooned 1

kb-PnP-Tartans2 Pats n Prints -Tartans 2

And if you have been collecting my "You are my Sunshine" Freebie pattern templates- you in for a treat today as there are TWO of them! WOOP

This one can be collected in my Newsletter today:


And this one right here on my blog:


You can pick it up HERE:

Hope you all have a stunning weekend! We have one of my son's best friends staying over as he is taking his GF to the Rianna concert in our area! Looking forward to having some young noise in the house again- lol.

Hugs and Loves


Sue said...

Thanks so much for making sunshine in my day with your synny freebie! :)

Anonymous said...

Ultimate collection of templates to make sunburst designs. Thanks, Kim! No. 3 is my favourite :-)


Jill Walls said...

Thanks Kim!!!

Esther -who lives in the said...

Fantastic new fishing stuff, Kim!

Thanks for the awesome sunbursts too.

Have a fabulous weekend. xxx

BlueCat said...

You were busy to make all these great new packs!
Thanks for the two papers.

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for this awesome freebie !

Jenni said...

Wow congrats to Deon!!