Friday, 17 January 2014

CU Grab Bag, general + NL freebie

Holey crumbs we are sitting in one hell of a heat wave at the moment and my air-con is on the blitz! Go figure!.. but this is 'my' house right.. seems about right I think-BWAHAHA? Temps tomorrow have been forecast in the 40C+... Yikes. Mrs Miles.. send that iceberg QUICK! lol

Before I get to what's New I thought I would share a few holiday photo's with you that I promised:

Every year we have a 'Fish' evening ( all caught fresh and by us of course).. well this year with the house being so full - ALL the kids wanted to try the CRABBING... which can and does hold some of our favourite 'family pee in your pants laugh times'... and of course this one was no different.

*photo's not taken by me - these I got thanks to the kids all grabbing it during the evening*


They all did well in the afternoon and came back with a cooler box full of crab.. Nathan being the 'old Pro' had to show just how you remove them safely out the box and into the pot so the others could also have a turn...................mmmmm, I did say safely right? * check the grin on the mans face*...


OH NO... NOT again- BWAHAHAHA- out the box and onto the floor... can I just say that once out and on the floor these hard characters are somewhat..lets just say 'slippery'- lol


Bare feet + Crabs on the loose??? Maybe not such a great idea but Nathan is used to chasing them and catching them AGAIN..


Phew- into the pot eventually! Loving just how far Kyle is sitting from the pot to put the lid on- lol


Cooked!! and now ready for Mom to show us how to strip and take all the meat out!

5Pliers and hammer a must ;-P I did the first one and then it was up to the kids to do all the rest!


I think this is how you do it??? Right Nathan?? Love how the boys actually did all the crabs and the girls just watched from the back of the wall - Rule of thumb while on holiday: You catch it- you clean it! BWHAHAHA.

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I hope you have a fantastic weekend.. I think I'm going to spend mine in the swimming pool- lol.

Hugs and Loves


suruha said...

Crabbing, then, getting to eat them right away is a hoot! The only part I cannot stand is the screaming! The crab makes a real high-pitch noise, which I'm sure is a result of the steaming of the shell's liquids, not vocal chords, but, it sounds like they are screaming! Looks like you guys had a ball!

Tisa Theresa Irene said...

OMGOSH your Crabbing looks like FUN! We love Crab! My husband and I scuba dive and collect them from the Puget Sound regularly for muching on!

Thanks for the Freebie It's Wonderful as always!

Hugs, Theresa

Kristine said...

The adventures of the crab reminded me of an adventure I had with a lobster that got loose that was crawling over the kitchen floor. My grandfather was pissing himself but I couldn't eat it because when he finally got a hold of it and put it in the pot it "squealed" as it died. ROFL!

Took me 30 years to be able to eat lobster again. ROFL!!!