Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Featured Favourite Tuesday : 50% off

WHEEE it's that time again : Featured Favourite Tuesdays @ Pixels&Co which means 50% OFF past favourite kits until Thursday.

Today you can find these from me @ 50% off and more ;-)


 Acceptance : The Collection (58% OFF!)

Or the single bits if you prefer:


Acceptance : The Kit


Acceptance : The Journal Cards


Acceptance : The Word Art

And some CT Inspiration for you:

I-am-who-I-am By Jenni

ruth-kb-acceptance-600 By Ruthy

Acceptance_zpsb0694aaf By Renee


kimbacceptance By Jenn

bed_beautiful By Bekah

kb-JustMe By Me

Grab the Quick Page freebie to coordinate with the kit ( this was a past freebie so check your stash)


You can grab it HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o2lx28gqb9ygd2s/kb-Acceptance_QP.zip

Hugs and Loves


Yas said...

this qp is beautiful, thank you for this adorable freebie !

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, adore the birds! Thank you for sharing! Therese

lizanne said...

What font did you use in your word art? It's pretty... TYVM, for the quick page - I don't d/l those often, but this was so pretty I couldn't resist! ;)

MiniCooper452 said...

This kit is absolutely lovely! What's the chance of getting the name of the font you used? It's very cool and would look great on a layout I'm working on. Thanks. Carla

lizanne said...

Is the font "Fontasia V2.0: The Revenge" ?

Kim B said...

Morning... sorry such a late reply girls. Had plumbers in and out the house yesterday..EEEK don't ask! lol
The font used were : Fontasia and Fontasia V2

lizanne said...

Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues (so not fun)... Thank you for sharing the font names! =)