Sunday, 11 May 2014

Holiday pic show and tell 2

I had to do this in two parts as there are so many pics that 1 would have been way too graphic heavy ;-P

As you all know, Vicki my dear Texan friend and long long time CT member has been visiting us here in SA. Between her sight seeing and tours we are 'home base' so after completing her trip to Mozambique she joined us at Bushman's River too.  Thinking about it now we had quite the house full of Americans this holiday- BWHAHA. Kristy's folks from Philadelphia, Tagan who's just returned from Texas, and Sarah who was on her way to Philadelphia to au pair, and dear Vicki also from Texas. lol

23  Wayne's folks also joined us for a week and thank goodness the sun came out again. We had seriously gorgeous warm weather with NO WIND ( a miracle on it's own- BWHAHA) and only those two days of rain.  This was family fishing day on the river banks!

24 Of course our two fur kids just LOVE the beach and river and this is what Pepsi does to encourage Sherlock her older brother to get going - LOL. She actually pulls his lead to make him run ;-P

27 And away we goooooo................ lol LOVE how this came out!

29 Ahh the good life!

31 Miss Vicki at her happiest.. beer, sun and sand........oh and a rod helps! lol


And who catches the first fish?? Yup, Vicki........ BWAHAHAH. she let Wayne know about it too. It was too small to keep but she was one up on the Mr which is what counted most- BWHAHA

34 AHH come on 'Dad' let us play with that live toy! lol

36 Pepsi LOVES the water and now looks a bit like a drowned rat more than a dog- BWHAHA


'Come on Vernon I need bait on this hook... weeds isn't going to cut it to catch a fish you know..!' It's actually hard to believe that Waynes Dad Vernon is 85 and Zelda turning 80 this year. They are always game to join in and always looks so 'hip'. I hope I do as well at that age and they are really a couple I aspire too.

43After Wayne's folks left the kids arrived back with Nathan's Bestie Ernie and his girlfriend.


The kids and Wayne had done some 'bait' collecting that evening and I couldn't stop laughing at Pepsi and Bella ( the best of mates!) trying to catch the mullet in the bait bag! Pepsi got so far as getting the lid down so she could stick her whole face into the water trying to bite one out..

45 Ok- I'll stand guard and you grab one quick Ok Pepsi? BWHAHAHA.

We bought Nathan a Wake board for his Bday and here he is trying to teach Ernie how to do it....

47 Grab the rope dude then hang on for dear life........

48 mmmmmmmmmm, I think your hands have to be ABOVE the water Ernie.

49 Ok Nathan- one more try ok!

51 BWWWWWAHAHA- ok maybe not! lol

52 Let the pro show you how to do it ..........

53 Like this

of course 'DAD' had to go fishing without us and landed up catching the best fish ( as well as cooking it) for the holiday.....


Yeah my boy... now this is a FISH! lol. Wayne was so chuffed with this grunter as most of us had been catching 'small' ones. He cooked this on the coals for us and I will say it was the nicest I've had in a long time!

Lots of memories, lots of laughter (coughing included- lol) and lots of friends and family made for a really busy, chaotic but FANTASTIC FUN holiday. I can't wait to do it all again ;-P

Thanks for sharing with me. Hugs


Jenni said...

LOL, awesome photos, makes me want a holiday too! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love your holiday photos - looks like so much fun! Beautiful scenery and what a fish! I especially love those mischievous doggies. Adorable! Therese