Saturday, 10 May 2014

Holiday pic show and tell - 1

As promised I have some holiday pics and of course some 'tell' as always - lol
With South Africa having so many public holidays end of April and beginning of May ( with Easter weekend inbetween too) we managed to get Wayne to take a few days off work to make up a 16 day 'holiday'. My boys Bday is the 19th April and we make sure we don't miss that every year.. so it was great that if fell over the Easter Weekend as he had time off work too... WOOP!

Kristy (Nates long term girlfriend) had her folks visiting from the USA for a month and gosh I know just how much missing your mom or your child(as in her mom's case) can be, so they came to spend the Easter Weekend with us. We had a great time getting to know each other and Kristy got to spend some quality time with her mom and dad and of course Nathan - BWHAHA ( who now works away from home during the week)

ahhhh- and I can so see who Kristy takes after - lol. Kristy and her Mom Moray.

Kristy's Dad - Jan ( he's having a quiet giggle at the young adults telling stories- lol)

Kristy's Gran - Virginia , who is one fantastic lady to talk too. She was brought up in India and I LOVED hearing all her stories while I recovered from my 'flu'.

I will let you know that our little holiday home is more like a small 'cottage' and only had two bedrooms (one we converted into two) with one indoor bathroom and a full bathroom outside.. BWAHAHAHA. Did we all fit?? Oh hell NO! ........ what we did do was turn our yard into a 'camping ground'- lol

Tagan and Sarah arrived and decided they could put their own tent up in the yard.. who needs men to do this 'simple' job right- Girl power!

mmmmmmmm, you need help there girls.......??? Sure we saw it pop up and then disappear again!

'Tagan - I thought this was supposed to be easy.. why does this centre pole keep bending'?? By now Keaton was allowed to help and even Kristy's gran was having a good giggle at them as the tent kept popping up and down ;-P

AHHH Dad Mike to the rescue! lol

We did laugh the whole night as the girls discovered that they had a hole in their blow up mattress! After they stuck plasters (yup, they did!) on it and some other rather weird patch ups with nail polish.. lol, they landed up having to take turns during the early hours with the pump trying to keep it 'up' so they didn't sleep on the hard floor. By morning it was just too much trouble and they promptly dumped it in the garbage! BWHAHA

Mike and Wayne have known each other since they were in nappies! I've known Mike since I was 15! Love this photo of them.

Kyle and Shane are two of Nathan's close friends ( and both work with him) - They had already been there from the night before. Got to love Nathan's pup Bella here... Hey you guys.. I'm here!! Throw me a titbit - come on.. see me! lol

Nathan's Bday Braai on the Sat night............. you can see all the tents in the background.

Tagan is my Godchild and has just come back from Texas where she was au pairing for two years looking after triplets. She loved her host family and wished she could have stayed longer.
Tagan and I are exactly the same height and her younger brother Keaton can't help teasing us about how 'short' we are..... gosh and this pic shows it!

Cake time.......... and uhum this one has a long story connected to it. I actually took all my goodies to BAKE Nathan his cake but forgot a 'few' rather important items at home! I tried anyway and OMG.. it came out as heavy as a brick! BWAHAH ( hell my baking leaves a lot to be desired but I had at least made it a few times before!) He would have cracked his teeth on it I swear! BWHAHA. So we bought one.................mmmmmmmmmmm

Don't you just love the 'Christmas candles' on the cake?? BWHAHAHA- Yup, forgot those too... oy

mmm, Mom I think I would rather have 'chipped my teeth'! BWHAHAHA- the cake was terrible! It was all cream and no cake... so we all landed up pulling the choc icing off the thing ... which was about the best part of it. But at least my boy had something to blow his candles out on! lol

The kids and Kristy's folks all left on the Monday and I must admit Monday night Wayne and I died early.. I think I was in bed by 8.30pm!
 Tuesday we had close friends come and stay...

Craig and of course Sherlock who is everyone's 'fur baby'...;-P
Unfortunately it rained for the two days Craig and Sonja were with us....

but did that stop us from having fun........... NOPE! lol. and the dogs had even more fun. I wasn't that brave to run in the rain and was sitting in a warm car when I took this... oh and Craig was right next to me. He thought his girlfriend and son were bonkers! But we love BONKERS don't we.

And that was the start to our holiday... I'll be adding more tomorrow if you want to catch up on more.

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