Friday, 18 July 2014

More Dollar Days + New CU

EEEK this month is seriously flying past at 'snot spoed' as we say here. ( FAST in simple English- lol). Wayne and I have both been so busy with coordinating the sale of our PE home and we are flying there next week to pack up the house. Gosh, in a way it's exciting ( all new things are exciting but also a little scary- lol) , but I also know I'm going to shed more than a tear or two seeing it empty out. There are so many memories that it holds for me.. its was a HOME not just a house to live in.. so yeah, mixed emotions on my front. We have to put a LOT of the furniture in storage for now too as Nathan is still 'away on contract' and will need it all once he is finished travelling. lol. Yeah, we gave the 'kids' all our 'old' furniture so they have a 'start' in their own new venture soon. I will only be bringing back the sentimental pieces that mean more to me than to the kids- ;-P.

All in all I am looking forward to the NEW start up here and have already got paint samples ready to test on the walls- and I can eventually unpack the last lot of boxes from our move that are still in the garage now.. BWHAHA.

**********  $1 specials up @ PIXELS & CO **********


Dollar Days have started @ PIXELS & CO : All kits and goodies will be $1 for the full month of July.. don't miss them as they will revert to full pricing on the 1st August.

I have some new goodies up at only $1 - don't miss them as they will soon be full price again:


heARTSY Papers : Tranquility

* see detailed previews for more details on the papers *


heARTSY Frames : 1

Coordinating 'cluster' clothes line frames made by request.

Some inspiration for you:

Diane By Diane (x1)

AD-BucketofMemories-web_zpsb81c9477 By Diane (x2)

Alina1 By Alina

kb-AllGrownUp And one by Me.

I also used some 'Journal Cards' that will be coming out soon too ;-P

************ New CU @ SugarHillco ************

25% off for a limited time only:

kb-PnP_38 Pats n Prints : 38

kb-DoileyBrushes Brushes : Doileys

*reduced for preview - includes PNG's + solid and grunge versions *

kb-TM_diamonds1 Tie Me : Diamonds 1

I hope you all have a stunning weekend.. hugs and loves

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Arlene said...

Oh my gosh Kim .... I had to get the heARTSY Papers and cluster frames..... super unique and beautiful and fun. LOVE!!!! Have a fabulous weekend.